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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Manchester City fans got an early Christmas present when the club’s new badge appeared to be leaked by a government office. The new crest was supposed to be revealed on Boxing Day, and the club had put posters up around Manchester, teasing fans with clues of what the design would entail. But their big reveal has now been ruined after the Intellectual Property Office published it on its website. Tyga’s baby mama, Black Chyna had been in the news after she got engaged to Rob Kardashian. Let’s Hear It For… Leicester, Tottenham And The Most Exciting Premier League Title Chase For Years! Is coming out as gay in football the huge leap forward for the game we all imagine it will be? Yesterday, the Spanish Observatory against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender phobia filed a report with the Spanish state commission against Violence in Sport citing opposition fans for homophobic abuse directed at Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo during his club’s recent match vs.
The magnitude of a particular fixture doesn’t excuse the relentless, tedious, frankly embarrassing abuse that certain players receive every time they step onto the pitch, but let’s not pretend it would stop if we could only come together and find the right solution, which at this point is an arbitrary combination of punishment and education.
If clubs had waited for people to stop throwing bananas at black players before fielding black players, that goal against Everton in 1991 would have remained a figment of John Barnes imagination, and not a video we can all look back on with joy, regardless of club affiliation. Imagine a Premier League without the likes of Didier Drogba, Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, et al.
A fifteen year old boy was arrested after allegations of racial abuse towards Everton’s Arouna Kone were reported during an FA Cup fixture in February. An environment that encourages one to laud Andy Carroll as the best striker in the world, say. In the hands of idiots, the big game is the opportunity to abuse people for arbitrary reasons visible from the stands; colour, sexuality, haircut, media profile or fashion sense.
The next ten years will invariably see an elite, high profile player come out, which, hopefully will empower others to do the same. The Football Ramble is one of the UK’s most-loved football podcasts and releases a new show every Tuesday. This Champions League quarter-final wasn’t the first time Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez have occupied the same patch of grass since they left Liverpool FC, but it was the most illustrative of their career trajectories since that time. Fernando, whose career highlight since his acrimonious and faintly ridiculous exit from Anfield has been to propel Gary Neville to heights we couldn’t have imagined in our darkest nightmares, scored his seventh goal of the current season across all competitions in the 25th minute, picked up a yellow on 29 minutes and was sent off for a second on 35. In other news, the walking hair crisis that is Arturo Vidal scored in the first two minutes to give Bayern Munich the narrowest of advantages in their fixture vs. St Pauli are installing hives in their stadium because they’re concerned about the declining population of bees. Declining bee populations are a problem because they are among a group of pollinate flowering plants, which, according to the clever people over at Berkeley University, impacts upon over a third of global food production.
I think we should just assume that the lovely people at St Pauli, who pride themselves on their inclusivity and social awareness, have done some sums and worked out that the environmental impact of their sausage train was so awful, they’re seeking to make amends in the only way they know how. Sunday morning moment of realisation that someone is filming you in and around a fracas outside a nightclub.
People have been saying it for a while (the full salt and pepper beard being a bit of a giveaway) but stumbling across this image after Real Madrid’s genuinely spawny victory in El Clasico on Saturday, I too found myself questioning the mentality that strides confidently through monied dressing rooms across Europe.
Even pushing Ronaldo’s ludicrous action man pants to one side for a moment (not literally, although his capacity towards full nudity should be not underestimated), whose leg is that, dangling over Dani Carvajal’s shoulder?
A classless act that belittles the nature of their victory and provides an unfortunate contrast to the humble brilliance of Barcelona’s legendary No.14. One with buckets of (wildly misplaced) confidence, experience playing at the highest level of football, who’s come through the difficult man bun years with aplomb and is now seeking a club where he can finally make himself at home and deliver on all that promise? Yes people, once Wolfsburg have figured out how to extricate themselves from what we’re sure is a complex, extremely-lucrative-for-one-party contract, Nicklas Bendtner will be on the marke for your footballing pleasure.

