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Intelligent Power & Light, LLC has developed a new micro generator that fits into the center bore of a wheel and generates electricity that can be used to transmit wireless information to and from car wheels. What Intelligent Power & Light (iPL) is out to prove is that the wheel can be as smart as it looks.
One of the first applications for the new technology promises to turn heads at night using a wireless remote to control the already popular Glo Ryder® Wheel Lights. Now that wheels can be seen at night, we imagine there will be quite a few who will want to take advantage of the device whether it is the consumer wanting to show off their wheels, or product developers for the automotive industry. Although it was primarily a device intended to showcase your wheels, iPL says a significant number of its customers have been purchasing the wheel lights to make their vehicle safer by making them more visible at night as they approach an intersection, this being primarily the BRP Spyder Can Am Roadster crowd as the front wheels easily mount the wheel lights. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. SOC15: Bontrager adds ANT+ Transmitr remote control for lights now, cycling computers & more in future! SOC15: Bontrager adds ANT+ Transmitr remote control for lights now, cycling computers & more in future! Bontrager just released the ultra bright Flare R tail light designed for use on daytime rides to keep you visible even during full sunlight, but the future of that product was already brighter. Centered around their new ANT+ Transmitr Remote, the combo of the new Flare RT and Ion 700 RT lights create a wirelessly controlled front and rear light setup. Using a combination of buttons, the Transmitr can control up to seven devices, switching between modes or cycling a compatible device on or off. Or you could almost certainly rightly assume that Bontrager has way more Transmitr compatible products up their sleeves. The Ion RT headlight runs $159.99 and pumps out a max of 700 lumens with a focused beam plus side lighting for 270? of total visibility (yours and others seeing you). As long as these don’t suffer from the reliability issues I have seen with so many Bontrager branded electronics (namely computers such as the Node), I am all for it.

The ability to turn a tail light on and off without stopping the bike or reaching back blindly for the switch would be a real benefit, particularly if it’s mounted on a rack, not the seatpost. I’d love to be able to launch an Electromagnetic Pulse to disable the cars of a**holes who yell, honk, throw something or otherwise act up. If you press the center button while the lights are on, it automatically cycles the headlights back to their high-beam setting. Oh excellent, from the Flare manual (FCC filing) they did a perfect job with light behavior and interface “Turn Signal Configuration”!
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
This Electric Remote Control Military Desert Hummer Truck with lights is quite likely the closest thing we’ll ever be able to get to driving a the real thing, and perhaps even more fun than the real thing! This 1:8 scale RC model shows an incredible level of detail, with great front headlights that are guaranteed to capture everyone else’s attention. The micro generator allows the device to charge perpetually, storing the energy in a capacitor or battery to power miniature integrated electronic devices within the wheel. Virtually every facet of the automobile has improved over the years but the humble wheel has changed very little, save some chrome plating and a few inches here or there, but that is all about to change.
The principle is simple enough, while the wheel is turning, the device is constantly generating power that is completely independent from the electrical system of the vehicle. Being that it is independently powered, the circuitry can monitor and communicate with the vehicle (or outside device) through a wireless signal whether the vehicle is in motion or parked, even if the car battery has failed.
Owners of the company say although the first Glo Ryder wheel lights were powered by a generator under the original patent, the generators available at the time were just not powerful enough for such a small application. Earlier this year, the Glo Ryder received a new remote control that allowed the user to turn the wheel lights on off or change colors whenever they desired. In fact, the owners of iPL say they have been approached by an advertising company interested in using their wheel lighting technology and have built prototypes that light up 15" taxi wheels like billboards.

So, you could just link front and rear lights and turn them both on and off simultaneously using only the center button. Like cycling computers, which could benefit from more ergonomic button placement now that we’re all putting them far out in front of our handlebars. The unit comes complete with the electric truck, RC controller and battery, with the required charger. The power is captured and stored in a rechargeable capacitor or battery for use when the wheel is not in motion. That means tire pressure monitoring, GPS tracking, as well as new tire sensing technologies may soon have an independent source of wireless communication and power. The next generation of Glo Ryder wheel lights promises to do away with changing the batteries altogether.
The company has also been approached by a major international airport to light up the wheels of luggage carriers to make them more visible to other drivers on the tarmac at night.
Or you could get creative and put a tail light on each pannier and use them as turn signals. It has taken several years to refine the generator technology to produce a powerful enough current to power the lighting circuitry at low RPM's. Write a review Fantasia Splash Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Remote Control36" Fan with LED Lights in Silver with Remote Control included.

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