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I guess that mostly means that the first guy to invent a usable universal remote that you can replace your current stack of individual ones with, is going to get really rich. I know there have been universal remotes around forever, but at least every last one I've seen has required a rocket scientist to initially program it, and then a bible-size user manual to use it later. I want a remote control for my central heating, controlled via a text message from my phone.
I'm guessing short women were the major reason for remotes on fans, but then again 90% of women don't like remotes in the first place :). I remember my last place of work had 2 air conditioning units in their server room (around 20ft square): both the same manufacturer and model - but both with their own remote control (which also showed the temperature).
I can confirm the one about the toilet with a remote control: we have one at home (landlord's choice). Plus, you can usually fix the remote to the wall anywhere you like, and easily move it if you decide later to put in some shelving or whatever. Most commercial toilets i've seen now have IR sensors tat will detect when you've moved, and flush automatically. Would it not be reasonable for Hunter to place their codes on the internet, so that when users like me don't wanna go searching for a user guide after replacing the batteries in the remote, they can simply grab them from the net?
As a disabled person I need a ceiling fan with remote control, please direct me to the correct web site.
Someone mentioned at the top about ceiling fans should come on automatically, theres a new remote control unit out, i think its in america, it will detect when someone is in the room and the light comes on at night, and with a thermostat, the ceiling fan will come on automatically, on the "perfect" setting, if the room gets too hot!
If you live in an apartment complex or condo, when installing a remote control ceiling fan, I would suggest taking the time to change the code in the fan's receiver, along with the code in the transmitter to a different setting than the default of zero. I just moved to my new house and have a Hampton Bay remote controlled ceiling fan in my living room. Replacing a standard wall switch with a ceiling fan remote control switch module - step-by-step photos and instructions.
NOTE: Wiring any switch control module with the power on can damage the internal electronic circuitry and it is not safe practice. Removing the wall switch reveals the power source coming in from the bottom of this switch box, most likely fed from the nearby wall outlet found in this bedroom.
I have removed the existing crimp connector from the ground connection so that I can install the green ground wire from the new ceiling fan remote control switch. I have connected the Line Side of the remote control switch to the power connection that used to be connected to the old wall switch.

Next the Load side of the remote control switch is attached to the wire that is leading up to the ceiling fan electrical junction box.
Notice that the four switches are easily accessible on the side of this control module if they need adjusting. With the wires connected and folded neatly into the back of the switch box the remote control ceiling fan switch is fastened to the wall switch box.
How To Wire a Remote Control Unit for a Ceiling Fan: I wired in a new remote ceiling fan replacing an existing ceiling fan not remote.
Remote control ceiling fan is not responding to the remote control at all and does not turn the fan or light on…. How to Wire a Remote Control for a Ceiling Fan – A remote control module may be installed for a ceiling fan that has three way switches. A wall mounted remote control is a great way to operate the light and ceiling fan from a single switch box. Questions and answers about wiring ceiling fans, installing ceiling fans, troubleshooting problems, inspection and repair.
Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools and access to the ceiling fan. Identify the ceiling fan circuit, turn it OFF and Tag it with a Note before working with the wiring. Electrical parts and materials for ceiling fan wiring projects should be approved for the specific project and compliant with local and national electrical codes.
Installing additional home electrical wiring should be done according to local and national electrical codes with a permit and be inspected. I think your site offers the the clearest and best electrical information for homeowners I have ever seen on the net.You have given me confidence to do my own projects which I never had before.
I wish I found this site earlier, it is by far the best electrical related resource I have found on the web. Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts including Hunter Fan Remote Controls, Thermostats, Fan Light Kits – All Hunter Fan Parts available . If you need a replacement ceiling fan part, or are having trouble figuring out which part has broken, Universal Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Remote Kit Ceiling fan parts for Casablanca, Hunter, Homestead, Hampton Bay and others. Considering we needed the ACs set to "Always as cold as possible" there was absolutely no need for the remotes. Well, I've got a VCR, TV and Cable TV remote: I have the TV always set to the video channel which is always set to the cable box - so I only need the cable remote to change channel and adjust volume (I lost the TV remote at one point for 4 months and never realises!).

Good thing, too — since our house had a cathedral ceiling, using the remote was far easier than climbing a ladder every time we wanted to turn the fan or light on or off.
Along with all the various kinds (I never knew there were so many), there was a window fan with a remote! Most domestic toilets sold in Japan by Toto (a Japanese plumbing and toilet maker) have a remote control. We now use digital boxes with universal remotes that can control up to 5 different devices.
Otherwise, when one of your neighbors installs a similar ceiling fan in their apartment, you will find yours coming on "magically" in the middle of the night. The bad thing is a lot of fans adversited as "with remote control" simply mean you can control it from a light switch on the wall. My suggestion is to remove the longer extensions of the pull chains when using remote control units. Once the circuit has been identified, turned off and tagged I can proceed with the process. Replacement parts for Ceiling Fans That is why many companies have come out with a wireless ceiling fans remote.
Hunter Ceiling Fan remote control, fan blades, fan lights, swithches or thermostats we ship direct at discount prices. Not only are we expected to set up the remote to work with all the gear, now we need to show them how it all works. Just goes to show you that obscure products are not so obscure, and you never know whose going to get that top search hit position on what! Remote Control Ceiling Fans 4 – Step Complete with Wiring Diagrams, Connections and Pictures.
I almost spent the extra $10 to get that version, just because I found it so wonderfully ludicrous, but then reason set in. Now (2am) I roolover and feel the room getting cool (just right) I reach out touch the remote to off and the fan comes to a stop.
And if you're worried about too many remotes you can always get s learning remote to control everything.

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