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Content Strategy guy Buddy Scalera on digital marketing, technology, social media, and occasionally comic books. It was a little slow getting started, since it took some time for me to really understand how Fan Pages actually worked. Facebook advertising is very affordable and has delivered a surprisingly strong return on investment (ROI).
From a marketing perspective, I’ve yet to see if my content strategy on Facebook is actually selling books.
This entry was posted in advertising, analytics, books, Brand-You, content, facebook, Marketing, new media, social and tagged advertising, books, facebook, Marketing, publishing, social, social media by Buddy_Scalera. Yesterday, I received my second email with statistics updates on the Facebook Fan Pages I administer. The weekly reports detail the amount of Facebook Fans a Fan Page gains, the amount of wall posts on the Fan Page and the total amount of visitors to the Page per week.
One thing I might like to see in future Facebook mailings would be number of click-outs to links you’ve posted. Tags: Buy Facebook Fans, Buy Facebook Like Page, Buy Facebook Page Like, Buy Facebook Page Likes, Buying Likes On Facebook, Cheap Facebook Fan Page Likes, Cheap Facebook Fans, Facebook Fan Page Likes, Facebook Fan Page Stat, Facebook Fans, Facebook Like Page, Facebook Page Like, Facebook Pages Likes, Facebook Pages To Like, Facebook Traffic, Get Facebook Fan page Likes, Get Facebook Fans, Get Facebook Traffic.
Did you know that when someone likes your page it becomes a node in the Facebook graph and therefore allows it to be displayed more often in the search results?
Question:  I am a manger of several Facebook Fan pages and some of the pages have very low quality. John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. One page that is really making use of custom tabs in an effective way is the Best Buy fan page.
The store locator tab is about convenience, as is the Shop + Share function and a feed of their Twitter account.

An example of customizing a Fan Page’s default, landing tab is another way to engage users.
Pottery Barn has great tabs that make it function like a website but without the retail aspect. As an author of very niche books, I am really excited about the passion and energy that people bring to the Fan Page. If I post infrequently, it seems like the page loses steam, so I try to post something new about once every two or three days. At one time, all of my (modest) advertising dollars went directly to Google AdWords for SEM campaigns.
The best part of the weekly reports is that it aggregates into one email all of the Facebook Pages I administer.
Social media reporting can be extremely time consuming and tedious, but these updates are very helpful in moving the process along.
I was so excited to get those first couple of emails from Facebook with updates on my page’s statistics. I can gather the incoming link data on my Google Analytics but it’d be kind of neat to see a breakdown for that in Facebook as well.
Facebook pages are not attached to other accounts through a persons account or other fan pages. Which is why the advent of business Facebook fan pages and campaigns made sense, and continues to evolve. Given that this company is nationwide with hundreds of retail locations, the Best Buy page smartly utilized a central Facebook page to push out information. Using functions like Events or Reviews involves customers and makes your page useful to them—as a reminder of sales in their area, or a place to get questions answered about your product. It’s clean and totally customer-oriented with features like Design Tools and a Gift Registry link.

It has a way to go before it as useful as Google Analytics, but hopefully the Insights team will continue to innovate.
Not sure if this follows some kind of typical Internet curve, but I have noticed the same trend with my search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. I tried Bing and Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo, and Ask, but none of those worked as well as Google. Contests are a bit expensive for me, since I have to pay for the prizes and ship them, but they sure do get people involved and talking.
It’s real, sustained relationships, including people whom I have met at live conferences and events. It would be great if Twitter started sending weekly reports of RTs, mentions and amount of tweets in a week, don’t you think?
I think Facebook now needs to put more of a focus on fan pages so that fans will become more engaged.
The good news is that you can now Buy Facebook Page Likes and get as many of them as you want in order to increase the authority of your business’ Facebook page. I also like that they explain things like post quality and have more extensive stats on your actual account page. With additions such as Insights into your businesses page and e-mail updates on stats and fans, Facebook has really been stepping it up and making the platform user-friendly. Just keep in mind that in business, the more confidence you inspire into potential customers, the easier it’s going to be to sell to them. So I changed my strategy recently and now I’ve been getting traction with Facebook Ads.

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