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Now when you say you have a recessed hole for your light, I am going with the statement that it is just a hole and NOT a recessed ceiling and that there is no junction box there. Installing a junction box is needed to have the ceiling fan with light that you want to be installed safely and securely for years to come. Remember whenever you have additional questions or specific codes you want to know regarding wiring and install always consult a licensed electrician. If there is no junction box there, The Home Depot sells ceiling fan-rated junction boxes in our electrical department that can be installed from the bedroom even if you do not have access to the attic. The installation of the junction box is very easy to do, but make your wiring connections first before placing the box inside. After you put up the medallion you like, install the ceiling fan as per the instructions inside the box.

You will need to determine inside the hole the direction the wooden rafters are running to support the ceiling so you know you will have a secured ceiling fan. Once you have that done I would recommend placing a medallion around the junction box hole since we still have a hole that now should be about 7".
The right junction box and medallion will cover the hole, make a safe install for your fan, and will set you up for whatever ceiling fan you prefer in your bedroom. Also, plan out if it is feasible to run your romex wire up there or if there is access to do it, or maybe if there is a wall switch in the room you may have wire already there. They made a great video on our website regarding ceiling fan junction box installation; you can view it here. Medallions make the finished ceiling fan look great and covers up any unsightly holes in the ceiling around the junction box.

Hopefully, you will have access to go in your attic to check and see if there is any existing wire to power your fan. If there IS a junction box already there, make sure it is rated for a fan, the best way to see that is if the existing junction box is either screwed into the wooden rafters in your ceiling or they are braced in somehow. Nailed in junction boxes will NOT work for ceiling fan installation, as they are not rated to support the weight of the fan.

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