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In addition to watching the Olympics, vacationing, and all around enjoying the kids home from school this summer, we’ve also been sweating it up like fat pigs! Ben and I have been making a few small updates to the upstairs of the house because of the heat (heat rises so it’s hotter upstairs). Ben’s office also got a new fan but based on the condition of his office I am hesitant to share this little gem of a photo with you. Oh, and before I totally forget, if you are wanting a ceiling fan installation tutorial, google it. We live in San Antonio, so I know what you are saying when you say those fans are essential.
First of all, I really enjoy your blog and I think you are brave to embrace the much-maligned ceiling fan in your design plan; so many people give it a hard time, but it is simply necessary in some climates. My husband loves ceiling fans, I’m not a fan of how they look, but I can keep a few in the house for him.

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We finally caught a break and it’s only supposed to be 105 today instead of the 115 it was all last week! I have 3 rooms that need fans badly (we are in the midwest, but it has been HOT this summer) and none of them are prewired.
The durable white finish is versatile to match any room, and the four blades are reversible for year-round air circulation.
As you know ceiling fan can be the other way to improve room appearance, first you need to get the right fan, just make sure you choose better quality for this stuff, after you get the fan you can open the cover and check the content, don’t be surprised if the fan need to be assemble first before you use it.Make sure that every part is complete, if you find missing part you can bring the fan back to the store and claim for the new one, you can see so many parts of ceiling fan, each part need to be assemble, first you may need to read the construction on the booklet.
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Some inferior ceiling fans create excess noise while spinning; this model, on the other hand, has a specialized bearing system to eliminate unwanted sound. I hung the fan in my daughter’s room and waited about 2 weeks, until I was home alone and flipped the switch.
Along with mounting hardware, this model includes a schoolhouse light kit so that you can light your room with class and charm. We just have to make it through August, September & maybe part of August and we will be home free.

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