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Suspended Ceilings are an important factor to consider when creating the right atmosphere and ambience for your workplace and that of visiting clients or people. As materials and products have developed – so too has the choice of suspended ceilings options. CDY Ceilings have an enviable reputation within the market and region which has been built up over 10 years – we provide an exceptional service and insist on using only the best ceiling products from the worlds leading suppliers. The range of ceilings and ceiling tiles available on the market today can meet the demands for all areas of work offering improved light reflectance, better acoustics, thermally insulating, as well as being an anti-fungal solution for your building too. Ceiling tiles and ceiling products are typically manufactured from mineral fibre, glass fibre, plaster, plasterboard or metal and come with a range of installation options too.
There are other advantages that are sometimes specifically designed into schemes and these are classed as ‘performance’ ceilings. Certain schemes will be required to comply with Building Regulations and must have inherent fire resistance to specified levels. Have a specific area or application that has a high humidity requirement, well you are not alone. Sometimes this demands a ceiling type which conform to the regulations governing the food and health industries.
Bathroom exhaust fans are made to draw wet, moist air out of the bathroom and blow it outdoors through an exhaust hose How to Install a Ceiling Fan in a Drop Ceiling I have installed several bathroom vent fans in sheetrock ceiling, but soon I will be doing one with a drop ceiling.
You should be able to buy an exhaust fan thats built to drop into a 24" square opening in a suspended ceiling those would be unusual though.
Armstrong Ceilings UK offers many ceiling solutions for commercial applications, including ceilings resistant to fire, mildew, and mold. Vac N Sack vacuum systems for ceiling cavities and the removal of roof insulation are manufactured by Vacteck Vacuums of Australia. Rite-Hites Revolution industrial ceiling fans bring a whole new level of performance for air circulation and energy costs savings on heating and cooling.
Drywall Facted System : Armstrong Drywall Systems install faster than traditional methods which helps you complete jobs under cost and ahead of schedule. In any commercial or light industrial environment, this simple design ensures the air movement you require.
Contact your local dealer for pricing information on all NuTone products except range hoods. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Ventilation in industrial buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, garages, arenas, livestock housing, barns and coops controls several environmental factors by diluting inside air with outside air.
Negative pressure systems have exhaust fans that blow air out of the building, creating a slight negative pressure (vacuum) to draw air into the building through designed inlets, while positive pressure systems have fans that blow air into the building creating a slight positive pressure. Static pressure is important because maintaining proper negative pressure allows air to enter the building at the right direction and speed for mixing with air already inside. Static pressure is expressed as the difference between inside and outside air pressure in inches of water column (wc), and is measured with a manometer. Adjust building inlet area to number of cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air being moved by the fans. Insufficient static pressure will not allow the air to mix well and there will be stratification of warm air high and cold air low in the building. The following example explains the calculation for tunnel ventilation when fans and shutters are placed at opposite ends of building. With large fans, you need approximately 4 square feet of inlet area per 1000 CFM of airflow. For a given airflow rate and static pressure, a large diameter fan is more energy efficient than a smaller one. For a given ventilating rate and static pressure, one large fan is more energy efficient than several smaller ones.
If two fans have the same blade diameter, the fan with the lower motor current input rating is usually more energy efficient.
If two fans have the same static pressure capabilities, the one with the slower speed motor is usually quieter and more efficient.
Limit the lowest speed setting to no less than 20% of maximum speed for proper bearing lubrication (or no less than 50% for cold weather ventilation).
The speed controller must provide sufficient voltage to start the motor under load at low speed settings. Set the lowest speed to provide sufficient airflow to prevent the motor from overheating or to prevent freeze up in winter due to condensation and frost formation.
Poly exhaust shutters are corrosion resistant and are used in hog and poultry facilities and can be used with the plastic flush mount or fiberglass exhaust fans. Depending on your location and building design, air circulation may be another vital component of your environmental control system. In a heated greenhouse, without a fan, temperatures increase 1 degree each foot above the floor. These basket-style fans are placed in a racetrack pattern to gently move the air throughout the building, helping to maintain a constant temperature.
Standard-duty units have a curved tip blade, provide good performance and use ball-bearing motors. The blades of high-performance units move more air directly beneath fans at a higher velocity which provides better cooling. Duct fans are used to exhaust odors and humidity as in a bathroom or to extract gases such as radon from basements or methane from sewer lines or manure pits.

