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The ticket selling details for our Barclays Premier League away game against QPR on Sunday 12 April, kick-off 1.30pm, have been announced. Monday 16 March until 5pm: Season ticket holders with 131 loyalty points or more can purchase one ticket. Tuesday 17 March until 5pm: Tickets will be sold to season ticket holders on a loyalty point basis. Wednesday 18 March until 5pm: Tickets will be sold to season ticket holders on a loyalty point basis. Thursday 19 March until 5pm: Tickets will be sold to season ticket holders on a loyalty point basis.
Friday 20 March to Sunday 22 March at 5pm: Tickets will be sold to season ticket holders on a loyalty point basis. Friday 27 March to Sunday 29 March at 5pm: Tickets will be sold to members on a loyalty point basis. Monday 30 March: Members and season ticket holders can purchase extra tickets (maximum of three tickets in total). Restricted sight line means you may not be able to see the goal line, and normal prices will apply. Tickets will be sold online from 7am and from 9.15am at the box office and call centre for personal callers and telephone sales. Following Sunderland away from home just got even better with the launch of Barclays Premier League Away Day app. The red and white army’s stunning support on the road plays an integral part in ever away day, and the new app is your essential guide to every trip of the season from Old Trafford to Stamford Bridge.
The app helps make your trip cheaper and easier to plan, with special money-off discounts available for travelling fans plus a host of other offers, all of which are redeemable directly from the app.
You will also find detailed guides to all 20 stadiums and how to get there, with tips on where to eat and drink on a match day, along with places to stay and park in the local area. Matchday updates will also ensure you keep up to speed on important travel alerts, and you can also keep in touch with the latest on-pitch action including teamsheets and latest scores. If you see a bloke opening a Car door for a woman,It's either a new car or a new woman. CFC ,,, BEST IN THE BUSINESS "So you fancy a trip to Europe do you Dominic?I heard u got a bit of money 4 me nev? A few votes for Shrewsbury on here, as well as my own - The picture below shows the away end therewith just a few people in it, and even then the view of the goal is awful.
Well, after being at the game Monday night and then putting myself through the torture of watching the extended highlights, I have calmed down enough to try and write a considered article.
For the first time this season we actually dominated possession, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to end our run of defeats which now stands at five in a row with nearly nine hours without a goal. Unfortunately for Villa fans there always as to be a scapegoat, a couple of years ago it was Barry Bannan, right now it’s Ciaran Clark.
I’m aware he messed up for the goal, but in general Carlos Sanchez was one of the few positives to stem from last night.
There seems to be a fascination at B6 with players playing out of position, and there has been for a long time, even pre Lambert. We started off brightly enough last night, but as soon as we go a goal down we look devoid of ideas.
I’m prepared to give Matty Lowton the benefit of the doubt, he did appear to be gesticulating before the Villa fans started booing and if his wife was in the crowd then I guess we will never know if he was in fact trying to get something across to her or whether he was having a pop back at the Villa fans who were abusing those players that came to acknowledge the support. If Monday night was a crucial game for us, I hate to think what Tottenham on Sunday is, right now I’d settle for a goal let alone three points.
My favourite ever players are Ian Taylor, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Gareth Barry, Olof Mellberg, Martin Laursen and Stan Petrov.
Let’s hope Lambert will hear the many people calling for us to use our wingers properly. The beauty of Benteke was he relied quite little on any creativity because he could do everything all by himself if supplied with a simple pass. Good post mate but no fan in their right mind can say they are still backing LAMBERT he as had the backing of the fans we have been far to pacient with him and how as he repayed the fans only with more and more unwanted records four years and now a fifth of seeing dire football and this year maybe the one he gets our great club relegated.NO MORE BACKING HE MUST GO.
As for the possession most have complained we lack I see that as a positive , but now we need to improve on creativity .
You pretty much sum it all up, I felt sick after Mondays game, just how did we loose that game? And that’s what worries me, we have had very good chances to score in the games we have lost, at least 5 by my reckoning. I too am angry with Lambert, yes the players have been making silly mistakes but his tactics are ruining Weimann and Gabby may as well not play as he is so ineffective. We have some good midfielders, but just can’t get that mix that can open up a defence but Sanchez looks class, he broke up play, passed very well, both tight and long, and was very composed, bit like Song for West Ham.
For me the next four games will be key to Lambert’s sacking, lose them all in the manner of the recent defeats and he will be gone and Pulis will slot in very nicely indeed, but football is a funny old game so we will get four points from the next four games. Sanchez was very positive, best player on the pitch, and I feel ashamed how Weimann gets messed about. Clark and Lowton are still young enough to kick on in their careers, anyone remember Delph a few years ago? We all know that Mr L will not sack Lambchop (Stuffed Hand Puppet) The only solution is we the fans should start a BUY OUT THE DUMMIE’S contract. I live in The States now and I recently witnessed an American Football protest about their manager. The closest train station to Loftus Road is Kensington Olympia which is about a 20 minute walk.

