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His father is an abusive alcoholic and his mother barely earns the money to provide her family some food. But what could possibly happen when these two worlds collide and both of them start having unusual feelings? In this bloodthirsty hunt, Skylar has five gangs on her list she wants to hunt down to get vengeance upon those who murdered her innocent family.
While she avoids the cops, she encounters life-changing events – her first love, new criminals and a tragic death that shatters her world into pieces.
I thought that he would still be alive and wouldn't die easily, but I seriously didn't think that he would go to Sky's house and tie up Ash.
BITCH UPDATE SOON BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS RATCHET ASS HOE, DID JUJU GET HER? Juju and Elel (that's my new name for her) were both feisty bitches at the start of this chapter, rawr.
He's probably gonna pin him up to the wall and smash his face in or some shit, and Elena will see and it be worried because of the sweetheart she has. I think Justin and Elena are just gonna be affectionate and shit, and avoid what happened in the lake.
I just want loads of clothes and money so I can buy an iPhone 5, but i'm getting it in January so s'all good. AND I WILL OPEN MY CLOSET AND SHOUT OVER TO YOU SO YOU CAN HEAR ME ALL THE WAY FROM NARNIA!
When Justin admitted that he watches Elena when he's in the shower, and she was avoiding his statement.. I love how you are making your chapters longer because I have more to read and it just gets more interesting as the story goes alongggg.
You are my best reviewer, honestly, you review every chapter and tell me your thoughts which are always good! AW THIS WAS SO FUCKING CUTE ASDFGHJKL; I love how Justin can read her thoughts, and watches her sleep.
Hey girl, I'm from your challenge and could you please review my story Bridesmaids<3? This is probably one of the most original plots i've ever seen and read, it was amazing and I can tell this story is going to be amazing too, just like this chapter was! I love your reviews, you deserve a shoutout in my next chapter ha, you're right Elena is a Independent young woman!
I love you like seriously, I hope you read my responses and see how much I really and honestly love you.
I was tempted to shout "YOU'VE GOT A FUCKING FIANCE YOU WHORE" then I thought "But it's Mr. WHAT A FUCKING ENDING!Omg - I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" haha.This was so dramatic I can't even - like omg I cannot. Aven Garner has 30 days left to get a date to go with her to her stuck up, family's wedding.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO will there be like a second chapter orrrrrrrrrrrrr?????This cannot just stay as a one shot.
But I love it - you kept it JBB (with the sex & not being OTT with the details) plus you had a psycho wife adding to the drama. Sometimes, a few sets of rules need to be broken.Sometimes, old fixed terms need to be revised.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODEREK GON' BE HELLA PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED!!I loved the two chapters you posted.SO GLAD YOU FUCKING UPDATED YOU SLAG ;)!!But anyways - I love Alex and I want him and Faren to turn on Derek but then I want Justin to find out like through eavesdropping and SHIT GOES DOWN!! I'm sorry if the world hates us for it, I'm sorry if the only thing they can see is our differences. But what happens when a miracle stumbles into his life and changes his point of view on things? She wanted to end her last highschool year with a bang!Little did she know, that was exactly what was going to happen. The girl is also wealthy but she's more innocent and nice but still has a attitude - Link to story (if posted already): not posted- Topaz or sharpened (optional): can i get both please? I'm the kind of person who loves to make my friends laugh and then we have a gangbang, ya'know? She has no other choice but to move in with her grandmother in Stratford where she feels devastated, hopeless and all alone. Leaving a trail of bloody bodies behind her, her list becomes bigger and people begin to fear her presence. I thought Justin was going to be mean and badass at first, but obviously I'm mistaken haha. I don't think Elel should be blaming Juju for getting raped tho, even though it was partly her fault.
She's put up with enough of Justin's ghostly shit and she doesn't need to be raped by Gl fucking en.
You go and rape an innocent girl, who's clearly going to be taken by Justin, just because your girl didn't fulfill your sexual needs? YOU MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD, I DIDN'T MEAN TO WRITE KNOW AHAHAH, IT WAS LATE NOW I'M FACEPALMING MYSELF AND IT'S STARTING TO HURT AND I NEED TO HUG YOU AND GIVE YOU A KISS!
They could be watching me as I shower and I'd be all like OH HELLL NOOO THAT AIN'T ACCEPTABLE IN MY NEIGHBOUR HOOD, DAWG. You're the nicest person alive and she probably isn't a good friend if she insulted you in any way shape or form.
Everything that has thrown her into this mess, everyone who has been involved have just taken control of her life.
Growing up in a polygamist family, Charlotte has always dreamed that one day she would get to have her own sister wives. But no one has any secrets as big as their husband - Justin Bieber, the world famous pop star.
