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The inspiration to design a space that reflects the peaceful atmosphere of the night sky comes from many popular children's books such as "Goodnight Moon".
White and Light Blue Baby NurseryThis white and light baby blue nursery has a clean, modern look that is peaceful and relaxing. Rooms like these are proof that every mom-to-be with a desire to include silvery moon and stars baby nursery decor in their little one's room is not a hippie with a taste for celestial designs.
If your crafts skills include origami; you can easily make your own star crib mobile for a few dollars or less! FREE PrintableNursery Wall Quotes Printable quotes are not only FREE, they are lovely when framed and make a very nice star themed nursery wall decoration that you can make yourself using very few crafts supplies.
Add traditional nursery motifs like rabbits and fluffy teddy bears by simply painting pictures of a peacefully sleeping bunny or a bear taking a nap on the moon. Once you have found a baby bedding set with the color scheme that you need, it's time to complete the surrounding nursery decor to compliment it.
Moon and stars baby bedding with a contrasting blue plaid fabric for a baby boy can be very interesting and imaginative. With deeper shades of midnight blue and primary yellow moon and stars, you have the option of including bold colors with your baby moon stuff. Homemade Planets Nursery Ceiling Mobile in Bright ColorsWould you like to know how make your own nursery ceiling mobile that features planets floating in the center of your baby's universe using little more than clear, nylon fishing line, wooden embroidery hoops and yarn? Baby Girl Nursery Bathed in Star light This baby girl's nursery bathed in star light has a very soft, romantic atmosphere. Moon and Star Nursery Decorations I was browsing the web for unique moon and star nursery decorations , I happened upon this sweet painting.
Star Nursery Ceiling Lights of a Different Kind for the Baby's Room Soft, twinkling star nursery ceiling lights give the classic moon and stars baby room theme, or any room, a modern and exciting look!
A focal wall painted a deep rich blue with a painting of a shooting star firing its way across the sky would be so unique and eye-catching!
For a very celestial and airy feel there are some sheers that are embroidered with quarter baby moon and star motifs. If celestial or universal education is not your decorative goal, then just hold on, there are loads of other ideas and baby gear to complete your baby moon nursery decor. While it's always a good idea to balance the themed decorations in a room, that's not to say that you must repeat your motifs over and over.
If you plan to use a night light or a monitor, why not get one that will be an asset to your themed bedroom!

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nursery theme has primary colored stars on the nursery walls and as hardware on the nursery furniture. Go to the homepage for more Unique Baby Gear Ideas for your moon and stars nursery decorating project. My older brother, the City Mouse, had a baby two months ago and I wanted to give him something that I made (along with some other gifts) because this would not be something in his realm. Historical renovation is something I am passionate about because of my love for the architectural features. There are cool greys, which are mixed with blue, that read more of a more slate-grey, and warm greys, which are mixed with yellow, that read more of a mushroom-grey. Courtney Cox recently moved from a house that she adored because it was level with a public beach and she couldn’t even go for a walk without pictures being taken. According to Elle Decor, before becoming an actress, Courtney Cox wanted to become an architect. Recently, I was contacted by a reporter to see if I would be willing to be interviewed for a piece on high-tech nurseries since my background is in technology. You know how much I love pom poms.  They are a cheap, creative and colorful way to add some pow to any boring white ceiling.
Strings of lights like these from AmiciThai can be used in a variety of ways to add color and interest.  Did I mention they were $15 a string! Have a great ceiling element that we didn’t mention?  We would love to hear about it! Aside from adding a whimsical touch to your nursery, hanging things are also something babies really love. I create paper flowers for weddings and I’ve used them to create some really great mobiles. I really like charming out-of-the-ordinary and fun-looking mobiles, especially hand-made or crafted ones, such as the one in the first photo.
Little Crown Interiors offers full interiors design services for nurseries and children’s rooms.
With a passion for decorating and design, it was Melisa's experience as a first time mom, that inspired her to start Project Nursery. The furniture is so well designed and has every trick in the book included for the busy mom. We can tell that you are placing lot of time as well as into your blog and detailed articles!

That’s why when I received an email asking for some low-priced lighting options, I had a couple of options handy that I think are lovely. On Friday, I did a post on part of interior designer Kelee Kadillac’s apartment, but only showed you a portion of her apartment because it was quite a bit to take in. From the pictures below, you will see examples of each, which may help you in determining your preference. Looks like they are all hanging on, looks fantastic, colourful and saves some serious space. Hanging them above a crib or a changing table makes a lot of difference, and you are right, it gives otherwise plain and boring ceilings a fun and interesting look. Melisa lives back east with her three kids, Austin, Chase and new baby girl Emerson—thrilled that she can now finally decorate with the color pink! The parents have incredible taste and obviously have the money to buy princess anything she wants!!! I quite like deeply gets interested every item of info you post here (there are less than several quality blogs left . I referenced almost buying a beautiful, historic house named Elway Hall, but it was just too far away from my office and I would have spent a minimum of 3 hours in the car a day. Difference being, she actually took college courses in the architecture before pursuing acting. Two interior designers ended up buying the house that I had to begrudgingly pass on; it seems that interior designers frequently take the challenge of older homes head on without thinking twice. I have some lanterns to hang, but not sure what to hang them with to make sure they don’t fall.
If the ceiling is wood, I think hooks are fine – maybe even flat push pins (but make sure they are pushed in well).
She held weekly, 3 hour meetings with the architect, Michael Kovac, who was referred by Laura Dern, and her designer (and friend), Trip Haenisch. There are also monitors that make nature sounds which are perfect for getting baby to sleep. I realized I have a lot of warm colors in our house, so I think I need to change a room or two on our first floor.

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