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Is it possible to use a 4-pin PWM fan or CPU cooler with a motherboard which has only 3-pin fan headers on it? Designed for Silent enthusiasts GELID Silent case fans provide additional airflow without increasing noise levels and at affordable price. Customer Reviews Don't hesitateMr T Auger, 15th March 2015If you need a 92mm quiet fan in a situation where PWM control is not available this is hard to beat, particularly as it costs less than a fiver. PLEASE NOTE - Arctic Cooling measure noise levels in Sone (loudness) instead of dB (sound intensity). Optimised for maximum airflow, Sharks Fin blade greatly reduces the turbulence caused by fan rotation, thus decreasing the noise and vibration while increasing the airflow.

High-tech ELQ Bearing is made of nano-composite materials which minimises friction between the fan shaft and bearings, resulting in maximum fan life cycle with minimum noise. Silicone pads and pins prevent minute noise and vibration caused by friction with the case.
Aerodynamically optimised Sharks Fin blade and high-tech ELQ bearings made of nano-composite materials guarantee stability and product lifespan of 150,000 hours. Customer Reviews Excellent Value For Money!Adam Wright, 17th July 2012Bought two of these to go on my coolermaster hyper tx3, to cool my sandy bridge i5, performs excellent, i have idle temps from 20-30 (Celsius) and full load temps between 50-60 (Highest of 62 on our hottest day) at stock speeds, haven't overclocked yet.
Precisely balanced fan blades and long life Hydro Dynamic bearing guarantee ultra low noise.

The loudness depends upon your ears response curves and tells you how noticeable a certain noise is. Furthermore, fan mounts replace traditional screws which are made of high quality, temperature resistant, extra long lasting rubber.

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