Below is a listing of products that are commonly used for commercial, industrial, agricultural and livestock cooling and ventilation applications. AquaCool: AquaCool System components are available for plant watering, animal fogging and workspace cooling. Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are built to handle maximum floor area in high moisture applications.
Circulation Fans: Circulation fans can be used to keep your plants and animals safe from overheating during the warm summer months. Fan Accessories: Fan Accessories are designed to keep air systems working properly and to their full potential.
Fan Coolers: Fan Coolers are an economical way to cool both large and small areas and are available in wall mount, ceiling mount, oscillating pedestal and box styles. Humidifiers: Humidifiers work to increase comfort levels and maintain healthy levels of relative humidity, while decreasing levels of bacteria, fungus, viruses and mites. Shutters, Vents, Louvers: Shutters are an effective seal against outside air when closed and are used for inlet and outlet venting applications, while vents help to reduce condensation and improve airflow within a structure.
Thermostats: Thermostats regulate the temperature of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to ensure that the set temperature remains steady and consistent. Tube Fans: Tube fans, sometimes referred to as wall hanging circulators, are perfect for vent tubes and metal ducts. If you have any questions or require assistance with designing a cooling and ventilation system to meet your needs please use Live Help or Contact Us. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. A well thought out and designed ceiling installation can not only look great and create a good impression but a good ceiling installation can also improve the working conditions for staff too which can help increase their productivity! We install suspended ceilings throughout the UK to a vast array of clients ranging from Offices and Factories – right through to Healthcare, Medical, Leisure and Hospitality sectors to name just a few. Whether you require a lay in grid suspended ceiling or a concealed ceiling, our friendly and knowledgable staff are on hand to help you, give you advice where needed and of course would be happy to assist you in your choices.
A suspended ceiling can form part of a building’s fire protection and therefore must be correctly specified, designed and installed to the manufacturer’s requirements. More and more ceiling installations are facing demanding conditions such as buildings with intermittent heating and cooling, areas with high concentration of people, structures that are open to the exterior environment etc.
Alongside this there are other industries which require a similar level of hygiene such as the electronics, fibre-optics, pharmaceuticals and computer industries and may also have requirements for environmentally controlled installations or may require Class 100 clean room conditions. Properly specified acoustical ceilings reduce noise levels in interior spaces, using a combination of high performance sound absorption materials and improve room to room sound attenuation. Find Exhaust Fan reviews at Buzzillions including 9 reviews of RVI Portable Air Conditioner Drop Ceiling Ceiling and Inline Mount Exhaust Fans. Long before there was air conditioning, or even widespread use of electricity, people around the world counted on Hunter ceiling fans for cool comfort. Bathroom exhaust fans are made to draw wet, moist air out of the bathroom and blow it outdoors through an exhaust hose Is a drop ceiling a good idea for a basement bathroom? It is important that we understand this concept because the use of exhaust fans, or negative pressure ventilation, is the most common form of power ventilation. This is best achieved by mounting rectangular vent boxes along the upper part of sidewalls that automatically adjust to variations in negative pressure. As more fans turn on, larger openings are therefore needed to feed them to maintain the correct static pressure.
Continuous positive air movement within greenhouses equalizes temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity levels within the greenhouse. With mechanical ventilation systems, the primary goal is to provide sufficient airflow at a low-pressure difference. Mount the circulation fans to rafters, posts, or hang them from the ceiling to create a horizontal airflow to mix, temper and refresh all areas of the building.
Use in greenhouse, livestock or warehouse facilities and mount on the ceiling (overhead joist) or high on wall.
Air in a typical factory can rise in temperature by two degrees per foot from the floor level.
It is recommended to use these fans in buildings where the ceiling is at least 20 feet high.
These products will help keep your building, warehouse, barn, animal housing, horse arena, agricultural building or greenhouse cool with the proper circulation of exhaust fans.
Choose the system that best fits your watering and cooling needs or build your own system using our large assortment of AquaCool accessories and plumbing supplies. Our heavy-duty high performance ceiling fans are great for winter heating or summer cooling and eliminate condensation. They are typically used for intermittent applications and are often used for radon gas migration. They ensure hours of cooling comfort by converting hot air into a cool breeze by using the process of evaporating water. We offer a complete selection of fan motors, vent tubing and accessories, replacement blades, belts, fan covers and fan cooler kits. They are corrosion resistant and are ideal for greenhouses, propagation areas, orchid cultivation, vegetable and fruit mills, egg rooms, hatcheries, poultry farms, pig pens, mills, factories and industrial plants.
