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Please let me know if it is not clear enough from the attached pictures which wires are going to where. You are looking at a 3way switch, best you can do without re wiring, is to just buy a 3-way dimmer for the fan light, and use the pull chain for the fan control.
Without pulling the new wires, can I use the current dimmer switch to control the lights and use the pull cord for the fan control, like you suggested in your first post?
Ok, so I'm thinking about following this recommendation to pull 14-3 wire from the ceiling box to the first switch box. This will only involve snaking a 2 wire down to the fan switch, you will of course have to ditch the existing switch you already have, but a better install if you ask me.
To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I recently moved into a 1986 raised ranch and two of the bedrooms have light switches, multiple outlets, but no overhead lighting. I am trying to install a flush mounted ceiling light in one of the bedrooms and I would like to tie it into the existing light switch. I purchased 14-2 electrical wire to tie everything together, but I need to know how to connect the wire feeding the light at both location (light and switch). Now the question is, how do I wire it so that the upper outlet of the connected receptacle is always live and the light switch controls the light itself? A) At the light switch completely disconnect the load wire (black, white, red and ground) and cap all ends separately.
B) At the receptacle disconnect the wire coming from the light switch (black, white, red, ground) and cap all ends. C) I am assuming that this receptacle is in the middle of a circuit so in order to have both outlets operable, connect the black and white of the same wire to the top terminals and then connect the black and the white of the same wire to the bottom terminals.

C) Connect the black wire of the source to the bottom hot terminal of the switch (not sure if top or bottom matters for source, just going off a diagram I am looking at). Please let me know if my 'google search' understanding of this wiring is correct, or whether there is something catastrophically wrong! Installing a dual ceiling fan and light dimmer switch requires you to get up close and personal with your electrical box. Ceiling has black,red,white and bare copper wire and wall switch box has 2 black, a red and two bare copper wires, 2 white wires how do I make this work, when power is on only one black wire in the switch box seems to be hot, none of the ceiling wires seem to be hot.
In addition to Toolmon's suggestions pull the cover plate on each receptacle and look for a red wire. Turn off the switch and test both sides of the switch with a test light, one probe to the terminal screw on the switch, the other to the bare ground wire, see which one is hot. I would replace the receptacle with a new one that has the brass tab intact and cap the red on both ends. Install a dual ceiling fan and light dimmer switch with help from a Foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and today I'm going to talk to you about how to install dual ceiling fans to a light dimmer switch. If you don't have the instructions for the dimmer try capping one red wire and connect the remaining red and black to the two blacks in the switch box. Connect all of the ground wires to a pigtail (6 inch length of bare or green wire same gauge as the other wires) and connect the pigtail to the metal box.
As long as you have access from above, should be doable, try and get a wire from the switch box up to the light box, and we'll fill in the rest of the blanks.
If you find the red is not hot with the switch in the off position, cap it off on both ends.

We have our power coming in from the breaker box into this which we have our light dimmer switch and our ceiling fan switch. Here we have our power coming in and on the power going out to the ceiling fans we've used a three strand wire which means we have a white wire, a black wire and a red wire and a ground wire. So we've hooked our two grounds coming from our fan wire which is our three strand wire and our power coming in which is a two strand wire. We've hooked our grounds together and into each switch then with our black wire coming in we've gone ahead and put jumpers on there so that way we have power going to this switch and this switch and then we've hooked our red wire here so that way the power here controls the power for your lights on your ceiling fans and with our neutral wire we've just hooked them together because they don't have to be hooked up to anything in the switches and then we'll run our wires through the walls and the ceiling over to our first ceiling fan. Next, we've hooked all our black wires together which is the motor for the fan blades, helps turn them. So we've hooked all those together and then we've hooked our neutrals together from this fan to the wire and then also we've hooked all that over another wire to our second ceiling fan and here you just do the same thing, your whites go together, your blacks go together and your blue goes to your red which is your lights.
That way when you turn your power on from your switch, the red wire carries the power to your lights only.
The black wire controls the fan motors so when you flip that switch on you can control your fan motors, that way your fan blades aren't controlled by your dimmer switch. And then before you button everything up I like to put some electrical tape on the wire nuts and over the switches too for the box that way as you are pushing it in, it doesn't come in contact with anything.

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