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The remote control only controls the on-off button, the 3 speeds of the fan, and the timer buttons. This purchase was a gift but I bought it as I have two others and have been very happy with them.
This remote control fan keeps you from having to get up and physically go over to it, to turn it on or off. You would have to push in, or pull out, the oscillator button, on the top back of the unit, in order to get the angle that you desire; while the fan is operating.

I really like the options on the fan such as: Timer control to be able to run the fan for a certain amount of time. This pedestal fan with fully adjustable height and tilt-back feature has a convenient remote control. With the broad, 90-degree oscillation sweep, this fan supplies any room with the airflow you need from three quiet speeds. Assembly didn't take too long, although the front grill cover did take a little extra time to adjust, in order to get it to snap in correctly.

The easy-grip rotary control lets you select the desired speed, while the adjustable height offers added versatility for your particular space.

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