Controllers are compact environmental control devices that are used to manually or automatically manage fans, heaters and ventilation equipment in livestock barns, greenhouses and industrial applications. We take this aspect very seriously and we will ensure that your project is fully compliant with the current guidelines.

To meet and exceed these requirements we choose from a wide range of ceiling and grid types that can cater for conditions of up to 95% Relative Humidity, some of which excel in conditions of up to 100% RH! We have solutions to cater for even the most demanding of applications, please contact us to discuss.
The reason I am thinking and floor above and cause large mildew problem even with an exhaust fan. Air distribution ducts or fan baffles are used to reduce drafts and provide fresh air uniformly throughout the building. Negative pressure ventilation is also the easiest and most efficient method to control air exchange. If it does not shoot into the room with sufficient speed, this incoming cold air will immediately fall downward along the sidewalls and end walls.
Proper installation of vent boxes will direct the incoming air slightly upwards where it will mix with warmer air and gently fall to correct level. This may require sealing cracks and crevices to reduce the amount of air entering the facility. An understanding of the basic principle of static pressure is imperative to effectively take advantage of power ventilation.
Fans are also used for circulation to eliminate dead air zones or increase air velocity to promote cooling. This means that the temperature at the ceiling of an industrial building at 20 feet in height could be over 100 degrees. Controllers are required when installing ceiling fans, and will allow fans to run at variable speeds or forward and reverse.
Built to handle maximum floor area in high moisture applications, TekSupply's heavy-duty high-performance ceiling fans are great for winter heating or summer cooling and eliminate condensation.
A fine spray of water combines with the air movement of the fan to reduce temperatures up to 25 degrees. They are available in a variety of styles to suit specific applications and many are specifically designed for use in corrosive and moisture prone environments. That is why drafts of air often feel cooler in these areas of sub-optimally ventilated buildings. Sealing these extraneous sources of leakage will also help keep incoming air entering through areas where you want it to come in.
Incoming fresh air may shoot along the ceiling and never mix well with the air already present. In livestock applications ventilating barns is necessary to reduce heat stress and resultant production loss.
Ceiling fans re-circulate the air, blending the warm air at the ceiling with the cooler air at lower levels.
Please note that reversing fan direction is possible but not recommended at ceiling heights above 12 feet. They are ideal for all agricultural, horticultural, commercial and industrial applications and will provide fast relief for your poultry, livestock or workers. In buildings under proper static pressure, there will be fewer cold spots, fewer dead air pockets and no drafts at livestock level. As a rule of thumb, a 2.42 square foot vent box opening will accommodate 1500 CFM of fan capacity.
Remember, static pressure is not an indicator of how much air is entering the building, but only how much negative pressure the fans are creating as they pull air through the available inlets. Combine exhaust fans with intake shutters and environmental controls to replenish, cool and refresh the air inside your dairy barn. Above 12 feet, to adequately push air down to the ground level, fans would have to run at full speed.
To maintain a healthy environment and keep people and livestock from overheating during the warm summer months, we recommend our circulation fans, misting and fogging systems, as well as air coolers. Fan coolers may also be used for sports sidelines, training areas, camping and recreation sites, outdoor decks, patios and pools as well as amusement parks and concert events. The purposes of ventilation are to control high temperatures during the summer and to maintain relative humidity at acceptable levels during winter, to provide uniform airflow throughout the entire greenhouse, and to maintain acceptable levels of gas concentration in the greenhouse.
An inlet (shutter) on the opposite end allows fresh air to come into the building, exhaust fans are used to provide sufficient airflow through the building. Used with evaporative cooling in the summertime, ceiling fans create the wind chill effect which can make workers feel much cooler. Because the air is warmed gradually as it passes through the building absorbing heat, the flow rate should be sufficient to hold this temperature rise to a minimum and be economically practical. Another advantage to ceiling fans is that they are up and out of the way, not interfering with operations or taking up space.
Exhaust fans with shutters facilitate moving built up oxygen levels out of a greenhouse and bring in CO2.
We also carry all the parts to complete your cooling system, such as shutters, vents, louvers, temperature sensors, thermometers, evaporative coolers and humidifiers. Fan systems can provide positive air movement through a building under all weather conditions. As the fans exhaust the heated air, a slight vacuum is created which draws in cooler outside air through louvers, open doors and cracks.

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