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Without seeing an electrical print, I'm just guessing, but I would say the electric start will not work if there are safety interlocks that need to be made. Chinese quads all have starter interlock circuitry to keep you from starting up the quad in gear accidently. The safety interlock on your quad requires that you be applying the brakes before the quad starter motor will turn. You have spark, and the quad starts when you jump the solenoid, so as far as wiring somehow preventing spark, forget it.
Note how this scheme shorts the "solenoid wire that isn't connected to the brake light wires" to ground using the start button.
On your quad 2, what is the color of the wire that wires into the solenoid "non brake light" side? If this wire color is not the color used for ground, then look to see if this same wire color pops out of the wire harness on the way to the start button. Remote control pc - free download software reviews, Remote control pc free remote access software. Downloads remote administration windows, Remote administration downloads windows 7, 2003, xp, vista, 2008.

Remote control windows mobile (windows mobile, Remote control windows mobile, free download. The old LT80s had a parking brake lever that had to be pulled to make an interlock switch before the electric start would work, could be yours is similar. You can wire up the brake light to allow power to the starter interlock wiring, or completely rewire the starter solenoid input side wiring. Normally quads that have remote control options are wired are wired as in plan B wiring in the last post. Use the wire color that is in the main harness - not the color of any pigtail wire coming out of the solenoid itself.
A slight change in operation occurs when you do this - if you have an AC powered ignition system: The quad no longer will shut off with the ignition switch - you must use the handlebar kill switch.
The battery wouldn't hold a charge and the carb was gunked up so I got a new battery and cleaned the carb.
I actually have TWO 110cc quads that run but will not start with the push start button and I will refer to them as quad "1" and quad "2". Quad 1 is where my initial questions came from and I am having trouble with that because the wiring harness has been hacked up by a previous owner.

So, I would like to get quad 2 working correctly so I can use that as a reference for quad 1.
I am not sure if it is just an alarm or an alarm and a remote start also but anyway I don't have the remote thing for it. Ok, so on quad 2 when I turn the ignition on and hold the brake in, the brake lights come on but when I hit the start button I get nothing when the alarm is connected or disconnected.
I can hear the alarm thing making some noise when it is intially connected then after a couple of seconds the noise goes away. When I ground the solenoid wire that isn't connected to the brake light wires, the starter turns. I am assuming that if the safety switches are disconneted they won't lockout the starter or cut the spark.

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