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Anti-Vibration-SystemAll fans of this series have the mounting holes fitted with rubber inlays to keep unpleasant vibration noise at a minimum.
Designed for 120 mm Screw Hole CompatibilityThe 140 mm GlideStream fans are fitted with mounting holes suitable for 120 mm dimensions.
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Console gamers cite ease of use, the "plug in and play" nature of consoles, larger communities, simple (and sometimes unusual) control schemes with the controller, game stability, uniform hardware eliminating concern over technical specs, and easier local multiplayer, especially split screen.
Naturally, this results in many a Flame War on the web, not to mention high levels of Fan Dumb. On the other hand, while console platforms are easier to tailor a game for, PCs are easier for small indie studios to publish games for, with a wide variety of distribution options and technologies available and cheap or free open source game engines and SDKs to work with and no platform licensing fees. Until it became more common than not to have a console almost always connected to the Internet, PC games had the advantage and disadvantage of patching.
Nowadays, consoles and PCs are both powerful gaming machines, capable of online gaming and vibrant effects. When it comes to porting a game over from one camp to another, things will go hairy if the port job is half-assed, or if the game in question was never meant to be on the other side. On the other side of the fence, when PC games try to go over to the console side, things don't always go as well either. Paradoxically, the advent of emulation can also be accepted as a reason for why console gaming is better, since a few emulators (such as the Everdrive) require you to download the games on a chip, which you can plug into a cartridge, which then can be plugged into a console (and thus gives access to all the titles that were released on that particular console).
With the vast dwindling of competing PC platforms, and flourishing console game development, the port-it-on-everything phase dies off. The thing that is difficult to believe these days was that during this period, PCs simply were not good enough: accelerated graphics was the exception rather than the norm with the PCs, and developers were not able to ensure that their game run smoothly on PCs.
Bungie, whose previous games were made for the PC and Apple Macintosh, is acquired by Microsoft in 2000.
Epic Games, the makers of acclaimed PC hits Unreal and Unreal Tournament, pretty much goes console-exclusive after Gears of War.
Koei, in the past the makers of many highly complicated strategy games, today are mostly known for Dynasty Warriors and its many spin-offs.
Some time later, the attempt to port some console games to the PC have mostly resulted in bad ports, most notably Halo 2, the first two Assassin's Creed games, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Resident Evil 4, and Grand Theft Auto IV. The backlash from this was so bad that DICE played up the fact that they had dedicated servers for Bad Company 2 (although they were locked down, unlike the dedicated servers in older PC games). Both Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 had dedicated servers due to this fiasco. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was originally planned to allow cross platform gaming between PlayStation 3 players and PC players. Minecraft, a once PC-exclusive game, was announced by Notch (head developer of the game) that the game would also be released to the Xbox 360 with Kinect controls. Console gaming dominates Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and especially the United States and Japan, but the gaming industry in other parts of the world (particularly in Russia, mainland Europe, China, and Korea) is still massively weighted towards the PC, with many commercial titles being released for the platform regularly. Scythe KAMA PWM 120mm Cooling FanPWM Function : Fan speed is controlled automatically by the PWM function from the motherboard. Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing Solutions. Is it possible to use a 4-pin PWM fan or CPU cooler with a motherboard which has only 3-pin fan headers on it? The Mini Kaze, an ideal replacement for any 40mm chipset, external HDD case cooling fan and removable case cooling fan.
Introducing Scythe's quiet 40mm fan to help reduce the noise of your already quiet PC system. Customer Reviews Sweet fan Anonymous, 27th January 2014This is a great fan overall only wished it was a dust proof fan that's all. Virtually silent!Horia Slu?anschi, 18th September 2012This made an enormous difference in lowering the noise of my RAID array card while reducing its temperature as well. Well worth the priceRudolph Leroux, 8th February 2011I installed two of these onto an old Shuttle pc.
AmazingAnonymous, 7th February 2011At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I actually detached this fan after the 1st installation as I was convinced I had got something wrong - it made no perceivable noise whatsoever.
