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This question is from 70 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Fan with Recessed Light 6 answers Can this be used in an existing vent fan spot? I was absolutely astounded that a company of this size didn't include the required opening dimension in their documentation.
Please contact our Technical Support Department at 888-336-6151 for assistance with installation concerns.
The NuTone 70 CFM White Ceiling Exhaust Fan with Light, Night Light and Heater offers the perfect combination of ventilation, lighting and heat.
This question is from 70 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Fan with Night Light and Heater 4 answers Please explain how the night light works. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This question is from Decorative Oil Rubbed Bronze 80 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Bath Fan Alabaster Glass with Light ENERGY STAR 10 answers Are there separate switches for the fan and light?
This energy-efficient NuTone 100 CFM Directionally Adjustable Bath Fan with Light and Heater can help you comfortably heat the bathroom in the morning without heating first the entire house.
This question is from 100 CFM Ceiling Directionally Adjustable Exhaust Bath Fan with Light and 1500-Watt Heater 6 answers can these units be vented to the attic? I'm thinking of replacing a 30 year old nutone that is geting squeaking, and it's vented to the attic.
It's always better to vent a bath fan to the outside due to the moisture content of the air in the bathroom. Yes you can vent into the attic if your attic has vents or someplace for this moist air to escape. But NuTone took it a step further by incorporating powerful ventilation in the same design.
If this fits into the opening, would we need to just patch with drywall to conceal the large opening?

You will have to patch the drywall since the opening is likely to be smaller than your old fan combo. The fan reduces moisture to help resist mildew, and its motor operates at 4 sones to prevent disrupting your surroundings. It is designed for easy installation with hanger bars (included), which are adjustable from 16 in.
In an existing room, if you can't run an additional wire (or already have 4-12 or 4-14 wiring), you'll have both on the same switch.
In my case the existing wiring was setup that way so I can turn the fan and light on separately.
The units provides heat, light and exhaust fan power at the touch of a switch, and its 360A° adjustable heat outlet helps you direct the heat exactly where you want it.
Best thing though would be to but a 4 inch hole blade, a vent with a 4 inch opening and some exhaust tubing.
I would always replace an old squeaky one with a new one where possible, my reasons would be based on efficiency and the risk of an old fan shorting out. NuTone traditional style light fixtures are the perfect companion to your NuTone ceiling fan with trim kit finishes designed to match seamlessly with your fan.
Our new fan lights disappear into the ceiling with other recessed lights, with trim matched to designs of major recessed light manufacturers so they are practical decorating solutions for any room in the house.
The smaller opening was the old fan but I had to move it over because the joist space wasn't enough. And these bowl-style fixtures are EPAct compliant and include two 13W compact fluorescent bulbs so you know they'll save you energy. This light kit, model LK20ASRB, will work with any of our standard or hugger styled ceiling fans.
In the bath they control humidity, and in a utility room, kitchen or high-traffic family room they keep the air fresh and comfortable.

If youa€™d like to see the installation instructions, simply scroll down on the Home Depot page and click on the a€?More Infoa€™ tab. The built-in junction box with receptacles is designed for simple plug-in of heater and fan motors.
If your old one doesn't have a dedicated circuit a rewire may be required, or just change the motor as you suggested.Another piece of advice is never vent an exhaust fan inside your house, always vent to the outside. IF you have further questions, just dial 888-336-3948 and Customer Service will be happy to assist.
The 1300W heating element provides fast enveloping heat, while the efficient fan evenly distributes warm air through room. The steam from a bathroom can cause real moisture damage in a house, depending on your region the mold could be devastating.
If you have further questions and would like to speak with a Customer Service representative, just dial 888-336-3948.
Per the instructions, plan to run 120vAC on a separate 20 Amp circuit, using 12 gauge wire.
An efficient, quiet blower, exhausts stale air and moisture to refresh the bath atmosphere. If you have further questions, please contact our Technical Support Department at 888-336-6151.

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