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Go to your home's electrical panel box and turn off the circuit breaker to the light fixture. Grasp the outside of the fixture with one hand and hold it still, if your fixture attaches to the socket and they swivel together. Swivel the light bulb so the sides are in between the light fixture, if your bulb socket moves independently from the fixture.
Tear a 12-inch piece of duct tape off a roll if there is not enough space to grab the sides of the bulb.
Telescoping suction cups are available at home improvement centers for fixtures that are out of reach even if you have a stepladder.
Some swivel fixtures use special halogen bulbs that simply push in and pull out of the socket, or twist slightly to unlock the pins from the socket.

I have a tenant who has a recessed vanity bulb in her bathroom I have never changed before, it is a new property. I'm imagining you just screw loose the face plate and remove the lens by grasping the face plate around the edges with your fingers? If you have swivel light fixtures, the process is still the same, although you have to account for the swivel. My hope is that when you leave here you are inspired to go forth and be clever in your own home. It is one I've never had in a space I've lived or rented in the past, so before I go out there and look dumb can anyone tell me if there are tools I need to show her how to change this type of recessed vanity bulb?
Depending on the fixture, the swivel might move the fixture as one unit, or the socket and fixture might move independently.

Press the tape over the center of the bulb and rotate the bulb counterclockwise with the tape to remove it from the socket.
This will basically go in between the ceiling joist above and hold up the bracket that will hold your fixture. Changing a bulb in a swivel light fixture might require lining up the socket with the fixture housing or holding the housing to prevent the fixture from swiveling as you unscrew the bulb. There is a product on the market that will allow you to hang a ceiling fixture with a single light bulb.

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