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How many plumbers use double sanitary tee's and if not why not, i will be using it for 2 sinks in different rooms, leading to a 2 inch drain. As you can see, by the insert which was added to my posting, it appears similar to a double combo. Well, I have never had that happen, but if it did, it would mean the fitting was already done for, and you just helped it along.
Why would I need to fish sinks when they lead to a 2inch vertical drain with a drain plug, they are bathroom sinks hand washing and soap will probably be the worst they see.
That's why plumbers are called in, and when the piping in the wall has the wrong fittings, it creates problems for the life of the home.
Lmao, point well taken and understood ,guess that's why i,m not a plumber just a do-it your-selfer and seeing that you posted those yummy pictures I will take pride in doing the job right.
A person who uses a sanitary cross for that connection, is usually not experienced enough to KNOW that you also put a cleanout tee below it.
Doubt San-T's are perfectly legal here in Canada according to the National Plumbing Code of Canada.
Quick and easy LCD monitor installation Ergotecha€™s tool-less engineering makes monitor installation a breeze.

Twin Shaft Concrete MixerJS500 is twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which can mix subarid rigid concrete, plasticility concrete, flolwability concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortar.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. In fact if you have two sinks sharing a common vent through a semetrically connected fitting then that fitting HAS to be a Double San-T. Ergotech 200-F16-B02 Dual Horizontal Articulating Arm Monitor Mount is ideal when you require two monitors in a side by side configuration.
The quick release pivots provide effortless, one-step LCD monitor mounting and dismounting.
Workplace comfort and productivity are directly linked and Ergotech is a leader in ergonomically inspired monitor mounting solutions. The compact design has the advantage that the BHS twin shaft concrete mixer take up only a small amount of floor space in your plant.
I had to make openings in the wall, and drill a hole in the vent above the fitting to snake it. This monitor mounting solution is perfect for computer workstations or environments with limited desk space.

The Dual Horizontal Articulating Arm Monitor Mount allows for customized monitor positioning which makes every task easier whether you are viewing financial data, reviewing documents, or engaging in other activities.
You also MUST install a cleanout below the Double San-T because every plumbing system needs to be designed so that each and every soil-or-waste pipe can be snaked from inside the house. The articulating arms give computer users the ability to adjust monitor height and distance for optimum comfort and well being. When the monitors are not in use, the user can fold the articulating arms back toward the pole which provides greater work space. Use the multi adjustment pivots to move the monitors left and right, up and down, and to enjoy portrait or landscape views.

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