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Sitting under a relentlessly beaming sun is the quickest way to a meltdown when trying to relax on your patio or deck. Nothing will cool your guests off faster than an ice cold beverage within arm’s reach. Increase your cool, indoors or out, with the Retro-inspired damp-rated Bellows I 16' wall mount fan. Let me tell you what I did not enjoy about childhood Thanksgivings: pretending to be interested in football while a half dozen grown men cheered and jeered at the television for three hours.
This dining area comfortably seats 10 thanks to its mix of molded-plastic host chairs and rows of four black Eames-style wire side chairs on either side.
Any time you’re furnishing an outdoor space, it’s super-important to consider the color and vibe of the rooms that lead out onto it. For the rest of the Thanksgiving shenanigans, I went all-out to maximize the gathering spot beside the dining area.
A grounding area rug in orange, taupe, white and olive stripes grounds the seating group, accented by orange burlap and green-and-white-patterned throw pillows, plus solid and plaid throw blankets. As the temperature rises, don’t let your outdoor living area become a place of discomfort.
The umbrella may be an old standby, but there are tons of fun and modern ones that will work great with any style. The plastic and especially metal versions will absorb the heat and brand your legs with that unfortunate grid pattern.
Bring in some topiaries, or plant trees if possible, and strategically place them where they will provide the most relief during the times you’ll be out there. With a heavy-duty, three-speed oscillating motor and 14' blades, this wall-mounted fan combines the retro style of a table fan with the power and efficiency of a ceiling fan.

Combining elements of rustic wood outdoor furnishings with mid-century forms, Brian sets the deck for a cozy and inviting outdoor feast. Year after year, the routine was the same: once November came and outdoor playtime with friends was out of the question, I was whisked away to the house of some friend or relative, only to be crammed around a crowded table or squished onto tiny, cramped sofas where super-tall kids didn’t fit.
After buying a three-story log construction house in the mountains, I spent the summer feverishly racing against the cooler days ahead, replacing windows with doors, swapping out broken fans for new ones, installing a new heating system and creating a living-and-dining layout that would make my future dinner guests feel right at home. All chairs are black, which is my go-to color for anything seasonal, while the area rug boasts a mix of beige and taupe. If the color schemes clash, you’ll be looking from the indoors out, or vice versa, onto a color catastrophe.
Using the fireplace as my starting point, I added a pair of roomy charcoal loveseats, anchored by an industrial coffee table, rustic end tables and mercury glass lamps. To keep the entire area warm and cozy, a pair of modern outdoor heaters are wheeled in whenever needed.
Finished in your choice of Aged Bronze or Stainless Steel, it features separate knobs for oscillating and speed control.
By age 14, I promised myself that when I was a grown-up, I’d make Thanksgiving at my own house comfortable for everyone—a cozy and convivial environment where football screamers would be relegated to a confined room, away from everyone else. Using a neutral color scheme of black and charcoal peppered with autumnal tones like pumpkin and olive green, I transformed what was once a tired living space into a warm and welcoming gathering spot for dining, relaxing and having conversations that don’t include the “F” word (football). The interior of my great room is ultra-white, which complements just about any adjoining color schemes.
And for a modern spin on old-fashioned rocking chairs, I planted molded-plastic rockers on the porch. Yeah, I know most people don’t think of Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve as occasions to deck the halls with black and beige, but a neutral palette of taupe-y tones really does create the perfect backdrop for layering in festive autumnal shades (orange and olive), Christmas hues (red and green) or wintry metallics.

But what really blows me away is how spacious the outdoor dining area looks against the “insane” backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains. Any time you’re working around a single focal point, no matter how grand, it’s important to choose furniture that won’t compete with it, but instead enhance it. Now that the design is done, I’ll take credit for not only the fast-tracked decorating plan, but for the Thanksgiving feast I will pick up in town, then plate to look like I made it myself. Yeah, I’m not used to using the term “ceiling fan” and phrases like “nice to look at” in the same sentence, but this one is sculptural, with a vintage-industrial appeal that makes it work.
Here, streamlined mid-century chairs and a sleek, industrial-modern dining table give guests a place to enjoy the meal while soaking up the stellar views.
Don’t leave your guests uncomfortably melting – have your ushers give guests ice-cold bottles of water as they are seated.
A wheelbarrow works as a great icechest – refill after your ceremony and wheel it to the reception! It can do double duty by offering shade if the day is a scorcher!On your wedding invitations include your detailed plan b location and if needed a map, as well as a contact number for your guests to ring and check if they are unsure of which location they need to be at on the day.
Make sure any tent you rent is sturdy so it won’t flip over, and that it has thick and weighted sides.
When planning a sunset, evening or early morning wedding, make sure to plan for enough light – check sunset and sunrise times, and use supplemental lighting that can act as a backup for a cloudy day that has no sunset!
Utterly Brilliant Outdoor Wedding Ideas Hopefully these tips come in handy as you plan your own Okanagan outdoor wedding (or elsewhere!) And remember that every wedding should be captured, which is why Tailored Fit Films is so passionate about creating Okanagan Wedding Films here in our hometown, and internationally.

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