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Our team are trained in carrying out no obligation home surveys to help you combat condensation, mould, asthma, allergies and improve your indoor air quality. During the home survey a reading of the relative humidity in the property is assessed using a hygrometer.
The Fantech HP190SLQ is an attractive and practical solution for outside radon fan installations! But just because you think a difficult situation exists, won't be evident until you put a hole in the floor. To use this site to its full potential please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame.

We will then be able to advise on the best method of ventilation based on your property in order to reduce humidity levels. But this not recommended in colder climates because vinyl and metal downspouts will freeze up much quicker than schedule 40 PVC pipe.
If your installation is placed where it will receive some direct sunlight for a good portion of the day, freeze up will be minimized. It also solves interior pipe condensation issues with an integral condensation by pass system.This fan works well for high flow situations with drain tile or french drains and with gravel. There's no sense buying the biggest fan only to find out that you could have used a 50 watt high flow model.

If you want some help please go to the Radon Mitigation DIY page and fill out the form at bottom of the page.

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