What happens when Justin has to stay at Alicia's house for a week.Will thier hate grow stronger, or will they grow closer and become the best of friends? His life is crumbling right before his eyes, and everything is not how he thought it would turn out to be, but he has a second chance to turn everything around and get himself back on track before things get worst. What happens if she, not only change who he is, but helps him find the light in life again? The hunt soon begins to become a bloodbath, but anything that comes into her path doesn’t stop her, except Justin. WE GOT SOME INCIDENTS OVER HERE.Author's Response: Hahahah, I've seen the ring and that's some stupid shit!
But she got in the car with Glen and her friends, she also brought this upon herself!But I still love ma guuuurl.
I love how Elena is confident in front of him, most people would coward away, i hate that tbh lmao. You are such a fucking jerk I hope you die and burn in hell for all eternity for what you did.
Justin, you were so freakin' pervy in this chapter;) But I love it, and I love you, and I love Elena.
I'd love if your chapters were longer, then i'd be like fangirling all the way through omg! For a second I thought he would have become moody too but he was happier than a fat kid in a candy store!I can't believe Justin stalked her to the dance. You're such a tease, I swear asdfghjkl;Oh my god, Justin was moaning his fucking head off when Elena was grinding on him, and she was oblivious to it.
Well basically that's gonna be Justin and he's not going to be the cop and he'll be in this story a lot more. But she is worried about her own secret, because it might be the most dangerous one of all.

I even had a chat with my mum about it (Me being African) but I've been brought up in England & it was a shock to hear that if I still lived in Africa she wouldn'y be surprised if my husband had more than one wife. But Rosa is still suffering from her secret, and as the years go by, Rosa finds it's getting harder and harder to keep her secret. Her Mom forced her to do ballet she never liked the people, the costumes the silence or the applause after a scene.
BUT I LOVE YOU AND I REAAAAALLLYYYYYYYY LOVE YOUR REVIEWS BECAUSE YOU'RE SO FUNNY AND YOU SEEM REALLY BEAUTIUFL FROM THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF AND I HAVEN'T TAKEN A BREATH AND I REALLY NEED TO. Wonder if she's going to ditch the fiance for Bieber or end it with Bieber.I want my own Bieber now like calling me by my second name and being so much of a gentlemen. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HER REACTION WILL BE AFTER JUSTIN WAS TALKING TO HER!!!OMFG Jason - Well an angry Jase is just sexy to me. One day, she writes a letter to her idol, Justin Bieber, hoping that maybe he can try to reach out to her. I slipped on some pink lace under wear then turning my back to Justin & dropped the towel.
She would drag Selena to every toy she had in the backyard while I ran around chasing Jaxon & pushing him in the swing. Justin and Elena get on so well and they're just so perfect for eachother asdfghjkl;This chapter was like, extra long and I praise you for being such a flaw-free hoe, seriously. Oh, and I love how Elena was screaming for someone to let her out because she's scared of the dark. They're such cutie pies!THEY NEED TO GET TOGETHER, OR HAVE SEX, OR GET TOGETHER AND HAVE SEX LIKE, RIGHT NOW.
They're both just so perfect together and I'm just sat here like "That's beautiful" *Damien from Mean Girls voice* hahahahahaha. After a long worldwide tour, Justin comes home to fan mail and comes across all ten of Demi’s letters.
I rested my hands on his chest letting them trace down to just above his briefs, where I pushed lightly causing him to fall back.
YOU'RE A STRONG, INDEPENDANT WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN!  Oh, and who was ringing the doorbell? THEY ARE PERF OKAY, I NEED THEM TOGETHER OR I WILL DIE!Author's Response: I knew people would be all sex crazed over that!
I'd totally be BFFs with her tbg.Great chapter hella intense OMGAuthor's Response: This entire review made me laugh my ass off! My hands moved to her hips sliding my hands under her shirt feeling her soft skin under my fingertips.
YOU DESERVE A HIGH FIVE FOR SUCH A PHENOMENAL CHAPTER, WELL DONE!Anyways, I saw your challenge and I would love if you could possibly review my story Bully<3? I walked into the house telling Erin we were going for a walk around the block, she agreed & we started around the block. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt pulling it over her head parting our lips only for a second.
I rubbed jaxon’s back as I watched my beautiful girlfriend skip down the sidewalk holding my little sisters hand.
My hand touched her stomach & wandered up to the edge of her bra my fingers following the end to the back to the clasp. I pushed her down on the seat lowering my head to her neck biting it slightly, she screamed & bit me back. Elena's making a big joke out of her cooking and justin's sitting there like an awkward turtle. I feel so special knowing I could make someone love me that muchBut seriously, I have a severe case of fangirling syndrome right now.
I squinted my eyes finally seeing the small red dot, I quickly flipped around flinging the door open just as I saw a guy with a camera run into the bushes. I turned back to Selena who was covering her self with her arms with a scared look in her eyes. If anyone blamed her I was going to say something I couldn’t handle seeing her think everyone was blaming her.

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