One has a slight intermittent low buzz, but I can only hear it with the case side off, and the other five are fine. Excellent serviceAnthony Kerry, 11th December 2010I ordered 2 fans during the worst spell of snow (almost 2 feet in 2 days) and freezing temperatures (-18c) I have ever known in the 40 years I have lived in Lincolnshire and I know that Malton was experiencing the same severe weather. PerfectGrant Marshall, 25th December 2009I used this to replace the noisy fan in my media player. I was a naughty boy *ahem* and used this as a replacement fan in a power unit for a shuttle xpc. Excellent ProductDamian Miles, 11th September 2008I used this fan to replace the standard fan in a Thecus N299.
A few new details about the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta stage on PC have just surfaced online.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is scheduled to launch this November, but in order to ensure that the game and its multiplayer mode work as intended across the most important platforms, developer Treyarch has recently released an online beta stage. The multiplayer test already ended on PS4 last week, and earlier today, August 26, it has kicked off officially on the PC and Xbox One platforms. Officially, you need to pre-purchase the final version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in order to get a code for the PC beta stage.
However, it seems that, even if you do get into the Black Ops 3 PC beta, the test phase lives up to its name and offers an incomplete experience in terms of performance improvements.
Lowering the settings for textures, anti-aliasing, or Scene Resolution Ratio seems to improve the performance somewhat but there are still quite a few problems. Another unique characteristic are the 120 mm mounting holes resulting in high airflow while keeping the noise to a minimum. There are much better aftermarket ones and if you plan to go overclocking then you'll need a decent one. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
Console wars pit fans of both platforms in battles of nerd rage on forums all over the internets. Usually, it is also cheaper to build a very powerful gaming PC (especially if the more basic PC you have for homework or job-hunting anyway is a desktop model), although pre-built PCs are another story. The digital distribution model is also more amenable to the smaller cheaper games that indie teams are capable of creating, and these smaller games tend to run well on the lower-powered laptops and tablets that are starting to be favored as new hardware purchases. Consoles are rather notorious for requiring one to buy completely new hardware to play the next generations' games, and in only some cases, you can rarely use your new system to play games from the previous generation. Patches for PC games can often add new content and fix game breaking bugs, as well as fix other issues that slipped past the beta testing. Real-Time Strategy and other Real Time simulations are accepted by most people to be PC-only territory, due to the difficulties with attempting to "click and drag" with a joystick and also because of the wider degree of selection and multitasking offered by a mouse and keyboard (StarCraft is the most-played RTS in history, but its Nintendo 64 port was a wipe), and trying to do a MMORPG on a console is probably suicidal (Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV have been the only console MMOs with financial success, and the latter started PC-only). It is starting to be unusual to see games exclusive to a platform; releasing a game on not only the PC but multiple consoles is typically where the money is at.

This is especially common with Japanese-developed games, since console gaming displaced PC gaming early on in Japan (where in the 1980s the MSX contended with the Famicom) and ports of those games are sometimes outsourced to Western development teams.
Control-wise, there are more buttons on a keyboard than on a controller, and it's almost impossible to translate the speed and precision of a mouse to a pair of analog sticks. While it is fairly simple to measure out the sales for consoles and their games, since the sales of console games is related to sales of the consoles, it is much more difficult to measure it out for PC games, since there are millions of PCs in the world that have never had a game installed on them. If accepted for the sake of the argument, this can easily put the PC over any console it is given the power to imitate. Console games (largely a Japanese phenomenon after The Great Video Game Crash of 1983) mostly stayed on consoles, but with few exceptions, every popular arcade or computer game was ported to almost every platform available, even though the common home platforms had widely varying processing power and graphical capabilities, and porting a game to a system with a different Central Processing Unit would likely mean hiring another programmer to recode it from scratch. Both sides pretty much kept to themselves, using the strengths of their platforms to produce games suitable for themselves and mostly not paying too much attention to each other. During the first half of this decade, you can't even expect that a PC will have a sound card that works with your game. Halo: Combat Evolved is originally released for the Xbox, and takes almost two years to appear on PC. Only the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga's Ambition strategy series remain, and to a lesser extent Uncharted Waters. Nowadays, when a game is being released for the PC as well as the consoles, somewhere in the game's fact sheet, dedicated servers are mentioned to be available.
