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For architects, designers, and construction experts, however, they do serve some important functions.
Architecture & Design firm HoK achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status for its own Toronto offices.
Recently, we have been gaining increased awareness of our impact on our natural environment however, and the industries surrounding the built environment are no exception. So before you think about tearing out a dropped ceiling grid and sending it, and all of its acoustic panels to a landfill, there’s more to consider than what meets the eye. Laqfoil’s fully recyclable polymer vinyl and nylon membranes can be used not only to cover an entire ceiling surface, but also for wrapping ceiling tiles, which can then be popped right back into the existing t-bar suspension assembly.
Rendering showing how stretched ceiling tiles can be used to reinforce the identity of a Scottish-themed retail store. Shine is unexpected on a ceiling, and also makes more efficient use of lighting by reflecting light back to the room. This entry was posted in Events, Information, News and tagged Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Tiles, art ceilings, ceiling, ceiling decoration, ceiling tiles, decorative ceilings, interior design, Les dalles de plafond, Les panneaux de plafond, Plafond, Plafond Tendu, Plafonds Tendus, stretch ceilings.
Tongue groove ceiling planks guide armstrong, Tongue and groove ceiling planks guide create a custom ceiling look in your home with an armstrong tongue and groove ceiling.. Resilient flooring singapore,vinyl flooring,laminate, Contact jotterwood on tel: 63333 181 for vinyl flooring in singapore, laminate flooring in singapore , wood flooring in singapore, resilient flooring in singapore,rav.
Laminate wood flooring builddirect®, With builddirect, recreate natural wood surface, . When installing recessed lighting in an existing ceiling, a hole is cut in the ceiling that exactly fits the profile of a special remodeling can to keep from damaging the surrounding drywall.
Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. I will be painting my planked ceiling bright white (much to wood purists’ dismay) but will share my filling, priming, and painting tips later.
There are a few good tutorials out there already for installing wood planked ceilings, or tongue and groove ceilings, like this one from Jenna Sue Design and this one from Sawdust Girl. Measure your space and buy way more boards than you need.  The boards I chose tend to have quite a bit of damage, so you want to avoid using the damaged sections and still have enough to cover your ceiling. Once you pick these up, let them acclimate in your house (preferably the room where they will be installed) for at least a few days – a week is even better.
Before the install, plan it out in your head.  If you have wood floors, consider installing the planks the same direction as the floors.
Glue is good, but I skipped the glue and just used my trusty pneumatic nail gun for all the installation.  Let me tell you, this tool is life-changing. When you install, some of the boards may be curved or seem tough to connect, but just use your muscles and it will be fine.
If a board is causing you too much trouble, just switch it out instead of trying to force it. You could easily finish this wood ceiling with a sealer, or a stain and sealer, or go with paint.
I finished my daughters Planked Kitchen ceiling (and dinning room) and it turned out awesome. Installing ceiling drywall is a very simple process, but can be slightly challenging when working alone.
Inspect the area for any obstructions, such as electrical wires, ductwork, or protruding pipes. Mark the wall studs to indicate the locations of the ceiling joists for reference during the installation process. Wait until you know where you're placing each sheet before you apply any adhesive to the joists. Using your T-brace, or a friend to assist you, raise the first sheet of drywall to the ceiling and slide it snugly into the corner.
Continue along the first wall, always ensuring that the tapered edges abut one another and are facing down. Professionals rarely use glue on ceiling joists, partly because of the greater likelihood of ceiling boards needing to be taken down and trimmed.
April 15, 2014 by Adam 11 Comments If you had asked me a year ago would I ever write an article called "how to install a drop ceiling" I would have looked at you like you had three heads. I'm guessing you are here for the same reason that I was Googling for days on end a year ago.
If you're here because you're still trying to decide should you go with a drop ceiling over a drywall ceiling for your basement then make sure to read both sides of the debate here on the site. Drop ceiling tiles come in flush mounts (the tiles are even with the T's) or with reveals (tiles sit slightly below T's).
These pieces of channel will be supported on either end by the L channel and will be supported in the middle by the eyelets and wire spaced approximately 2-4 feet apart.
Once you have the wire loosely run through the channel and the eyelets, next work to ensure the channel is level. After all the T's are installed, drop in all of the full tiles and move on to the edge pieces. If you bought tiles with a reveal, the best way to get an accurate cut is to first cut the tile to size and set it into place. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. Click the Button Below to Sign Up Sign Up With Facebook I hate spam, your email is safe. Click the Button Below Click Here for One Click Sign Up! As a side note: I will definitely do a drop ceiling if the home we buy has plumbing and electrical running beneath the floor joists.
