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Exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by a high school locker room installation as compared with a college locker room installation may shed some light on the unique needs of each type of institution. A high school locker room may require more durability, while college locker rooms may require technology integration. Whether you’re building a locker room in a high school or a college, Legacy Lockers knows how to outfit a functional, budget-friendly locker room from start to finish. Unfortunately your browser does not hava JavaScript capabilities which are required to exploit full functionality of our site. You have disabled JavaScript in you browser, in which case you will have to enable it to properly use our site. Lease-Lease Back project delivery was utilized to build this 15,000 SF junior high school gymnasium housing regulation basketball and volleyball courts and practice courts for both sports. In recent years Virgin Active have undertaken a programme of shower and locker room refurbishments.

From look to budget, high school programs can appear like they are light-years away from collegiate programs. Whereas most collegiate athletic facilities have areas designated for each sports team, where athletes can store equipment and prepare for their sport of choice, high school locker rooms require a multipurpose locker setup. Many times, athletic programs in high schools depend on state funding, grants, donations and funds that are somewhat limited. High school locker rooms tend to be more multipurpose, which, combined with a tight budget, means that equipment storage, showers, benches, and lockers must be made of materials that will be strong and durable.
However, without knowing the extent of the locker room application, how many lockers will be ordered, and the size and conditions of the area where the locker room will be built, it’s difficult to agree that a high school should consider using the same lockers in both locations.
The high school locker room is a great representation of these major differences, as high school locker rooms present an altogether different host of challenges than college locker rooms. Conversely, college programs can sometimes rely on alumni donations or funds allotted for athletic programs, which, depending on whether the school is public or private, can determine the budget.

On the other hand, a college locker room might be better served by technology integration, as teams work to boost morale and develop strategies that will help them gain a competitive advantage.
College programs, on the other hand, have the flexibility to order lockers that meet their needs. The new Locker Room Building houses two coaches’ offices, showers, lockers, student and staff restrooms, and a mechanical room equipped with a washer and dryer.
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