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Every year at the beginning of December various CBS stars visit the Children Hospital in Los Angeles and give toys to the children.
After being shot, Leroy Jethro Gibbs fights for his life on board a Navy hospital ship when NCIS returns with season 13.
But with the Calling still recruiting teens, can the rest of the team stop them without Gibbs to lead them? DiNozzo teams up with Joanna Teague and the two head to Shanghai to take on the terrorist organization while Vance, McGee, and Bishop continue the fight back home.
Check out these photos from NCIS Season 13 Episode 1 to find out which ghosts from Gibbs past will be appearing in the premiere. After being shot, Gibbs is flown aboard a Navy hospital ship where he fights for his life on the 13th season premiere of NCIS. If Gibbs is talking to Mike Franks does that mean he's seeing ghosts or has he just become one of them? Caitlin "Kate" Todd was a former Secret Service Agent who prior to joining NCIS and becoming an NCIS Special Agent was originally assigned to the USS Presidential Protective Detail on board Air Force One.
However, following the events of Yankee White (episode), she resigned from the Secret Service for good after it was revealed that she'd been in a relationship with a Marine Major who was later murdered. After resigning from the Secret Service, she almost immediately joined NCIS before being assigned as a Junior Agent to the NCIS Major Case Response Team, becoming the third member of the team and Anthony DiNozzo's second partner with her profiling skills rendering her as a great asset to the team. However, her year and a half-long career as an NCIS Special Agent which had the promise of great things came to an abrupt and very tragic end when in the last few seconds in the Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode) and in a move that the team's enemy, Ari Haswari had arranged and also conducted, Kate while talking to her colleagues, fellow NCIS Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony DiNozzo, died seconds later after being shot in the head with a lone bullet from a Bravo 51 ironically nicknamed a "Kate". Kate's death left the NCIS agency, especially her team devastated and struggling to come to terms with her brutal murder.
She was later buried in a cemetery in her native Indianapolis, having been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work in protecting Gibbs from Ari. Kate was presumably born and raised in Indianapolis to an unnamed mother and father who were seen in Kill Ari Part 2 (episode).
She also had three older brothers whom she described in the Season 2 episode, Caught on Tape (episode) as being "practically psychotic". In addition, Kate also had a cousin named Maureen Ingalls and an older sister who is a psychiatrist and lived in Miami, with whom she does not have a close relationship.
Despite listing her sister as an emergency contact, Kate "barely returns" her sister's phone calls as revealed in the Season 1 episode, The Good Samaritan (episode). After finishing high school and college, she spent two years in law although during a talk with Abigail Sciuto in Hung Out to Dry (episode), Kate stated that it had felt like ten years in prison.
In 1994, Kate was the winner of a wet t-shirt contest in 1994 during a trip to Panama City which would later come back to haunt her during the Season 2 episode, Conspiracy Theory (episode).
Some time prior to the events of Yankee White (episode), Kate joined the Secret Service and after presumably spending a few years on individual Protection Details, was eventually reassigned to Air Force One where she became a member of the President of the Secret Service's Protection Detail.
Kate made her first ever appearance in the NCIS Season 1 premiere episode, "Yankee White" where at the time of her debut appearance, she was a U.S. Unfortunately, Trapp died almost immediately, forcing Air Force One into an emergency landing and all the local and federal agencies to be summoned to the craft to determine who would take the lead in the investigation. Secret Service Agent Kate Todd arrives back on Air Force One after realizing that Gibbs and Ducky are not who they say they are. After realizing that NCIS Special Agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and NCIS Medical Examiner, Donald Mallard who had arrived on the plane were not who they said they were, Kate returned to Air Force One despite having been kicked off and attempted to stop NCIS from hijacking the investigation into the death of a Naval officer, something which she failed to do. She later tried to stand her ground, insisting that the investigation belonged to the Secret Service but when she tried to get the investigation turned to her advantage, Gibbs responded by trying to have her get kicked off Air Force, forcing Kate to back down.
When Gibbs later suggested that they both work together, an offer Kate grudgingly agreed to despite knowing that her Secret Service superiors wanted the FBI handling the investigation instead.
