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The Fanimation Bayhill Ceiling Fan creates satisfying air circulation while providing soft, romantic illumination. Styles – The style of an outdoor fan can differ from indoor styles to match the outdoor decor of a patio style setting.
Designed by Lauren Brooks, the Bayhill Fan expertly combines sophisticated romanticism with modern technology.Fanimation, an acknowledged ceiling fan industry leader, creates and produces refreshingly innovative ceiling fans for a wide variety of venues.
Damp is just that, the fan can be left outdoors to be exposed to dew and fog but not actually rained on or sprayed directly with water.
Fanimation's founder, Tom Frampton, who began Fanimation in his Indiana garage, travels the world for inspiration.
Wet outdoor ceiling fans can get wet by rain or a hose and are built to withstand more extreme temperature changes from both hot or cold weather.
Wet outdoor ceiling fans must be UL approved (we only carry UL approved manufacturers) to uphold quality standards for safety of the electrical and mechanical systems of the fan.

Outdoor ceiling fans are built more rugged to withstand outdoor life and therefore the price will reflect the upgrade. You can use an outdoor fan on the inside of your home but not use an indoor rated fan outside.
Meanwhile, wet-rated fans work well for real outdoor area which is directly exposed to rain.Since it is important to choose between the two types, you should first decide where to install the fan lighting. For example, for mild weather which is not too hot, a ceiling fan lighting with medium power is sufficient.
Unfortunately, I live in the hub of the downtown where the weather is very hot even in the morning.
So, the more powerful ceiling fan works better for me.Hunter Provencal Gold Bayview Ceiling FanRoyal Pacific Turbine Ceiling Fan with Light KitI like to choose ceiling fan lighting in a large diameter size.
When you choose the diameter size, you should consider not only the size of the room but also the height of the ceiling.

Pick the one that is suitable with your outdoor ceiling condition.Lastly, it is important to install a ceiling fan lighting that matches the decor of your outdoor.
You can choose the one to match the plants and trees surroundings, match the type of outdoor enclosure, and match the patio furniture. As it is placed in outdoor area, the fan can easily show dirt or corrode, opt for dark color. It will be better if you install a protection on it especially if you live near the ocean to protect the fan from serious corrosion.

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