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Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. While many LED bulbs are now dimmable, not all of them are and not all of them dim in the same way. LED Bulbs may not shut off at lowest dim setting: this is caused by the dimmer thinking the bulb is completely off due to the low amount of wattage an LED consumes. The install took longer than 5 minutes as the directions state but they were concise with detailed diagrams. In 2008 I was looking for a Silver-colored ceiling fan with Dark Cherry blades because I knew I was remodeling my bedroom in the near future (I did almost right after I got this ceiling fan).
Since LEDs consume such a low wattage, many types of dimmers do not function with LED in the same way that they do with high wattage load incandescents.

The mounting system is well engineered for redundancy and safety, and also simplifies the electrical connections at the mounting box. CFL bulbs were installed in place of the incandescent that were supplied and worked without any problems. The old ceiling fan in my bedroom was a Hunter brand, but it was White with White blades and it didn't match what was going to be my new bedroom decor.
All refurbished items are inspected, cleaned and repaired by the Hunter Refurbishment team to meet original factory specifications and quality and carry the same warranty as new but at a fraction of the cost. It is quiet, no noise does not wobble and it is striking in my bedroom and moves the air very well.
We used name brand bulbs that were designed for ceiling fan use, and did not experience any of the flickering that was claimed to have occurred by others. I also added a Hunter Remote Control Kit for added convenience and the ability to dim the light kit.

It installed easily (though I am familiar with installing ceiling fans and could install any type) and is wobble-free and dead silent (as all Hunter ceiling fans are).
This ceiling fan is one of my favorites in my house right now, and I am going to keep it for years to come. The motor in quality fans has sealed bearings and windings with only the highest quality copper wire. The number of blades is determined more on appearance and design than air movement.Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM.

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