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Staying with my mom in law, I agree, has been convenient and made everything so much easier. Moving to a new home may sound terrific but I dread to think about what we might have to prepare for the new home in order for it to be liveable by our little family. More often than not, in preparation for relocating to a new home, one would look out for suitable furnitures, wallpapers, fixtures and cabinets, lightings etc. At the rate I'm using my current air cond, I'll probably have to resort to ceiling fan when me and Khairie live on our own.

Fuse features a compact back of durable PVC webbing, foam cushion and chrome plated hooded base, to deliver an integrated design that doesn’t work too hard to be something its not. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. On this basis, Mitsubishi Electric continues to evolve along the existing technologies and development of new technologies in order to adapt their products to our needs as our well being do matters.
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