For doing this, she later received a dressing-down from her boss at the time, William Baer who told Kate that she was not senior enough to make any decisions. It was later revealed that Kate had been in a relationship with Major Timothy Kerry who tragically like Trapp also died after being poisoned. Upon discovering that a journalist who was also an al-Qaeda operative was planning on killing the President after triggering a medical emergency in the Press Cabin, Kate was given the task of protecting the President while Gibbs went after the assassin, Gibbs eventually shooting the assassin dead during a gunfight. Hours after the fight, Kate, having broken the rules by dating Major Kerry chose to resign from the Secret Service for good with her superiors accepting her resignation. Thankfully, Gibbs who had seen Kate's potential made a fast move and hired Kate almost immediately after she'd quit. As a result, Kate also permanently replaced former NCIS Agent Vivian Blackadder who had been DiNozzo's partner in the two JAG Season 8 episodes, Ice Queen (episode) and Meltdown (episode). Upon joining the agency, Kate received her very own NCIS badge, ID card and her own SIG Sauer P228. In Seadog (episode), Kate helped investigate the death of a Naval Commander supposedly involved in drugs and she showed off her feminist side when she berated Gibbs and Tony for letting her ride in a tow-truck with a boat before asking them if they did to all the newbies or just the females. In The Immortals (episode), Kate went on board a United States Navy vessel for the first time and during the investigation, formed a bond with the victim as she was Catholic like him which earned Gibbs's ire as he claimed that Kate was letting her own personal feelings cloud her judgment despite Kate insisting otherwise.
In The Curse (episode), Kate was left emotional after learning that the former wife and young daughter of a Navy Lieutenant had been denied death benefits due to the fact that the victim was suspected to have stolen a million dollars of the safe of the USS Eisenhower ten years previously. In High Seas (episode), Kate, Tony and Gibbs headed to the USS Enterprise to investigate a possible meth overdose with Kate meeting Tony's predecessor, Stanley Burley. In Sub Rosa (episode), Kate went on board a submarine, the USS Philadelphia for the first time to help Gibbs track down an eco-terrorist who had killed a submariner before disposing of the victim in a barrel of acid. In Minimum Security (episode), Kate arrived at Gitmo to investigate the death of a Petty Officer who Dr. In Marine Down (episode), Kate along with Gibbs and Tony tackled the case of a supposedly dead Marine after she and Tony were seen practicing at the NCIS Firing Range. A while later, Kate took a late night flight to Colombia to save the dead Marine's partner and stop the corrupt CIA agent behind the whole thing. In Left for Dead (episode), Kate developed an emotional bond towards a "Jane Doe" who had been buried alive and went so far as to take the woman into her home after the woman was released from the hospital. In Eye Spy (episode), Kate seemed unwilling to believe that a Navy Lieutenant had murdered her own husband out of spite but was later proven wrong when Kate, Gibbs and Tony caught the wife with the murder weapon in question as well as some missing radar technology. In My Other Left Foot (episode), Kate revealed that she had a tattoo which was proven to be true due to Gibbs knowing of it but it wasn't shown which part of the body it was or what the tattoo itself was. In One Shot, One Kill (episode), in order to stop a sniper that was targeting and killing Marine recruiters, Kate went undercover for the first time as she and Gibbs took over the latest recruiting station in an attempt to lure out the sniper who upon being exposed eventually committed suicide by cop after Tony confronted him. In Enigma (episode), Kate and Tony went behind Gibbs's back to get information and determine if his former C.O.
In The Truth Is Out There (episode), Kate then told Tony of her belief that they would never see the unknown terrorist ever again with Tony insisting that Gibbs would. In UnSEALeD (episode), Kate ended up being taken prisoner albeit temporarily by a Navy SEAL who had escaped Leavenworth to find the true person responsible for the deaths of the SEAL's wife and a cable repairman. During a talk with the SEAL, Kate came to realize that the SEAL was innocent after all although he later stole her SIG-Sauer as a means of protection and possibly as a means of getting back against his wife's lover. In Dead Man Talking (episode), Kate like the rest of the NCIS Special Agents was left shocked and devastated by the murder of Agent Christopher Pacci.

In Missing (episode), Kate and the team investigated the disappearance of a Marine and soon discovered that it was connected to a incident that had occurred in the Philippines in 1991. In Split Decision (episode), Kate did her first ever solo interrogation of a suspect and later assisted McGee in taking down one of the people behind a weapons-smuggling ring.
In A Weak Link (episode), Kate's religious feelings came to the surface when Gibbs suggested that the killer of a Marine might have been the Marine's best friend.
In the Season 1 finale episode, Reveille (episode), Gibbs berated Kate for failing to kill the gunman in the morgue many months ago.
Later, on her way back from lunch, Kate was kidnapped by people associated with the unidentified gunman whose name was later revealed to be Ari Haswari with Ari wanting her to help him with a terrorist attack. It was later revealed that Ari was actually a mole in Hamas and who was also secretly working for the FBI.
