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Kmart’s 23 Puerto Rico store locations will now offer free store-to-home shipping for customers and loyalty club members when the product they want is not immediately available in-store. Kmart announced Tuesday that it will extend its integrated retail shopping conveniences to customers in Puerto Rico, offering more flexibility both in-store and online. For the first time this holiday season, Puerto Rico-based Kmart customers and “Shop your way” loyalty program members will have access to online layaway, store-to-home shipping, free “Anyone, Anywhere” pickup and free store pickup.
The “Anyone, Anywhere” service let customers avoid shipping fees as they purchase gifts online and have friends or family pick them up at a Kmart location, whether stateside or in Puerto Rico. Expanded in-store and online shopping features will offer added convenience to customers in Puerto Rico by giving more choices and additional ways to shop and save this holiday season, the retailer said.
Furthermore, customers will find new ways to plan holiday spending with online layaway, save time with store-to-home shipping and minimize unnecessary shipping costs with free “Anyone, Anywhere” pickup and free same-day pick up at a Puerto Rico store. Through online layaway, Puerto Rico shoppers will be able to set purchases aside online, and and choose to ship their purchases home or pick them up from their selected Kmart store.
Meanwhile, the retailer also announced that all of its 23 Puerto Rico store locations will now offer free store-to-home shipping for customers and loyalty club members when the product they want is not immediately available in-store. About News is my BusinessNews is my Business is designed to be a tool that our island’s opinion-makers and leaders can rely on to make quick and smart decisions about their businesses and their economic futures. Get to buy the $149.99 14MP GE X5 Power Pro Series and you will get a GE C1033 10MP digital camera ($69.99 in value) for free!
If you are planning to do some online shopping, why not sneak in to Kmart’s Cyber Monday Deals?

I had to go and find a western union and pay the bill I also check out of the hotel to go back home to get this situation resolved.I drove back to Gainesville and was told that the supervisor would be here in 20 mins, 1hour went by and I left the store and returned the next morning.
My items were canceled because they are “out of stock”, but the same items are on their website for sale right now! They won’t change the price if I reorder the items that they never sent when I ordered them on Black Friday!
I am pretty sure that is against the law and is false advertisement Olga Gonzalez I ordered a few items through the kmart website the order form provided does not come with a return label but yet it has instructions on how to require a shipping return label through the kmart order center website.
However, the website made it extremely difficult to print a return shipping label and I made three phone calls speaking to customer service representatives (who all three of them spoke with a very strong accent) making them aware of the problem.
The third associate so called manager I spoke with ended up saying I ordered the right items they will not provide a return label it is not their fault and that I have to pay to return the items, what cheapskate. What I ordered is not the problem the problem is the website that does not provide the return label. All I was asking is for help on how to print a return label regardless of the right or wrong items purchased it should not be a problem returning items to a store and much less from a website with proof of receipt. All three of those foreign associates speaking with a strong accent gave me the run around they were no help they were careless. There this older blonde lady who hates her job always rude and rude every time I been in there, if I acted like that I acted like that were I worked I’d be fired. Here a hint you’d get a lot more business if your employee learned how to treat people.

After my initial disgust, I (and my wife) made the conscious decision not shop at Kmart this holiday season. Yes, I’m worried about young children seeing this and being desensitized to this sort of thing.
Is this your impression of your customer?Or was this a round about outreach to the gay community???????????? Also your refusal to pull the ad and plans to do other such ads shows that you couldn’t care less less about the millions of negative comments made. If your company was really interested in serving the public in a positive way you would pull the ads and replace them with ads apologizing for your behavior. The K-Mart corporation obviously has no regard for the sexist way in which it protrays men . From this way forward I will no longer shop at K-Mart, until this demeaning commercial is taken off the air, and a public apology is made to all americans offended by your ad. I worked at the Colonie K-Mart (going out of business) for 6 days and she never called me by my name. WAS A FAITHFUL SHOPPER THERE FOR MY MOTHER, BUT WILL DO MY SHOPPING ELSEWHERE LIKE MEIJERS OR WALMART.

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