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I think you’ll find Gary makes a solid case, not to mention he’s promised us all cheese in return for our votes. Tell us a little about yourself, the contest, how you became a Packers fan and how often you wear cheese on your head in public. SC: Did your father ever take you to Lambeau Field?  Have you ever been and what was it like?  And have you taken your son there? SC:  Let me go ahead ask the obligatory question one must ask all Packers fans and get it out of the way.  What were your thoughts during the whole Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers controversy and what are your thoughts on Brett Favre now?
GG: From what I understand about how Favre and the Packers parted ways, I believe the Packers made the right call. SC:  With that being said, with one more Super Bowl victory (or more), does Rodgers go down in history as the better Packer?
GG:  As everyone knows, Rodgers has [put up] incredible numbers and Favre was 1-for-1 in Super Bowls, so even if Rodgers wins two, I think time will tell. Now obviously the guy was younger but it gave me the impression that, particularly with teams like Green Bay, there’s a lot of hopping on and off the bandwagon. Considering you’re a Green Bay Super Fan, and have been for some time, does that sort of thing bother you or do you embrace new fans as they come along?
GG: I know there are plenty of people jumping on the band wagon and I try not to be annoyed by them. SC: Actually yes, tell my readers about the site, the webpage and why they should vote for you.
The web page has the essay written by my son, which was selected by the Packers as one of ten finalists. Last year’s Super Bowl was really special.  My son, Andy, his 4 year old daughter, my mother and myself all watched the game at my house. On Sunday I will be in a sports bar with hopefully the majority of other Cheeseheads and friends. Gary, thanks again for the time, and be sure your mom doesn’t beat the tar out of any Giants fans this weekend. This entry was posted in Featured, Pigskin and tagged Aaron Rodgers, Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Don Hutson, Gary Green, Green Bay Packers, Jerry Kramer, Reggie White by Chris Humpherys.
You and I both know the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink all the way through til morning. My people will do the best they can to ensure his bust is properly polished in the frozen tundra. So comedian Stephen Colbert wants to run for President of South Carolina ? Warriors’ coach Mark Jackson isn’t exactly showing any insight as a coach !
Where’s the intelligence amongst the Warriors’ coaching staff during the game ? Who knew that when the Niners got the ball back with under a minute left that they’d out Saint the Saints!
The G-Men just had a better game plan yesterday and the Pack couldn’t seem to hold on to the ball at all. Did you hear the story of the Wall Street big shot who spent $240,000 on a roadtrip to Green Bay for the Giants game? If the Sixers carry on the way that they’re doing then Doug Collins could end up being Coach of the Year within the NBA .
Now Romney has to prove himself as a true businessman rather than claiming to be one .
When I talk to people about voting for GG and the contest, inevitably it comes up that the votee is not a Packer’s fan. The point is- this contest is totally about being a FOOTBALL FAN and loving your team through good and bad seasons, injuries, ticket increases, trades and anything else that can possibly happen to a professional franchise.

GG is the epitomy of a TRUE FAN and voting for him is not voting for the Pack- or against your favorite team.
And Val, if I knew how to get my picture to come up on that avatar thing, I’d have done it long ago. Show me why this won’t happen to Sanders, please.Now, some of my pro-Bernie friends say that even if Bernie isn’t ultimately electable, they can’t vote for Clinton in the primary because she’s so awful on, well, insert your key issues here.
To me, though, I couldn’t look someone struggling with poverty, perhaps in a community of color, perhaps in an urban context blighted by a century of the new Jim Crow, and say that I helped bring this about. Green, are not only the biggest Packers fan any of us care to know, but are also in a contest to become Green Bay Packer Fan of the Year. His stats don’t compare to today but one I always remember is his low interception %.
His leadership on the field, defensive stats and like Favre, he was crucial in getting [us] back to the Super Bowl. From the click to vote link, the other finalists can be seen and their essays read.  Chump, I will save your readers some time. He is a great guy and deserves this honor but on Sunday I’ll be puling for my G-Men!!!! You nailed the description of me, and Mom didn’t get into it with any Giant fans, but boy you should have seen the look she gave some of them in the 3rd quarter.
They always mention that the Packers won the SB last year and somehow feel like voting in this contest is being traitorous to their team.
I have no idea why the Clinton campaign is pretending she is more progressive than a democratic socialist, but let’s agree that she isn’t. Every time a Sanders supporter criticizes Clinton for not being progressive enough, to me, that’s a good thing, because she’s still left of center. Only 30 percent of voters 18-29 view the term “socialism” unfavorably, compared with 60 percent of those 45-64. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonIn fact, you’d have to go back to Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964 to find a winning candidate who said he’d raise taxes not just on “the rich” but on pretty much everyone. They’re the left-wing equivalents of Trump’s Mexican wall or Cruz’s call to abolish the IRS: They play well to the base, but alienate the middle.
You’re white, middle-class, basically fiscally conservative, moderate on social issues, and concerned about terrorism. Wade and same-sex marriage, plus Obama’s executive orders on LGBT people, and allow new restrictions on contraception. Plus potentially eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency entirely (!) and rolling back regulations on logging, mining, and drilling. I couldn’t explain my vote to a civilian family we bombed in Iraq or Syria, or to my children who will have to deal with a changed climate. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a primetime smashing of the Carolina Panthers on Monday night, while the Green Bay Packers provided a primetime dismantling of the Chicago Bears just the night prior.
My dad became a fan and at age 10.  I remember the Pack winning their first championship under Coach Lombardi. He took the Pack back to the Super Bowl and is one of the greatest QBs in football history.
I don’t want a repeat of the 70s and 80s, but a fan like me stayed loyal during those times.  Where will these fair weather fans go? Can you imagine Max sitting on the bench head in hands and hearing Coach Lombardi shout “MCGEE”!!!! You’re automatically entered in a contest for an all expense paid trip to an NFL game for you and friend(s) each time you vote. A socialist who wants to raise taxes on everyone cannot beat any Republican, period.Dear Bernie Voter,Unlike many Clinton supporters, I am not writing to you because I think you’re naive, or misguided, or sexist, or dumb, or any of the other patronizing and condescending crap that Hillary voters often say. Let’s even concede that she is beholden to Wall Street, a Washington politician (with all the ethical problems that entails), and, basically, part of a broken system.

