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Hum, this seems simple enough, but I'm once again hoping someone has the wisdom to make sure I don't fry the motor (or myself!).
I read about how to set this up IF my motor had 4 wires to set-up, but it does not (see photos). If you have to use this motor I would start by switching them around to see if it will indeed reverse. If reversing the yellow and red do indeed reverse the motor, and are the motor connections to 115vac line then the drum switch will work. As for the connections to the drum switch, you need to consult the wiring diagrams that came with it.
If you can't determine a pulley size from known speeds on the lathe and get no joy here the Logan lathe forum on yahoo might help. If you use this connection diagram, you must supply the line power at the switch, as shown, NOT at the motor terminals. Thank you all for your help and I hope the attached photo helps other people wire their single phase motors to drum switches.
Oh my motor had only two wires and the instructions on the back said to to switch wires to change direction, and after careful inspection, the two wires (detached were one circuit, while the other two wires on the terminal board was the other (direction) circuit. I've got a Furnas Electric (out of Batavia, IL), style A-14 drum switch, and it's built like no other drum switch I've researched so far.

I'm also assuming that the Furnas Electric R1 drum switch (in EPAIII's post, see 3rd jpg) is different from the A-14, since the split-phase diagrams are also different. Will it be possible to re-wire this, or do I have to bite the bullet and purchase a more "modern" drum switch (like the Dayton)?? We deliver orders to all pincodes across India via Fedex, Bluedart, DTDC or India Post (remote areas).
Please send us the product list you are interested in and we'll get back to you with discounts. We deliver orders to all pincodes across India via Fedex, Bluedart, DTDC & SpeedPost (remote areas).
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So I bought a Dayton (2X441A) drum switch, and see that my motor only has two wires, and the back of the motor mentioned "switching polarity of the wires to reverse direction. You also need to add two new wires from the two terminals to the switch: I would suggest two different colors.
I'm still a bit confused so I'm going slowly as I proceed if I understand correctly, based on the two wire and ID plate specifying it's reversible, I deduce that yes if I separate the wires from the terminal plate, I will have two separate circuits, that when energized (separately via the drum switch), will alter rotation of the motor. This is probably the most common type used for reversing motors but, as I said before, you MUST insure that yours works the same way before wiring it.

The switch should then disconnect both coils from power when it is in the center or OFF position. After detaching the two wires I had the needed four wires as indicated in the attached diagram. Our team will reply to you with an approval email containing the instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product.
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With one row of diamond bloom enhancing the center diamond, this ring will capture everyone's attention. You should verify that the internal connections are the same as what is shown in the top center part of this diagram. We apologize for not offering reverse pickups at this point and plan to introduce that soon. 5 hp oh then I need to determine the logan 200 motor pully sizes since the manual mentioned the pully should have two sizes.

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