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Since 1974 The Casablanca Fan Company has been known as the maker of the world’s finest ceiling fans. The Casablanca Bullet C43G546L ceiling fan has a modern design that was inspired by the world famous train. The Casablanca Tercera C22G11L ceiling fan has a sleek design with vintage curves which gives this contemporary fan the best of the old and new. The Casablanca Colorado C42G45L ceiling fan has a contemporary design that was inspired by the state known for its snow-capped summits and vast blue skies. The Casablanca Antion C39G199L ceiling fan blends into any contemporary environment seamlessly. The Casablanca Vincente C32G611L ceiling fan makes a dramatic statement in even the largest rooms. Casablanca’s new 2011 fan collection offers a wide range of stylish and energy efficient ceiling fans that will easily update your home’s decor and help you reduce energy costs at the same time.

The new 2011 Casablanca ceiling fan collection features a variety of quality and efficient fans.
This fan features a decorative downrod and a northern sienna finish with walnut blades along with a up and down light fixture. Rest the bottom plate on the blade holders, the center band is now flexible and can be lifted above the top plate. Note that the distances between the two transistor pins and the black hex head torqued bolt are slightly different (Fig. Along with adding a stylish touch to any room, Casablanca fans will also help you save on energy costs throughout the year.
Save up to 33% Off  list prices plus free shipping today by ordering online or by calling 1-800-724-5501 and speaking to one of their Casablanca specialist. Pull the knob off of the potentiometer and remove the nut holding it to the switch housing.

The The green wire must be attached to the transistor pin closest to the black hex head bolt. Do not overtighten, this can advance the torqued nut on the screw threads, causing an imbalance in the heat exchange system. Pull the two wires (green and yellow) from the transistor pins in the center of the heat sink.

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