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When a ceiling fan doesn’t work at a fan exerts far more force on the electrical box than does a light. I have a hampton bay fan model (from sticker on top of motor) TDC1152BP5LKLRC, and the lights stopped working on them.
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Hello, I have read other posts from people with similar issues, but everyone's wiring setup seems to be slightly different than mine. There are no cable assemblies made with only one conductor, and none made with two black wires in the same assembly. Are you replacing a ceiling fan or installing one to replace an existing light fixture, or is this a new location where there wasn't either a fan or a light fixture before? I see what appears to be two white wires spliced together, with the splice protected by a wire nut.
Why this is confusing: Individual wires not part of a cable must be part of a complete circuit in conduit. The only difference is that the wiring for the light routes through the ceiling fan ANOTHER ceiling fan light fixture doesn't work.

You should have all whites together, the red and the fan (blue I've got a typical ceiling fan, and I go to turn it on and the lights work fine, but the fan has a problem.
There is very seldom a green insulated grounding conductor in a cable assembly, but there are exceptions. They are fine.We need to see the ceiling box from a different angle to see if you have conduit. The point is that there should not be a single wire outside of a raceway* (sheath, conduit, tray). You do need to check voltage at the box it comes in at and if that isn't at the fan then at the fan also but the most likely cause is a bad capacitor. If both the fan and the light are not working, Now when the fan is on and the switch is on on the wallthe light wont work. I little prologue: I bought a house with a remote controlled ceiling fan (with 4 bulb light) in the living room. Non metallic boxes can't be used with metallic conduit and most residential conduit is metallic. Could be a bad switch you could eliminate the switch by first shutting the power off and removing the 2 black wires from the switch and wire nutting them together and see if the fan works then, if so replace the switch.

The fan is controlled by a pull I've been having troulbe getting a light kit that I put on 2 separate fans in my house to work. I hate to ask but if you could disconnect the fan and let us see just the box and the wires coming into it. If it is conduit there must be at least a hot and neutral in the conduit but you don't have that. Okay so I had 2 out of 5 bulbs out on my ceiling fan set alight I bought the new Energy Saver bulbs to replace them.
It appears someone ran individual wires outside of a raceway (conduit or sheath) and that is a code violation. We were thinking maybe it was the power switch as both fans are doing it but we've changed that out and it still is only making the humming noise.

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