Ideally positioned for Hammersmith Apollo, Earl's Court and London Olympia and within easy reach of A4, A406, M4 and Central London, only 30 minutes away by tube.
Nice roomy bedrooms, comfy surroundings and friendly service – from only ?29 per room (not per guest) per night. Licensed bars and restaurants in or adjoining every hotel, serving good food and drink at a reasonable price.
One of the UK’s leading online accommodation specialists, offering access to a huge range of hotel rooms across the UK with regular savings of up to 70% off the normal room rate. Travelling football fans can arrange to use a property-owner’s space on a one-off or regular, short-term or long-term basis. Email us to recommend any local attractions near to Loftus Road and we will list them here.
Email us to recommend any pubs and restaurants near to Loftus Road and we will list them here. With one of the biggest games of the season just weeks away, there is still time to book our official offsite hospitality package for the QPR v Manchester United fixture.This is held at Bush Hall which is located approximately a five-minute walk from the ground, making it ideally situated for pre-match entertainment. The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Monday 16 March. The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Tuesday 17 March.
The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Wednesday 18 March.
The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than Thursday 19 March at 6pm. The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Friday 20 March. The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Monday 23 March. The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Tuesday 24 March.
The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Wednesday 25 March.
The number of loyalty points required will be announced on this website no later than 6pm on Thursday 26 March. Click on the homepage for the latest post-match reaction from today's games, but also click here to join me for live coverage of Manchester United v Reading that kicks off at 5.30pm.
Swansea 0-1 ARSENALAn unlikely source but the Gunners will take this as Nacho Monreal's bobbled effort into the ground somehow beats Vorm in the Swansea goal. In fact it's the Hoops that are looking more like scoring as Loic Remy's shot is tipped over by Guzan. SOUTHAMPTON 2-0 LiverpoolJust as Liverpool were starting to get back into the game they are hit with a real sucker punch. Chris Samba has two great chances to put the Hoops in front but on both occasions he gets the best out of Villa keeper Brad Guzan. SOUTHAMPTON 1-0 LiverpoolYou can almost hear the groans coming from Villa Park as this is a big goal down the bottom of the table.
The race for the European places and the battle against relegation are as busy as ever - and in some cases are meeting head on this afternoon. Once had a ticket for the back row of the third tier of the North Stand at Old Trafford may as well of been sat in the Sky sports blimp your that high up. Straight after the game was one of the lowest points of my twenty one years as a season ticket holder, I just felt completely miserable about all things Villa, and I’m generally a positive fan. At a time when possession and other such stats are lauded over in the Premier League and beyond I know that I’d much rather have our low possession at Anfield in September and win 1-0 than watch us devoid of ideas despite having more of the ball last night.
Off the top of my head Olof Mellberg, Carlos Cuellar, Luke Young and Emile Heskey have all spent long periods playing out of position. In Lambert’s first season he was used on the right side of an attacking 4-3-3, he had the licence to drift into the box and he, Benteke and Agbonlahor scored fifty seven goals between them. Make no bones about it, QPR were rank, probably worse than us, but the simple fact is they put the ball in the net twice and that’s what counts. The fact that only Lowton, Vlaar, Guzan and Joe Cole had the stones to come over to the fans speaks volumes, where were the fans favourites Benteke and Agbonlahor?
He still has my backing but that might be subconsciously because I don’t think Lerner will ever sack him. Certainly Gabby should have been better playing in his normal wide left position as Andi is a far better poacher . When we break we get forward well, but it’s that final cross or wrong or misplaced pass or lack of movement to open up space that is utterly lacking.
Secondly out midfield need to press and follow up far more, too much one pace passing back and forth followed by poor delivery into the box, Benteke and Andi W can only do so much and like any forwards they depend good quality balls into the box.
On the Lambert subject I feel we could either stick with him and see if things improve – I for one am proud that we have showed loyalty at a time when teams are hiring and firing managers willy nilly. At a set time during the third quarter a whistle blew and MOST of the crowd upped and left. Underground and garage spaces offer drivers the added benefits of shelter and security for their vehicles. Southampton are unbeaten in six PL matches this season when leading at half-time (4 wins, 2 draws). A normal bloke who likes a bit of tortureThis is what its like to be wxm , this is what its like to be small , this is what its like when your team wins nothing at all . Goodison once had to sit with my legs eitehr side of a girder and couldnt see one of the penalty boxes.