However, in MW3, to actually be able to play on dedicated servers you have to find an obscure toggle in the options menu, none of what happens in a dedicated server counts towards your rank, and it took over half a year's worth of patches before the server browser actually worked, before which it often refused to display any servers for seemingly no reason. The massive imbalance caused by the control differences causes plans for including this feature in future games to be halted.
To help even out the playing field, PS3 players can use a keyboard and mouse with their console. On one hand, PC gamers rejoiced when they heard that the PC would be the lead platform, and that the PC version would have 64-player maps, and larger maps than the console versions. This fan is an ideal replacement for any 40mm chipset, external HDD case cooling fan and removable case cooling fan. Would have got ten stars if it had a third wire for monitoring, but for cooling chipset heatsinks they're great. Despite this the fans were delivered within 3 days of my ordering which was an amazing feat and I cannot praise the service I received too highly.
First up, those who own Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, or Black Ops 2 on the PC can access the trial for free, but it seems that some serious stuttering appears when trying to play the title at maximum settings. However, it seems that Steam users who previously owned Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, or Black Ops 2 now also have in their library the Black Ops 3 beta stage available for download and play. Many players are reporting, via NeoGAF, stuttering when playing at the maximum settings, despite having top-of-the-line graphics cards like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti.
This function allows a more flexible rpm regulation, making it more convenient for the user.
Designs of coolers have stabilised recently and the basic construction of all these tower coolers follows the same pattern. According to console gamers, PC gamers are elitist nerds with no life who need to get laid, pour hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the latest hardware that will be outdated in two years, and consider themselves the glorious master race despite living in their mom's basement. Consoles have been fighting to alleviate this problem over the last decade, however, with markets such as Xbox Live Arcade for Microsoft's systems, the Play Station Network for Sony's systems, and the Virtual Console for Nintendo's systems. The disadvantage of patching is that, for some reason, developers seem to use patches as an excuse to release games half-completed, using the consumers as testers to find issues for them to patch. Meanwhile, fighting games belong in Console Country, since those games are designed for local multiplayer, which video arcadesnote And 6502-based home computers, but those haven't been in wide use since The '80s. This brings us to yet another set of pitfalls: "porting" a game from one system to another.
Usually though, the PC ends up taking the brunt of sloppy porting jobs, as many games were designed for controller, not mouse-and-keyboard, inputs (though there are plenty of controllers designed to plug into PCs these days including any standard Xbox 360 controller). As a result, games with a wide range of actions or those requiring quick and accurate pointing don't go over so well on the console. The disadvantage is that it does not directly update and that you thus have to update it regularly by yourself by reinstalling it on the PC to play the homebrew title for it that just came out.
Still, most computer games were simple in design with relatively unsophisticated 2D graphics, and even arcade driving games built for state-of-the-art dedicated hardware were often ported to far less capable home computers.
PCs were still considered business machines, and usually didn't come with sound cards at all, barring the emerging "multimedia" market.
An exception, UT III was a simultaneous release that even allowed a USB keyboard & mouse on consoles, hinting at cross-platform play that was never implemented. Developers of the aforementioned game removed modding tools, the developer's console, and dedicated servers, among other things from the game, making its multiplayer similar to that of the console. This is after Notch has stated that A) a separate team would be working on the console port while he and his team would focus on the PC version, B) a standard controller would be an option to use should Xbox owners opt to not use Kinect controls (and even then, Kinect was never implemented into the game even after release), and C) updates were still coming regardless.
On the other hand, backlash occurred when the server browser was stated to be in an Internet browser, rather than in game, and that the consoles would have an in-game browser.
Quiet PC Fans, Quiet CPU Coolers, Quiet Power Supply, Quiet Computer Cases, PC Sound Dampening insulation, Ant-vibration Noise Reduction materials such as Silicone Fan Mounts, Sorbothane Feet for Ultra Low noise PC's. As soon as replaced the fan with this product, i could hear the sound of the hard disk instead of the noise of the fan.
