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I build a project for controlling home appliances using DVD remote using your files with LCD support and EEPROM options. If you post your project on your blog with pictures and code, then I will give you this PCB(Bare) for Free!!!
2) Triac Can only be switched on and it remains on even if the driving voltage is removed from the Gate terminal. Every part of the circuit is well planned and I am NOT an academic guy so I don’t add anything for mere educational purpose. Coming to the board modification which I had done, you please check this article and give me suggestions and your feedback regarding powering the XBoardMini with USB Power supply.
I’m very new at this and find this project to be very interesting (a bit of a hobbyist).

If i was trying to implement this with the fan I have what sort of transformer would you recommend. So, whenever the Main power goes off, the MCU will check the EEPROM data which has the appliances status. Here you can find much information about Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control Installation manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.
After seeing this project, i got an idea of integrating this fan speed control option in my project. So what ever AC load you use (as long as it is within the range of Triac BT136), it does not affect the selection of transformer. Can i connect output to any pin say PC2 ( i bought Xboard MIni from your store, the PD5 pin is already dedicated for LCD connection).

Or you are a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control Installation manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.
The main reason why I thought this is to reduce the hardware and to avoid the optocouplers. But somewhere in my mind, it is saying me that a person like Avinash could have thought the same and why he implemented this the same thing with more hardware. Is it for educational purpose to cover more topics or there is a need for using the hardware?

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