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For instance, how and where do you get your architectural skins for the sketchup buildings and how do you apply them ?
After bringing in the buildings lighting is key.  Its best to exaggerate the lights and darks of building faces. Paul-felix Montez posted a status"This is Going to be the Most Powerful Monument for World Peace! Then scan them into Photoshop, save as a bmp, then import into cad and trace over the lines.
Once I have the SketchUp model I then decide what the best view and shadow pattern works best for what I’m trying to feature.
Can you briefly outline your steps from the SketchUp model and the rendering techniques methods you use for Photoshop for the ones on the right ? I used this approach a few years ago to render a room so I could experiment with getting better depth at the tile and tee edges etc.

I can handle perspectives better by hand then on the computer, I'm very old school, had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
Occasionally I’ll render the model in SketchUp or Photoshop, but I usually trace the selected view and render it by hand. I responded to a post at RevitForum.org last week with this approach to get a fairly realistic result in Navisworks.

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