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Chennai's industrial and information technology corridors provide technology solutions around the world.
It was also mentioned that this is the map that will be used in-game(with textures disabled, of course).
And a piece of info that you might be interested in is that BIS said on the forums that they will make that map bigger in size plus add more info tomorrow already. Off-topic: I'm trying to do an AI pathfinding test by making an AI go through a maze of barbedwire fences and then under a crawling training to get out, but the AI keeps walking through the barbedwire fences that I put up and straight through to the goal. First buy a new keyboard to be able to use normal sized letter, than read some guides how to make bigger islands and please yourself with a 1000 x 1000 km map.
You can click the map to zoom in and by pointing with the mouse on specific location you will see small popup about that region with some additional info, linking to other sections of chernarus-revealed. If you do NOT want to receive newsletters from us regarding the antiques trade, please UNCHECK this box.

An online trade journal covering the North America hemp industry: agriculture, processing, marketing, research, business and regulatory news, and updates.
Many criticise authorities for not making scientifically designed storm water drains to fight flooding."We have great technology but the city has not been planned," says K Sridhar, MD, Xteam. His neighbour Venu, who supplies equipment to cement manufacturers around the world, lost 30 lakh. Hence the remnants of red paint. The trolley has 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels for manoeuvring. The wiring all seems of be complete and in good shade, but there's quite a bit of wear to the white enamel, as shown in the photos. Hemp fibre is increasingly used in the automotive sector, primarily in the manufacture of door panels and other parts. We think this would have originally held a glass shade over the light bulb, though it has none now.

The site was selected to ensure it was close to the majority of existing hemp growers, many of whom are in the East of England. This is also an area where the growing base is expected to expand rapidly as the demand for hemp products continues to increase.Installation will begin in January 2008 with commissioning due to start in May.
This will be closed down when the new factory becomes operational.Hemp products are environmentally friendly because 99% of the plant is actually used. The facility is also proving to be a flexible, fast-growing and profitable crop for an increasing number of farmers.
When you think that fifty per cent of the country's carbon emissions come from the construction and use of buildings, you can appreciate the huge contribution hemp-based products can make in helping us reduce our overall carbon emissions.

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