Download the 223 page Book, Watch Over 20 Full Screen Step by Step Videos + Planning and Design Files. Watch step-by-step basement finishing videos on your tablet, laptop or phone in your basement.

Before I give you the full tutorial for installing a ceiling fan, we need to talk about prep work and safety. Next, if you are replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan, you MUST make sure that the junction box is attached to a support. Finally, you need to have a Sturdy A-Frame Step LadderA tall enough to reach 1-2 feet below the fanA during installation. Locate the hanging bracket and secure it to the stud that holds the junction box, or secure it to the junction box if it is bolted to a ceiling fan brace. Wiring with the receiver is a little more work because you are creating moreA connections, but it’s just as easy to do. Next, attach the white neutral wire from the ceiling box to the white wire from the receiver. Installing the fan blades on the Caneel Bay are a little tricky, but once you get one blade assembly screw and nut attached it moves quickly. They’re everywhere, and for those not educated or experienced in the design or construction industry, the obvious question is often why? First, the reason they’re called “acoustic” is that their characteristic rough surface with random holes does go a long way toward mitigating unwanted sound in a room.
Close to 50% of all the materials that go to landfills in North America are building materials, so the less we put into buildings, the less we’ll eventually have to take out.
For one thing, they consist of hard surfaces that bounce sound, and that original reason for acoustic tiles has not gone away. Also, all of those many surfaces gather dust, and while ductwork may not be so bad to look at when it’s just been installed and painted, after a while it is natural to start wondering who is going to climb 20 or more feet up and dust everything, without the dust falling into sensitive electronics and on workers with allergies. Perhaps an even more ecologically and financially sustainable solution is to reuse what’s already there.
While the tiles are out, if desired, the suspension assembly can be repainted with spray paint. The result successfully added atmosphere and tied the ceiling in with the walls and furniture, without becoming overwhelming. Add digitally printed images to transport the viewer to a different place or time, or reinforce your company’s identity. Our high gloss membranes are as shiny as a new car, in over 260 colours, but if you don’t want a high gloss look, we have matte, satin, and canvas textured finishes as well, and yes, we have white. Dust that settles above the tiles will be trapped up in the plenum (the space between the original ceiling and the dropped ceiling) harmlessly, and dust below wrapped tiles will not adhere to them as the membrane has a particulate-repelling static electrical property.
In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. Screw the beadboard paneling and molding, Im thinking this planked treatment needs to happen instead.
I’m driving from Chicago to Atlanta this weekend to install a Plank Ceiling at my daughters house. I had convinced myself that there was no way that I could ‘DIY’ my own ceiling with planks and my ENTIRE HOUSE is only 192 square feet! I HAVE SHEET ROCK ON CEILINGS AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF I HAVE TO REMOVE SHEET ROCK BEFORE PUTTING UP PLANKS. I am a 16 year old looking to be an interior designer, so I’m always trying to redo our home (however sometimes my visions are a little out there for my parents budgets). Install furring strips to the framing in order to create a flat, even surface for drywall installation around these obstacles.
This will provide the leverage and support needed to raise the drywall panels to the ceiling when you're working alone.
Raise the first sheet to the ceiling so you can get an idea of the placement across the joists.
The heads of the fasteners you choose should come in contact with the paper facing, sinking in slightly without breaking through the paper. Use a rotary drill to cut out a border for the fixture or vent, and then fully attach the board.
Lean the sheet almost upright against the wall and use the toe of your left foot(if you are right handed) to hold the bottom of the square. Instead of gluing, we generally use three coarse thread drywall screws(or three sets of two nails) in the "field" in addition to the screw on each edge of the board. In that time, she has started over 2,100 articles (many of which have been featured) and has been immeasurably helpful around the site, constantly performing “behind-the-scenes” tasks to keep the advice here accurate and organized, as well as helping out on various international wikiHows.
You will install this first around the entire perimeter of the wall, a few inches below your ceiling (hence the "drop" in drop ceiling). They come in a ton of styles and can be humidity and mold resistant and offer various levels of sound insulation. I've embedded it at the bottom of this article after these steps, but I recommend reading these steps first. I was super annoyed though that every video on the web assumes you have a simple square shaped room. While learning how to install a drop ceiling be sure to take the extra time to get these corners correct. Determine the drop you are going with and measure around the perimeter of the room down from the floor joists that amount. Exterior corners can similarly be butted together but to give them a sharper look, I overlapped them and cut one on a 45 degree angle to give the appearance of a mitered corner. Place your first main piece of T-Channel spaced away from your wall as determined in your grid layout.
