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Ok first I would like to say that I had purchase this fan for myself several months ago and then I just purchase another for my mother who had recently injured her foot and wasn't able to get around and walk for a while so I got the fan for her because of the quality and features that came with the fan. This fan is very large with a lot of power.It cools my 14 by 20 living room easily andcan be felt across the room. My five year-old vertical fan just went kaput last summer, so I thought I'd try a different brand. The Lasko 4916 Desktop Wind Tower Fan in black is a space-saving desktop fan that has a slim 6-inch diameter. One fairly dim green LED when the fan is running and 1-3 fairly dim red LEDs if you use the timer. With its sophisticated profile, fresh air ionizer technology and oscillation, this fan provides fresh air throughout your entire room.
It takes up a lot less space and is an oscillating fan, or can be used without oscillating feature. This final fan features a fresh air ionizer, In style oscillation, three quiet speeds, electronic controls and a multi-serve as remote keep watch over.

The fan can be adjusted with the electronic touch control, which is conveniently located at the top of the unit, or with the remote control, which stores in the back of the fan when not in use. Basically, you push one button and it cycles through one, two, three, maybe six or 12 hours.
Three small red LEDs in a row that come on only when you use the timer and by the configuration count down the hours from a maximum of six I believe. Ideal in your home or in the workplace, it takes up minimal space while providing maximum air distribution.
It also, which I love, comes with a remote control, and has an Ion setting and three speeds.
For precision air delivery pivot and lock the top module so this unit can move the air in two different stationary positions at once. The configuration of the LEDs tells you how many hours you start with and it counts down with the first LED in the left for one hour, etc. For example if you set the timer for one hour, there will be one small red LED in the first position.

Everyone else in our apartment community has their ACs on and its still a beautiful 72 degrees in my apartment with these fans.
For even greater coverage and versatile air circulation combine the pivot with oscillation.
Featuring a programmable timer, the fan has an easy-carry handle, making it easy to move from room to room and from your home to the office. It is ideal for tabletops desktops workshops health clubs stores classrooms offices hospitals and other areas where there is limited space. Features include three speeds front-mounted electronic controls integrated carry handle and a 120-volt permanently lubricated motor. Its unique look amazing performance and portability is perfect anywhere you want to keep cool.

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