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Whether it's the outdoor patio, your mobile home or the garage, here's a solution for that extra cooling breeze to beat the heat. Average rating: Easy to use dial controlNo difficult menus or programming, no cheap electronic buttons that wear out too quickly - just a simple and straightforward dial control operates this fan.
16 inch table fanA table fan is a great way to get pleasant personal cooling no matter where you are. Lightweight and portable with carrying handleIt's easy to take this fan anywhere you need it to go. 3 speedsWith 3 different speeds, you can easily tune this fan to get the perfect ventilation no matter the situation.

Motorized oscillationOscillation helps to provide extra cooling compared to other fans. Quiet and efficient, the tilt-back feature¬†and wide-area oscillation of this portable fan provides a custom breeze. It's easy to select from the three available speeds to maximize your comfort, trouble-free. Whether on an endtable at home or your desk at work, this fan will provide a comfortable breeze without the hassle of other ventilation options. It's lightweight and comfortably sized which allows it to fit anywhere there's a little bit of tabletop space.

This fan operates very quietly, minimizing distractions due to noise and making for a more pleasant environment overall. The high setting is great for those hot days or for quickly clearing dust or odors out of an area.

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