Very quiet, and move enough air to keep the heatsinks (which were very hot to touch) much cooler.
With the included adaptor, the Grand Flex 120 PWM can also be used without making use of the pwm function. A spreader sits on the processor at the bottom of U-shaped heat pipes, which then rise through a stack of cooling fins, while a fan blows air across them. Unfortunately, magazines only reinforce these stereotypes, making gamers who play both or even exclusively one to yell "Stop Being Stereotypical" every time they read the next issue of their gaming magazines.
For a long time, Windows was pretty much the default gaming OS, but this is starting to break down just a little now that more publishers and developers are serving Mac OS and Linux as well. It mostly showed up in recent years, but there have been problems with older games being incompatible with modern systems as far back as the '90s.
By no means is this exclusive to the PC platform; it's become pretty much a standard for games to require a couple of patches because they're rarely without a couple game breaking bugs fresh out of the box. To PC gamers, this is known as consolitis, where it is claimed that the developers are making their favorite game series easier for the console crowd. Hardware-wise, the relentless drive of PC component manufacturers to outdo each other results in performance advancements that rapidly outstrip that of consoles, whose specifications remain static for their entire lifetime. It could be argued that the millions of Farmville players are PC gamers as well (though if you did you might Go Mad from the Revelation). It also has an even narrower range of games you can play for it, as it can only work with cartridge-based consoles. During the second half of this decade, the jump to 3D happened, bringing to households something that was previously only in arcades and massive rendering facilities.
Then, PC gamers became upset when they learned that they would not be getting a demo for Bulletstorm until after the game had come out. The fact that the game is not being sold on Steam has also been a source of Flame Wars on the Internet as well, along with privacy concerns with Origin. We also sell Silent PC Hardware components and Gaming products such as Fanless Silent Video cards, SSD Drives, Professional Gaming peripherals for serious Gamers.

The heat pipes contain pressurised fluid, this evaporates at the bottom and condenses at the top, using latent heat to transfer lots of energy in the process. Some games used to be on different formats, such as floppy discs, and even if you could buy a CD Version, there were still problems with it being unable to run without causing glitches.
Today, the major battleground is the shooter genres (be it first or third); wars have been fought, only some of them digital, over whether a game's console version or PC version was better. If a long-running PC franchise goes multi-platform, the console release often gets blamed for any unpopular changes to the game, particularly those which result in simplification or loss of options. This forces developers to compromise the console port in ways that degrade the quality of the gameplay experience (such as less-detailed graphics, smaller levels, or Loads and Loads of Loading).
The IBM-compatible PC architecture which would come to dominate computer gaming in the next decade was relatively weak in the 80's, compared to both consoles and other home computers.
PC hardware manufacturers initially dismissed the idea of PC as serious competitors to 3D gaming consoles, but games like Quake III showed them the potentials. You know, because people don't want to test the game before deciding if they want to buy it. The issues with Origin snooping around though can be easily fixed by putting it in a Sandbox environment though.
And to be popular, your game needs to be accessible to as many of these options as possible. Bottom line, if you buy a PC game on release, most of the time you can expect to have purchased an invite to the late beta. Initially, PCs had the edge, due to the awkwardness of gamepad controls in a shooting environment and the lack of Internet multiplayer, but then dual analog sticks, GoldenEye and Halo 2 came along and collectively made those things work on a console, and from that day forward all bets were off. Expect an enormous backlash if this is ever suspected of compromising the PC version itself.
Developers usually prefer to work more on the console side because it's significantly harder to pirate console games. This is also the beginning of the stereotypes: PC gamers must tinker with their rig to get performance that can catch up to PS1, N64, and the like, and they were largely derisive of the kids who simply "did not earn their fun". Also look for direct touch pipes, where the heat pipe is in direct contact with the top of the processor, this is a good thing. Some games you just flat-out couldn't buy anymore for various reasons, and if you could get them, you'd have to use an emulator or a lot of fan-made patches so it would actually run and not look really really weird due to the resolution since they weren't made with computers 20 years later. The console gamers reacted by painting the PC gamers as insufferable nerds with no social life. A PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) fan is another good cooling alternative, as your motherboard can regulate the fan speed at will, saving the full whirring fury for when you need it.
