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Keppe Motor, the newest and most efficient electric motor technology, invites you to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition).
The Keppe Motor team invites you to join us at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) - Asia's Largest Autumn Electronics Fair. Keppe Motor, the most innovative solution to the worldA?s energetic crisis, invites you to a Conference and business meeting in Munich, June 28th and 29th 2014. The recent publication of energy efficiency tables for home appliances from the Inmetro a€“ Procel labeling program granted the three models of the Universe Keppe Motor Ceiling Fan the Seal A for Energy Efficiency.

On January 10, 2013, a patent (US 8,546,985 B2) was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of the United States Department of Commerce for the a€?Electromagnetic Motor and Equipment to Generate Work Torquea€? (the Keppe Motor) developed by independent physics researcher Norberto Keppe and engineers Cesar SoA?s, Alexandre and Roberto Frascari. Ita€™ll be a great chance to learn more about this ground-breaking, energy efficient technology, which is delivering remarkable results.
Take the opportunity to learn more about this groundbreaking technology, which opens new doors to energy efficiency programs and product innovation, delivering remarkable results - up to 90% energy efficiency! This publication officializes the leadership of ceiling fans using the Keppe Motor technology as the most efficient and economic within their category in Brazil.

Considered the largest show in the industry, it concentrates service innovation companies and is the address for the largest electronic companies in the world.
Norberto Keppe, the group was soon surrounded by thousands of Chinese industrial products customers to celebrate the launch of the debut product to emerge from the new venture a€“ the ceiling fan with the remarkable name a€“ "Universe".

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