In See No Evil (episode), Kate developed an emotional bond towards a young blind girl whose parents had been taken hostage although Gibbs berated her for this and once the case had ended and with the announcement McGee was to join the team permanently, Kate welcomed him into the team by headslapping McGee at the same time as Tony. In The Good Wives Club (episode), Kate's profiling skills proved to be essential as she profiled a serial killer who had been going sealing his female victims into airtight rooms after discovering they didn't fulfill his expectations of being wife material. She and Gibbs were also present when the killer committed suicide in the chapel and Kate's hostage negotiation skills were later called on as she was chosen to talk a Petty Officer and the killer's final victim out of choosing to kill herself by using Tony's gun. In Vanished (episode), Kate along with the NCIS team helped restore peace to Smokey Corners, a village in West Virginia that for ten years had played host to a feud between two raging families. It was also revealed that Kate hated helicopters and that when she was in the Secret Service, she'd dreaded getting on Marine One with the President.
In The Bone Yard (episode), Kate and Tony went undercover together for the first time to get some information on the son of a mobster. In Terminal Leave (episode), Kate butted heads with an FBI agent over running protection detail on an Iraqi veteran who was getting death threats from a terrorist cell.
In Call of Silence (episode), Kate shared a dance with a World War II veteran which left her very emotional.
In Heart Break (episode), Kate was forced to shoot a young Ensign in self-defense after believing that he was going to attack Gibbs. In Forced Entry (episode), it was revealed that due to her Roman Catholic upbringing, Kate was a bit prudish and uncomfortable in the subject of sex.
In Chained (episode), with Tony out in the field, undercover and McGee aiding Abby in the lab, Kate was paired with Gibbs as they sought to uncover stolen Iraqi antiques.
In Black Water (episode), Kate developed a romantic attraction towards Thomas McAllister whose brother, Brian had gone missing for a few years before his remains were discovered in a lake. In Doppelganger (episode), it was revealed that Kate didn't like her privacy invaded and that she had a twin or rather doppelganger in Rachel Rapp, a member of the local civilian team led by Lieutenant Cheney. In The Meat Puzzle (episode), Kate was placed on protection detail after the team discovered that Ducky was the target of Vincent Hanlan and his mother, Mary. After Vincent committed suicide by slashing his own throat, Kate was tasked with taking his crying mother into custody with Mary Hanlan protesting that NCIS had killed her son. In Caught on Tape (episode), Kate participated in a standoff against a man who NCIS had discovered was responsible for killing a Marine. In Pop Life (episode), Kate went undercover with Tony yet again as the two agents posed as record producers as the team investigated the death of a Petty Officer. She later confronted the victim's sister and tried to encourage her to give up a corrupt businessman, only for things to take a turn when evidence revealed that the sister who Kate had befriended was responsible for framing her boss and also killing her own sister by force-feeding her some crystal meth.
In An Eye for an Eye (episode), Kate and Tony headed to Paraguay to investigate the death of a Petty Officer where they soon discovered that the victim's lecturer was actually a pedophile who ran his own drug ring. Unfortunately, their attempts to bring Purcell back to the United States for sentencing hit a snag when the TAT agent accompanying them arrived in and released the lecturer from NCIS custody with the lecturer dying a few minutes later after being shot in the head by an unidentified sniper.
In Bikini Wax (episode), Kate's feminist side emerged again when she reprimanded Tony for viewing a video tape of a Bikini Contest although he claimed he'd been watching to get any possible suspects but she stated he was merely watching it because of the ten and a-half naked women on it.
In Conspiracy Theory (episode), Kate discovered that Tony knew about her Wet T-Shirt competition and the two spent the episode, sniping at each other. Kate also served as back-up when she and Tony arrested the attacker as well as a woman who had displayed something of an attraction towards Tony.
In Red Cell (episode), during the case of two Navy Midshipmen who had been found dead with their necks, Kate and Tony began discussing their college days. Kate and Tony rushed back into the room, only to discover that Gibbs who was injured had managed to subdue the murderer before Gibbs, unable to take anymore of Kate and Tony's college stories told the two Agents that the next person to mention a spring break, a frat party or college would be fired with the two Agents quickly agreeing to his terms much to Gibbs's pleasure. In Hometown Hero (episode), Kate like the rest of the team was forced to cancel her weekend plans as Gibbs ordered them to work overtime to determine if a Petty Officer who had died in Iraq and who was up for a Silver Star had killed a former classmate of his. Later after the case had been solved, the team watched Tony's stolen car be destroyed on live national TV much to Kate's amusement. In SWAK (episode), Kate and Tony were placed into quarantine after tests discovered that they were the primary carriers of a virus that was later identified to be Y. Upon learning that Tony had the disease, Kate opted to stay despite knowing she stood a great chance of becoming infected as well.