To further confound it, there's the fact that the PC Format is constantly evolving, and nobody is able to stay "on top", even the most dedicated PC gamers don't bother to stay "on the top" because nobody can afford it.
To remedy the problems of backwards compatibility, as well as availability, companies have put up a "virtual console" or "Digital rerelease" version, and the PC in fact has a DOS emulator. One important question to ask yourself is: are you going to regularly remove your heatsink? Even buying a dedicated gaming PC can be a lot more expensive than buying one gaming system. If you are then pay attention to the fitting, because some of these are quite unsuitable and others are a breeze. Long story short, it's easier to make a game that "a PS3" can run than "computers" can; and in the 2010s, where AAA games have Hollywood-movie-level budgets and expectations invested in them, lower risk and fewer variables makes everyone happy. AMD uses a sprung clip of course, with mixed results, while Intel has the full heavyweight four point fixings with (usually) a backplate. Design approaches range from the theatrical with an eye for looks as much as ability, through over-engineered excellence to cheap and moderately cheerful.
Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ - £30 Named after the monstrous wolf from Norse mythology, the Fenrir sports a suitably heavy metal wolf's head motif.
The fins have, it says here in the press release, a unique low-drag coefficient, yeah whatever. It comes with mounting options for the full AMD and Intel set and boasts a maximum TDP of 160W, above any desktop chip's figure. The Fenrir is what we are going to call 'full-size', that is to say it stands a whopping 165mm proud of the motherboard. The wide PWM 12cm fan proves to be commendably quiet, and, more importantly, has shiny silver blades.
The fittings are sturdy and easy to use and the included knurled nuts (stop that), making it easy to take on and off.
Read our Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ reviewXigmatek Thors' Hammer S126384 - £40 This gothic creation features a fetching gloss-black nickel finish and an usual design of interlacing fins. The Hammer boasts a lot of pipework too, with four main 8mm pipes with direct touch and another three inner 6mm ones on top of those.
As well as AMD's offerings it copes with LGA 775 and 1366 (but not 1156 at time of writing, so check if your motherboard).
Fitting proved a proper pain in the rump as the sprung bolts can't be turned by hand readily and are rather inaccessible for the tiny supplied spanner.
It runs cool at idle, but isn't as chilly as we had hoped under load, more airflow is required. Read our full Xigmatek Thors' Hammer S126384 reviewScythe Yasya SCYS-1000 - £40 The aggressive-looking Yasya features a set of fins that look like they have been designed to draw blood. There are six 6mm heat pipes, rather than the more usual 8mm jobs in tower coolers, but it does fit both AMD and Intel.
The Yasya boasts tool-free fitting, which introduces us to the horrible plastic push-pin fittings and no supporting backplate for you Intel boys. These things are horrible, they break, are not suitable for repeated removal, cannot be adjusted and mean pressing down hard on your board.
The big extra here is a PCI backplate with a rotary fan control, which worked a treat and is either a welcome boon, or an unnecessary complication. For the money there are better, less dangerous, coolers, unless you are charmed by manual fan control. Read our full Scythe Yasya SCYS-1000 reviewThermaltake Silent 1156 - £20 For a Core i7 compatible cooler this is a compact beast, with a svelte fin stack that is smaller than the 9cm fan housing. As you might guess from the name it fits LGA 1156 boards only, but it fitted snuggly on our test motherboard no problem, so what the heck. They well might be 'tool-less', but honestly, we can all get hold of a screwdriver if we need to.
Performance is no big surprise, it ran hotter than the big boys, hardly a surprise given proportions and to be fair, we are going beyond the design parameters here with a i7 920. It is quite cheap; always a good thing, but lacks cooling power for the full i7 range and isn't one for exploring overclocking too much.

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