Let’s look at the numbers.First, I know, there are head-to-head polls right now that show Sanders doing even better than Clinton against Rubio, Cruz, and Trump. If Clinton’s negatives, or Bernie’s positives, are so high as to be worth losing the general election, then of course it makes sense to vote your values.But let’s remember what’s at stake.
And yes, I think a lot of these younger types who wanna wear the team gear, which is great for the team, you know. Oh, well.  Anyway, she dresses up in all sort of Packer gear on game day and I think scares the heck out of some of the old folks in the condominium where she lives.
That way the Niners will be at home instead of up on the frozen tundra if they do get by the Saints and the Pack wins… My current favorite Packer has to be California boy Aaron Rodgers.
But the reason these polls are meaningless is that most people still have no clear idea of who Bernie Sanders is or what he stands for.
This is way out of the mainstream and there is no plausible strategy for how to change that. Are you really going to vote for a 74-year-old cantankerous socialist calling for revolution and a trillion dollars of big government?Sure, Bernie will (hopefully) bring out younger voters.
We’ve all seen those simplistic ads making Clinton look more like the GOP than like Bernie.
I think one reason Bernie’s supporters tend toward the white, young, and privileged is that we don’t have as much skin in the game as others who would be affected by a Republican victory. This may sound ridiculous to those of us who follow politics closely, but it’s the sad reality of American democracy.Meanwhile, everyone has an idea of what Hillary Clinton stands for. Bernie is an electoral disaster on all four.First, even Bernie’s supporters concede that he’s inexperienced on foreign policy, especially in contrast to a former secretary of state.
But as Sanders himself said, both he and Clinton are 100 times better than any Republican candidate. For that reason, “electability” is not just one among many issues: It is the central issue. He’s also more dovish than Clinton, and the average American (not you or me, but the swing voters who will determine this election) already thinks that President Obama has been too “weak” and “soft” on our enemies.
They sure haven’t so far.Finally, on question of health care, 53 percent of Americans still disapprove of Obamacare, yet Sanders wants to go even farther in the direction of big government, to a single-payer system that would require new taxes on the middle class, truly socialized medicine with fewer choices for those who can afford to make them, not to mention “death panels” and, somehow, the end of private health insurance. And, large rallies notwithstanding, it hasn’t happened yet; in New Hampshire, overall turnout on the Democratic side was 233,993, down from 282,000 in 2008.
Specifically, a Republican president would mean:- Further tax breaks for the 1 percent including income tax breaks, capital gains tax breaks (Rubio wants to eliminate the capital gains tax entirely), and estate tax breaks.
Yet despite having absorbed several dozen pro-Bernie articles and videos, I have yet to hear a plausible path to victory for Bernie Sanders.
Her negatives are “baked in.”But when voters are asked about Bernie’s positions, rather than his name, the numbers are brutal. In a Gallup Poll taken last June, fully 50 percent said they would not vote for a socialist.
It’s magical thinking.Obama’s approval rating is 47 percent not because he is not liberal enough (as we on the left think) but because his policies are more liberal than the mainstream. Most of those are probably Republican voters anyway, but many are the swing voters in the seven states that will likely determine this election. I was in high school at the time, and I remember how we all thought Dukakis was great, and how polls had him beating George H.W. Then came the Republican attack machine, painting Dukakis (in racist ways) as a soft-on-crime liberal. But these are two things that the Packers as an organization and fan base are going to have to do.

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