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There were times when vaulted ceilings were used only in sacred places like cathedrals or basilicas. Many people are confused about the difference between a vaulted ceiling and a cathedral ceiling. There are many types of vaults and we shall say a few words for the most popular styles of ceiling designs.
The groin vault is constructed by the intersecting two barrel vaults at 90 degree right angles. There is no doubt that vaulted ceilings add space to any room and create a feeling of openness and even hugeness.
We have gathered a collection of 65 unique cathedral ceiling and vaulted ceiling designs in living rooms around the world and this article will give you some answers to the basic questions that refer to these types of ceilings.
A vaulted ceiling, by definition, is a ceiling which has arched or curved structure with one or two sharp, sloping sides that form a peak. Cathedral ceilings have equal sloping sides that meet in the middle of a room and conform to the shape of the roof.
Such ceilings provide the opportunity to install bigger windows which means a lot of natural light and a bright atmosphere. Proper lighting emphasizes a vaulted ceiling.The options for suitable lighting fixtures are numerous.

Despite all the amazing steps we have taken forward in designing and decorating the rest of the house, a ‘ceiling’ seems to be something that skips our mind rather easily. Cathedral ceilings have two equal, sloping sides that are parallel to the pitch of the roof and the two sides of the slopes meet at a ridge which runs across the length of the room. Last but not least – a vaulted ceiling is a cost-effective way to make a room beautiful with very little efforts.
Starting with skylights, spectacular chandeliers or modern recessed lighting – each option gives the opportunity to create a dramatic and impressive view. The ceiling slants down to the lowest wall again giving the impression or illusion that the room is larger than it is really is due to the increased volume and is sometimes called a slanted ceiling.
Vaulted designs also feature diamond vaults, which are the most ornate ones, shell vault, Catalan vault which is typical and recognizable with the low arch. Amongst the most popular materials for the construction of vaulted ceilings are stone, reinforced concrete, brick or wood. Skylights will allow natural light to penetrate into the room, and will brighten the upper part of the ceiling. They are constructed within a house to cover a specific space and trusses are used to shape it. It is common with homeowners to paint the ceilings in white or some other light color shade.

Besides the aesthetic point of view, this is another way to create an optical illusion for a huge space. It is recommended that you opt for chandeliers which throw light upward and out and avoid hanging light fixtures with direct downward light flow. While the usage of a cathedral roof can give your interiors a more spacious feel, a drop roof design can offer a more compact and contemporary twist that is in line with the modern design trends.Eclectic kitchen design with island bar and cool blue ceilingby XTC Design Incorporated A coffered ceiling can also create a sense of height and an airy feeling for a home while giving it that ‘old English’ charm that so many designers and home owners dream about. If you have a really tall ceiling, you may want to opt for a darker color so you do not feel like in a cathedral, but lower the ceiling height visually for a cozier atmosphere. Many homeowners prefer to leave the ceiling beams exposed as this adds a rustic flair to the interior and the space has a touch of unique character. The best part about many of these amazing ceiling designs is that they blend in seamlessly with the remainder of the home and its chosen theme, while still stealing the spotlight in a modest fashion.Vaulted bead board ceiling demarcates this living space borders with classby Michael Robert ConstructionA great ceiling complements the rest of the room, lifts its visual appeal and offers it a fresh new perspective that is both ergonomic and aesthetic.

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