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My son and I are going to be building Atom this winter after we get moved and the holidays are over. Ps If anybody wonder why my english is no that great i apologize for this but it is my second language.
Yeah i print that one but the important detail are not shown properly so not so good for reference but still a nice model to have and they are free !!!
I also purchased a pair of plastic hinge covers from eBay for a relatively expensive $14 including shipping to Australia, I could have probably saved some money and used my existing ones with a bit of glue since the clips had broken. First a photo of the damaged hinge, you can see the right hinge sheared off completely which is quite dangerous as the associate cables should easily be damaged further. Replacing the hinges are fairly straight forward, first remove two sets of screws on the back of the back of the laptop as per the photo below.
Turn the laptop upside down and remove a screw holding the left hinge in place from the bottom. Turn the laptop back to its normal position and open the screen to an obtuse angle exposing the plastic hinge covers.
Remove the two screws holding the hinges to the laptop, once removed you should be able to remove the LCD screen from the laptops base completely, be careful though as the data cables would still be connected.

Now with the screen removed from the base, remove the eight rubber screw caps exposing the screws. With the eight screws remove the surrounding plastic bezel can be removed exposing the LCD screen.
From here remove another set of four screws holding the LCD screen assembly on the plastic backing.
Here is a quick post on how to replace a noisy CPU fan on an ASUS F3J series laptops, the replacement is so easy that it really doesn’t need a how to guide.
Remove the following seven screws as circled, the circled blue screw is a unique extra long screw. I you ever find a picture of the side of him and or detail of his boot and stumper i could use that. But thank I know what you mean we was watching the movie and as sonn as we look at NOISY BOY me and my lovelly wife was hey WE TOTALLY NEED TO DO THIS BOT and here we go ! As usual I purchased the replacement hinges from eBay for $11 including shipping to Australia.
You can easily disconnect these cables, this frees the LCD screen a little more except for a single pair of wires which doesn’t seem to look like it was easy to disconnect.

The plan is to do the hole boot part out of foam and foam card and coting the beast with fiber glass.
It might not be huge or exactly right on everything, but it's close and nice to have to look at for the base build when you are getting started. Matt (my son) loved Atom, so I can't wait to see what you guys come up with on Noisy Boy and what Chimmera gets done for Zeus.
The left hinge was fine and still holding the screen in place, but I suspected it may have been weakened by the rotational torque so replaced it as well.
We bought Atom and set him up and I started drawing some sketches of it for basic build ideas the very next night after we saw the movie. If Anybody got some good picture of the Bad Boy i will be able to use some help as there is not so many pic on the net.

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