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If the circuit breaker is not tripped and there is power going to the fan, then the electric wiring in the fan needs to be checked.
To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. Help the blower fan on my american standard 80 single stage furnace will not turn on with the thermostat, everything else turns on and heats up. How do you get the cover off the Monitor Do I have to totally uninstall this thing to work on it? Thermostat and indoor blower are working as normal, activating and running when the temperature rises above its settings, but the outdoor unit does not activate when it should.
When I give the fan a good spin, it turns several times, so it clearly isn't frozen, but there is a little bit of resistance.
The contactor is a low voltage magnetic switch that applies power to both the compressor and fan. The cap applies a boost of starting voltage to the comp and fan as well when the contactor is energized. The contactor has some heavy 240VAC wires that power the big stuff and some smaller 24V (AC I believe) connections that energize it.
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When we turn the thermostat down low, the the blower pumps air through the vents, but the contactor doesn't react at all. Sounds like a bad wire between the circuit board on the evaporator and the contactor, doesn't it? At the contactor, the voltage across the thermostat wires was zero under all test conditions. First thing I would do is find the control wires where they exit the building and look for damage. I confirmed the wire is the same: Brown outside insulation dielectric, red and white internal.
I replaced the thermostat wire between the blower unit and the condenser, and now I get 25.3V at the contactor.
We know the thermostat, the blower assembly and the condenser all work, just not automatically. They aren't brand specific but you'd need to get one that matches the specs of what you have.

Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. Now that the Ceiling Fan is in, one of the switches does nothing and the other controls both the Ceiling Fan and Light Fixture. You'll have to describe how you wired the fixture, including what color wires are in each box (fan and switch). I suggest first off to take the remote control kit out of the installation to see if you can get the fan going without it. Another thing that seriously needs to get corrected is the totally unacceptable workmanship of the wire attachment at the switches.
If this wiring was prepared by someone that you paid to do the work you should take proper recourse to get them back to correct this extremely shoddy work.
If you have no recourse then you owe it to yourself, for safety and peace of mind, to get this mess cleaned up. Based on your descriptions (the pictures are hard to read), there should be red and black wires in the ceiling box.
Be sure to leave the other reds in the box connected or you will lose power in the other fixture.
Connect the white wire from the ceiling to the white wire on the input side of the remote receiver.
Connect the red or black wire from the ceiling to the black wire on the input side of the remote receiver. If you only have red green and white wired coming from the ceiling, that means it's only meant for one switch.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ceiling switch light-fixture ceiling-fan or ask your own question. If you have limited space in the kitchen you are left with little option but to have a compact refrigerator there.
A refrigerator uses a fan to circulate the air inside of its freeze box and a fan that blows air across the refrigerator condensing coil. Did you know that the first refrigerator magnet patent was obtained by William Zimmerman of St. The fan is environmentally friendly, and the blades are available in a number of colors such as White, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Steel. I've tried researching the issue however my search terms always resulted in tutorials on how to have a Ceiling Fan with Lighting controlled by two separate Switches.

It sounds like you should have tapped the fan's AC IN L into the black wire for the fan's switched hot line, but you tapped into the red instead.
This can be determined by unscrewing the cover to the electrical switch and applying a voltage tester to determine if electricity is going to the electric switch. The tail end of the wire should only extend out from under the screw heads by a very small amount. Sometimes an outlet is set to a switch so you can connect a lamp and control it from a wall switch; if this is the case you will not be able to control the light and fan separately except with a remote control. I hit reset, turn the Monitor on, hear a noise from a motor but the fan doesn't move, Two to three minutes later the Burn (orange) light comes on. If you get a E14 message and restart your stove right away and you get an E13, you have a fuel problem.
The red and white cables are connected to corresponding red and white cables on the kit box; which in turn has three wires which connect to the actual Ceiling Fans wiring.
If the old fixture went on and off with the left switch, there has to be another junction somewhere since the left switch only has black wires. You are bypassing the ability to control both functions from wall to the more "convenient" option of a remote.
You need a ladder, measuring tape, yard stick and blade-balancing kit to complete this project. Also, it is unusual for a fan that is using one hot line to the remote control to use a red instead of a black.
They include a mount for remote to be placed over switch so u can control it from switch location and take remote when needed. The one switch that does work will only provide power to the receiver from now and will not turn on either function. I recommend something like a Berlin wemo switch that will allow you to control the actuall switch remotely to control the fan, but at 40-50 a piece its not worth it to use for both functions, caus you will need two.

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