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James Dyson isn't the only one who can do unusual things with fan blades; Australian design student Benjamin McMahon has just won an award for his Ribbon Ceiling Fan, which not only looks far more impressive than a regular fan but is far more efficient. That makes for more efficient cooling of the whole room, even though the fan itself is using the same amount of power as before. No word on when we could see the ribbon ceiling fan up for sale, though McMahon does say he intends to commercialize the design. The design is based on a three-dimensional helical loop, which adds stability and increases air flow, according to McMahon.
To establish the optimum blade curvature, McMahon ran trials with scale models, full-size test fans, and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations. Of course, with any funny-looking product of industrial design, aesthetics count at least as much as function.
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The ribbon fan profile could be utilised as best air conditioning flaps for indoor cooling as it will cool more area. On lasing side a combination of such profiles as reflective materials as phase conjugated inverters could tried as phase conjugated squeezing using xenon flouride,bismoth vapour compression simulations of corbinova anamoulous quantized Hall's effective inner profiled projections when made of intensive magnetic field compressionmade along such Ribbon compresion profiles. On a traditional axial fan, he states, the most effective part of a blade is the section closest to the end. He eventually ended up with a design that created a vortex, dispersing the air throughout the room. McMahon says that once in motion, the Ribbon's blade blurs into a singular whirling loop of color, and gives “the impression of a hovering unsuspended form rotating around a static central hub.” That sounds, and presumably feels, pretty cool.
Another positive feature of the Ribbon is that it uses standard fixtures for installation, making it much easier to replace a standard fan.
A one-off exercise from Australian industrial designer Ben McMahon, the Ribbon not only looks radically different than traditional fans, but is also claimed to be much more effective at air circulation.

By contrast, he observed that traditional fans tended to direct the air into more of a focused plume, directly beneath themselves. The designer obviously believes his invention has potential, as he has entered it in this year’s James Dyson Awards. Because the blade is the only non-traditional part of the Ribbon, it could be mounted on existing fan motors, thus reducing production costs and technical challenges.

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