Sun columnist Rod Liddle strides confidently through the newsprint to explain why England didn’t win their game vs. I know the majority of you wouldn’t be seen dead with a copy, but a reminder that misinformation is alive and well and living in between cleavage selfie contests never hurts. Unless you’re a Liverpool fan, the Premier League is definitely a sadder place without Brendan Rodgers. He proposed to his girlfriend Charlotte Searle outside the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Times Square. For one thing, there are less likely to be the kind of misunderstandings that could result in someone getting punched in the face, aren’t there? The whole Boaty McBoatface business.The bedsheet that emerged after the latest round of terrorist atrocities in Belgium.
There will always be people who criticise attempts to show solidarity via social networking. Similarly, for every fan enlivened and electrified by Saturday night’s performance against Germany, there are ten more jostling to remind everyone that the opposition were a mere shadow of the team that thrashed Brazil in 2014 and went on to lift the World Cup. That England beat Germany far more comprehensively in Munich fifteen years ago, only to be ejected from the 2002 World Cup in the now traditionally embarrassingly manner. That Wayne Rooney simply must go to France because he has tournament experience, is the captain, top scorer and talisman and Vardy, Kane, Dier and Alli are flashes in an all too familiar pan.
He also spent quite a considerable part of his life purposefully driving Louis van Gaal to distraction; just one of many reasons he will be sorely missed. You might be surprised to learn that we have high editorial standards here and not one press release has appeared, virtually unedited on these hallowed pixels. Today, that changes as GoalPosters revealed the blurb accompanying their snappily titled ‘FOOTBALLERS AS PASTA ON A TEA TOWEL’ er… tea towel. The new England shirt unfurled itself across social media last week and was greeted with the kind of aghast gaping we’re more used to seeing after a Trump rally. The outright accusation was Nike’s failure to make sure the blue socks were put with the blue (ish) kit but much shade was thrown at the shirt, generally involving ‘Presented without comment’ tags on pictures and resolutions to ‘go classic’.
It may seem like a lot of hot air over nothing, but you won’t be saying that when England have burned through their qualifying group, dumped the hosts out in the quarters and are set to face Germany in a semi-final.
You’ll be bitching about how much a garment made almost entirely of recycled plastic costs, yet queuing to buy it anyway because if that scenario were to unfold in France, you’d also be giddy with disbelief, which does tend to affect rational decision making. Non-believers will roll their eyes at this kind of passive consumerism, but there is a serious point hidden within the folds of that Aeroswift moisture wick fabric, which will set you back ?101 if you’re going full kit.
Creation of demand is the driving force behind marketing, but when you’re given the sole responsibility of manufacturing an item that is a traditional means of expressing support for a national team, you essentially have a captive audience.
We take to Twitter in our millions to bitch about how awful virtually every new kit is (apart from the French one, which is always unfairly gorgeous), then buy the damn thing anyway, only to burn it two weeks later while England wander down the steps of a liveried aircraft at Heathrow looking depressed. If you don’t like the new England shirt, shut yer yap, get on eBay or whatever and buy yourself a ‘Classic Keggy’.
Besides, imagine how happy it would make the big man to find himself still influencing football after all these years.
Remember when Roma alerted us to the space where their sense of taste should lie with this jacket?
Jiggle physics coming to a 3DS near you, I believe this is the first post launch third party title worth keeping your eyes on? Aside from the presence of the two of the world’s best players, the game is steeped in history; the pitch demarcated in the dust of the battle for Catalan independence.
These men, among many many others, have defined this era of football and yet reports of racist abuse from the stands still occur with alarming frequency. Derby County were forced to contact police after allegations of abuse directed at an opposition player.
Bananas, ape noises and gestures directed at players are reported relatively frequently in Spain, Eastern Europe, Italy and South America and while the bodies governing football talk the talk, the penalties meted out to clubs and football associations would be laughable if they weren’t so offensive.

Campaigns to raise awareness and consistent, thorough investigations into reports are vital, but we shouldn’t pretend that there is some football based Utopia over the next hill in the distance, where everyone plays nicely and no one gets called names or is the victim of puerile gestures. As you know,  I’m one of a dwindling number of football fans who really like the Portuguese Man o’ Roar, but I’m not blinded by his tan to point that I can’t see that this persistent bellendery contributes directly to people turning off from his astonishing skill, consistency and power.
My protests aren’t shrouded in quite so much misery (and hair) so I’m going to align my response to that of master diplomat Diego Simeone. Neither Cordon nor Willoughby could keep a straight face for long enough for this April Fool’s gag to unfold. A petition attempting to ban a proven political toolbag from gaining entry to England receiving 582,000 signatures. In the unlikely event that Roy Hodgson were to pick that team for England’s opening game vs.
Photos of Kevin Keegan in 1982’s Admiral World Cup kit acted as supporting documentation in many of those cases. The base material of your product is the passion and in England’s case, enduring optimism of football fans. You’re designing a garment to enable athletes to compete at the highest level of elite sport.
It’s cheaper, infinitely nicer and will make your point far more articulately than you can in 140 characters or less. Seeing as how Street Fighter IV did on the 3DS it will be interesting to see what Tecmo does in an attempt to 1Up Capcom. Hey, summer is going to be a damn long time what better way to spend it than with a Rockstar game. Time to catch up on games, after a solid lineup for May and a lukewarm June the gaming industry will go through it’s annual drought with absolutely nothing new coming out in stores.
Lego Star Wars, India Jones and Batman were all great entries and this one shouldn’t be an exception, great choice for the kids or any pirate fan for that matter.
Spurs fans are frequently taunted by hisses - a reference to the club’s Jewish connections and gas chambers. Football is, and has always been, a place we go to to escape the banal realities and responsibilities of life. The most important thing is that young kids will see someone playing top flight football who inspires them to their own greatness, regardless of sexuality, skin colour and any other arbitrary obstacle shoved in their way. For getting sent off again OR for taking his kit off, only to replace his captain’s armband for the picture?
It needs to look good on the pitch, still be comfortable after 75 minutes of sweating and offer a polite nod to glories past. Not modern day New York City or the rough Wild West, but a post World War II Los Angeles dealing with the Mafia in the style of film noire. In an ideal world, this escape from maturity would manifest itself as an abandonment of shades of grey in favour of explosive binary reactions biased towards the team you are supporting. As Robbie Savage tells us on a minute by minute basis, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The R&D alone must cost a fortune, yet the market they’re selling to largely consists of people only likely to exert themselves by reaching for the Doritos. Not to mention their use of the new technology known as Motionscan, using 32 surrounding cameras they can capture facial expressions like no other game has gone before.

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