In the Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode), Kate and her colleagues investigated the death of two Naval officers and soon discovered that their old enemy, Ari Haswari was responsible. After learning that Gibbs was Ari's main target, Kate was given the assignment of guarding him despite Gibbs protesting otherwise. The next morning, Kate and the team headed off to a company where Gibbs's investigative abilities led to the discovery of a missing missile which ultimately had the NCIS team believing that Ari and his terrorist cell had stolen the missile and were possibly planning on using it as a weapon.
Thanks to information gained from a brief phone call, the team determined that the attack was going to occur in Norfolk with Gibbs grimly realizing that the targets were a group of Navy ships returning to Norfolk.
A while later, the team arrived in Norfolk and while McGee dealt with stopping the missile, Gibbs, Kate and Tony took down the terrorists with Gibbs and Kate being paired together while Tony went separately. Unfortunately, the stakes grew higher when one of the terrorists managed to get the missile launched with McGee being forced to duck for cover but luckily, Gibbs managed to shoot the laptop computer, throwing the missile off target and sending it crashing into the sea. While Gibbs, Kate and Tony were regrouping and stocking on new ammo, Kate spotted an Unnamed Terrorist (Twilight) emerging from a door and rushed to Gibbs's aid, instantly taking the bullet originally intended for Gibbs to the chest before falling to the ground in agony.
The bullet that Kate took for Gibbs is shown to have been stopped by the bullet-proof vest she's wearing. After Gibbs and Tony had dispatched the terrorist who had shot her by combining their firepower, they went to check on Kate where it was revealed that she had in fact been wearing a bullet-proof vest which managed to stop the bullet from hitting her or even affecting any of her organs although she was left in agony after being shot. An employee working on the show NCIS died on Wednesday in a freak accident, TMZ is reporting. A man driving a van for NCIS production lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the NCIS set.
The driver, a 60-year-old man, had a medical issue while driving the van according to reports before crashing into the NCIS set and hitting a 52-year-old male security guard.
The security guard was brought to a nearby hospital in critical condition but succumbed to his injuries shortly after. Even though Sam was just in the hospital, fighting relentlessly for his life, he's back and as powerful as ever dodging bullets, pulling people out of cars, and showing Granger up at the gym.
And, regardless of their nationalities, Sam also managed to form some sort of bond with Kamal, a fellow soldier from Afghanistan.

This is the Tumblr Blog Account for the website Ladies of NCIS, with Cote de Pablo, Pauley Perrette, Daniela Ruah and Renee Felice Smith. Latest Shameless Season Finale "Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!" Review (Season 6 Episode 12) ‘American Crime Story: The People v. We were your number one online site for the latest behind-the-scenes news, interviews, reviews, photos, videos and everything NCISLA for many years! Secret Service agent assigned to the presidential protective detail on Air Force One who was also present when Commander Ray Trapp suffered a stroke, prompting Kate to call for medical assistant while on board Air Force One. He then assigned her to his team where she became an NCIS Special Agent and the third member of Gibbs's team, pairing her with Tony DiNozzo. She then worked her first official crime scene as an NCIS Special Agent during Hung Out to Dry (episode) and even witnessed an autopsy being performed as well. She was also seen firing her NCIS-issued SIG-Sauer P228 for the first time during a gunfight with a terrorist. As such, Kate developed a strong bond towards the family and resolved to get the family the death benefits they deserved which presumably became a reality after the true mastermind was exposed and arrested. Prior to that, Kate also expressed a strong disapproval of Tony's treatment of Norfolk Naval Base agent Timothy McGee. Donald Mallard and Medical Examiner Assistant Gerald Jackson discovered had emeralds inside his remains. She later (correctly) guessed that Gibbs had been married four times, not three before demonstrating that she was a talented sketch artist with her drawings impressing Abby and even Gibbs. She was later seen on the flight, vomiting while also remarking that she missed Air Force One after being given a single plastic bag upon asking if there were any toilets on board the flight and like Gibbs and Tony, triumphed in saving the kidnapped Marine although the man accompanying them was killed during the gunfight with Kate and Tony later witnessing the Marine being recruited with his family just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that the woman had killed one of her colleagues and when Kate confronted her, the woman responded by dropping a bomb that ultimately killed her and her boss, destroyed the building they were in and left Kate greatly traumatized for some time. Donald Mallard and Ducky's assistant, Gerald Jackson were taken hostage by an unknown gunman who later shot Gerald and then Gibbs before escaping. She, Gibbs and Tony then got involved in a cold case involving a woman that Pacci had been investigating before his death with everyone, Tony especially being left stunned after learning that the woman was actually a man and a former Navy Lieutenant who had faked his death and undergone gender reassignment surgery upon being involved in a credit-card scam.
