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Singer-songwriter LIGHTS (born Valerie Anne Poxleitner) has many large tattoos all over her body of comic book characters and fictional weapons that reference her self-proclaimed nerdiness. Lights had the heart tattoo incorporated into a colorful coat of arms which she designed to represents different aspects of her life.
Lights and her husband Beau Bokan got matching tattoos to commemorate their wedding date of May 12, 2012. Lights had a scar on her arm from when she got from her tuberculosis shot as a child, and she had the tattoo placed so that the jewel on the sword covered the scar. Lights has a large tattoo on her back of Wonder Woman pushing off the hand of Giganta from the cover of Wonder Woman 2 volume 3.
Lights identifies with powerful female figures, and is particularly enamored with Wonder Woman.
Lights’ very first tattoos were the sparrows on her hips which she got as a symbol of moving away from home.

Lights got a colorful tattoo on her upper thigh of a World of Warcraft character surrounded by flowers. LIGHTS brought out one of her old favorite bodysuits for her concert in Windsor on Monday night.
I’ve spoted a new tattoo on her left arm (tumblr pregnancy tattoo) does anyone knows what it is?
I wonder why you would get a tattoo in german without asking at least one person who actually speaks german… did she just use google translator?
2016 mercedes amg gt porsche 911 carrera - visual, 2016 mercedes amg gt porsche 911 carrera - visual comparison mercedes-benz designed amg gt compete head- porsche 911. I was going to use it as a lyric but couldn’t make it work anywhere, but it really spoke to me in the time I was in. I think the sword next to the character is a Final Fantasy one, but I can barely see the picture so I don’t know which one it is.

One day we had to cancel a show in Denver because the roads were closed due to blizzards and we ended up in a small town called Fort Collins. She felt confident enough to change her name because Lights is who she feels she is, it makes her a person.
Again, I’d be unbelievably honoured and super pumped to have you grace the pages of my future book. It is my GOAL to ASSIST kids by showing them that if an average Joe like me(was a shy kid with a bit of a speech problem can do it-was even scared to speak on the phone to relatives sometimes for fear my stutter would flare up) can do it, they(ALL KIDS) CAN DO it, too!! If you can think of any inspirational people who LOVE kids and wants to INSPIRE them via thus creative venture, please feel free to pass along my contact info(5196799143 and or email me at [email protected]).

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