First, do not attempt any electrical projects until you have turned off the power to the fixture you are working on. And having an assistant who can hand you the motor when it’s time to hang the fan is definitely a bonus. If you are working on a porch with slats, lay down a blanket under the ladder to catch them. All ceiling fans are different, but most require removing the light kit before you can get access to the fan blades and motor.

You will want to attach the wires together with a wire nut and then wrap part of the bare wire around the ground screw attached to the mounting bracket. And finally, attach the additional power wire (usually red, but can be black or striped) to the blue wire (this color may vary) from the fan.
It is good practice to put the white neutral wires on the opposite side of the box as the red and black power wires. Attach the white wires first, then the black and finally attach the two blue wires together with aA wire nut. Connecting them is super easy, just line up the colors and snap the wiring harness together and make sure it is secured.
We have switched outlets in most rooms and no overhead lights, but I’d like to install ceiling fans in a couple bedrooms. I think this is the first fan installation article in I’ve seen with this much detail. I think those of us that live in warmer climates know that we just can’t live without ceiling fans.
Second, they’re less expensive and easier to install than a smooth drywall ceiling, and third, they have long been used to hide unsightly HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical and plumbing equipment in office and industrial buildings in a way that still leaves this equipment accessible, should it need repair or maintenance. For this reason, dropped acoustic tile ceilings have been disappearing from new builds and renovations in favour of high ceilings with all of the mechanical equipment open for all to see. A team of professionals has to be called in, and often the company puts this off for far too long in order to meet budget restrictions.
Likewise, chemical vapours do not get embedded in these materials, and they do not off-gas. We took out a coat closet to enlarge our kitchen so after filling in the old doorway with sheetrock I’ve decided to plank over it to avoid the dreaded taping and muding step. I did over 325 sq ft in a little over 8 days (this also included painting 4 other rooms while is was there!
Thank you for the tip on the scarf joint and for helping me to stop debating which way to run the boards compared to my wood floors. Tip the panel off of the floor or table at a slight angle, then push it down to break it in half. Read through these, then watch the video, then leave a comment with any questions on how to install a drop ceiling. Mark the location of your wall studs and using self taping drywall screws, adhere the L-Channel to the wall. For this reason, I was truly excited when Casablanca contacted me and asked if I wanted one of their new ceiling fans.
I like to turn on the fan and light (they are often on two different power lines) and then shut off the power. Or in the case of the Casablanca fan, attach the green and yellow striped wire (from the hanging bracket) to the green wire from the fan and the ground wire from your ceiling box. Regardless, now is your chance to enter to win the Casablanca ceiling fan of your choice + have your room repainted! We have plans later on down the road to put one in our living room and maybe another bedroom too.
Let’s face it, aesthetically, the best they seem to be able to do is to show up as little as possible! Access is gained by simply popping a tile out, and then back into place when the work is done.
Painted in flat black or white, it’s not all that bad to look at, especially if this view means saving the earth a little, and the higher ceiling often means a more open, airy feeling, which can be especially important in offices as individual work stations continue to get smaller and could easily become claustrophobic.
Wrap the wire around itself to ensure it doesn't sag or come loose with the weight of the tile. I knew it was a great opportunity to put together a tutorial for you so you couldA see that installing a ceiling fan isA not a difficult DIY project! This is the standard installation for a ceiling fan that doesn’t have a remote and a receiver. Use a wire nut to attach the wires together, then wrap part of the bare wire around the ground screw attached to the mounting bracket. I’m getting rave reviews on the project and as soon as I figure out how to post my before and after Pics I will share. Our ceiling is covered, so I can’t see the joists, do I need to take apart the ceiling, or is their an easier alternative.
Lean over the sheet and cut through the paper for a foot or two near the middle of the cut. If that's the same for you, use the videos as a starting point, lay out your room and make tweaks one direction or the other to avoid small tiles near those obstructions. Rinse and repeat this process with the T-Channel spaced 4 feet apart until all the channel is up.
Plus, we had Casablanca fans in our previous house and they are well made and will last a long time. Or in the case of the Casablanca fan, attach the green and yellow striped wire (from the hanging bracket) to the green wire from the receiverA and the ground wire from your ceiling box. Grasp the end that is to come off, and with a quick movement, push your end of the whole sheet away from you and snap the end off! Yes, I was excited, especially because Casablanca hasA so many beautiful options for stylish fans.
You also need to use a reputable electrician who is licensed and versed on your local permits. And I know, they have ceiling fans that will surely have the designers changing their tune.

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