For all the praise Swansea have recieved over the last few years they actually only just finished ahead of us last season, and we were pretty poor overall. QPR were happy for us to bring the game to them and we did not have a clue how to break them down.
Villa fans paid good money to be there Monday night for little reward, I don’t personally agree with the fans who abused those that did come over but players should never, ever have a pop back, especially after serving up a poor display. I don’t agree about the need for wingers especially as Zoz proved last week how much of a liability he can be , and using wing back gives us width . If there is demand then the lower tier can also be used which increases the ticket allocation to about 2,500. The striker sees his shot saved by Guzan before the former Tottenham midfielder pounced on the rebound. I would quite happily take substance over style, but the simple fact of the matter is that in general the last few years we have had neither.
He seemed like he had adapted more to the pace of English football and I do think once he settles in fully he will be a more than useful addition. Richard Dunne can be got at, we know that as well as any set of fans, did Gabby get at him once?
To be becoming used to these kind of results is a sad repercussion of the last five seasons as an Aston Villa fan.
But can Cole get fit enough to make that role his or can the soon to return Johnson fill that role just as he has been wowing the Spirietes in that position ? DAVEYB mentioned Tony Pulis and while he would definitely secure our Premier League position is he the kind of man who plays the kind of football we want or can we not afford to be choosy any more? SOUTHAMPTON 3-1 LiverpoolBreathing space for the Saints but it's awful defending from the visitors!
Jerome Thomas gets into a promising position outside of the box before getting absolutely wiped out by Ryan Shotton. Last night from what I can see Clark probably had a better game than Vlaar, but its is Clark that bore the brunt of the criticism in the stand and it is he who is getting bashed on social media.
He frustrates me sometimes but in all honesty we know there is a good player there somewhere but the teams tactics are completely stifling him. Jay Rodriguez picks up the ball on the halfway line and is allowed to run all the way to goal before his shot is saved and he tucks home the rebound. Carl Jenkinson gives the ball away for the Gunners, and that leads to Michu picking up the ball in the box. Last season for me Clark was more reliable than Baker, Vlaar looked more comfortable with him and all in all he had improved on a poor season the year before. This shows how tough a League it is to adjust to, but they turned out more than ok for Manchester United. The fact that Ciaran Clark looked our most likely goalscorer last night due to the fact he actually offered some movement in the box is worrying, and there in my opinion lies our biggest problem: movement.
Paul Lambert looked like he may win over the fans after the first four games, but I think the level of apathy towards him is now of the level it was at the end of last season. The forward this time sees his 25-yard strike beat Michel Vorm in the Swansea goal, but not the woodwork.
This season so far Baker looks to have improved and is rightly ahead of the Irish International, Baker and Senderos were injured and with Okore not yet ready Clark had to play. I’m a firm believer that you only see the best of signings after a full pre season with their new Club, for me we will see the best of Carlos Sanchez next season, but the signs are positive.
Cleverley was one of the few that played well at Goodison Park a week earlier and his reward was a shift out of position. Weimann is one of the few that offers any attacking movement off the ball, would Gabby (who is also not a winger in a 4-4-2) have been more effective wide and Andi been more effective up top with Benteke? I have never seen such a static side going forward, at one point Bent, Benteke and Agbonlahor were just standing still marking each other. I agree with you – I would not shed a tear if he goes as long as our next appointment is a progressive one and not another McLeish.
The hosts put together a passing move that certainly caused me to lose count, but after it put Rangel through on goal, the Swansea full-back though poked his shot wide of the post.
If we were going to play a flat 4-4-2 then what would have been the harm in playing Grealish?
I genuinely can’t remember a Villa player having a one on one with a goalkeeper this season, even the worst team in the League currently Burnley managed to carve open Everton at the weekend and score a one on one.
The easiest remedy to kill the ill feeling is to win games, but unfortunately we don’t even look like scoring a goal at the moment.
Fans that were berating him for  punting the ball upfield at times or going back to Guzan should look at what was going on in front of him, absolutely nothing, the movement was shocking.
We actually had 3 players who could play as wingers on the bench in Bacuna, N’Zogbia and Richarson, what must they have thought watching Weimann and Cleverley struggle on the flanks? Too often Weimann is found huffing and puffing, but until we play him in an advanced role he won’t be blowing any houses down.
The fact that Grealsih was trusted to play a part against Manchester City and Arsenal shows me that this was just the type of game we could’ve used him. At least he would’ve been playing in his proper role, unlike those that were put on the wing.
I thought Clark dealt with Zamora pretty well, certainly better than Liverpool had done eight days earlier.

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