When Tony went missing, Gibbs and Kate pushed themselves and the team to the limit to find and safe Tony, only to discover that a waitress they had met earlier at a country bar was the true serial killer, not the unit's former C.O. Kate at first refused but after discovering that Tony's new girlfriend was a member of Ari's terrorist cell would kill Tony when they met again, eventually gave in.
She and McGee helped escort the daughter of the main leader of the feud out of the area before returning to assist the others in preventing a Marine Captain from avenging his dead brother. Jane Doe (episode), Kate used her profiling abilities to determine that the original killer was not the same person who had murdered Janice Santos, leading the team to suspect that someone else was responsible.
Although she'd had some reluctance in shooting someone, Kate finally gained the ability and emotional capacity to do so as during a standoff, she threatened to shoot a woman and her partner who were serial killers.
She also expressed anger towards Tony after learning that he had referred to her as a Shih Tzu.
She and Thomas soon hung out together after the case had been solved although it's presumed that they broke it off, possibly due to Kate's time being taken up with her job as an NCIS Special Agent. She was left later guilt-ridden after Ducky was kidnapped and along with the others, eventually helped save Ducky. She later adopted the murderer's dog and gave it the name, "Tony" or possibly "Toni" due to the fact that the dog was female.
Despite this, Kate like Gibbs was left guilt-ridden after a young mentally disturbed Petty Officer committed suicide. During the interrogation of a female Midshipman, the two agents discovered that the victims's C.O and who they had left Gibbs with was the murderer and rapist responsible. The team later discovered that it was the victim's stepfather who had killed her and then framed the Petty Officer. You see, Kasey was born with a condition called cystic fibrosis…This condition clogs her lungs, pancreas and air passages with thick mucus, often causing severe lung damage.
Although both shows have had hit or miss episodes, tonight’s premieres are great examples of the kind of outside-of-the-box creativity and humor that keeps fans coming back for more.
She keeps an ever changing mental list of her top 10 television shows of all time, and has a particular love for animated series and an affinity for almost anything with a quirky sense of humor. She and the NCIS team were also successful in stopping an assassination attempt against a member of Osama Bin Laden's family. Kate later found the courage to try and stab him but found that she couldn't because of the supposed kind look in his eyes. Kate also revealed that she'd studied Latin for four years and that she'd also been at NCIS for a year. After the case was solved, Kate was seen in the NCIS Autopsy Room, staring at Hayes's lifeless body, presumably as a means of coping with what had happened. For the first time since "Chained", Kate was paired with Gibbs and the two later invaded the Petty Officer's house after coming under attack from an unknown individual. Tolkien’s beloved novel of the same name, director Peter Jackson’s latest trek into Middle-Earth results in mixed results. She eventually backed down and in a haze of gunfire, the terrorist escaped, leaving a trail of psychological wounds behind him and Kate also cursing herself for not being to stab him as the terrorist had managed to wound Gerald and Gibbs in the process. She is in and out of the hospital frequently, follows a strict daily medication regimen and has had to take pancreatic enzymes. They recently granted a wish for her older brother, Jacob, who met the Seattle Seahawks football team. Of course, what excited Kasey the most was meeting the actors who play her favorite characters.
On set that day were Mark Harmon, Mike Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Sarah Jane Morris and David McCallum’s double, Fred L. She was given special tours by Mark Harmon and Mike Weatherly of their onscreen desks and Mike Weatherly even put a gift given to him by Kasey into the drawer so that she could see it in the show later on.
Fred Tate presented Kasey with a book of his short stories that he signed just to her and Kasey was also given tons of signed photographs, all sorts of NCIS gear and even a very special NCIS golf shirt.According to Lisa, “Kasey was just glowing!
Everyone, from the cast to the crew members, made her feel like she was a part of the team. It was amazing!”After such an exciting day, the rest of the trip was just icing on the cake for Kasey. Every child deserves a chance at happiness; a wish is just a way of bringing them that joy.

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