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Infrared receiving tube should match to transmitting tube, and we should pay attention to light wave and light power. Automatic UPS System Wiring Diagram in Case of some items depends on UPS and rest depends on Main Power at Office or Home. AnswerI believe, but you need to verify, that the power is coming from the attic and continuing on to the basement. That would mean that black from the attic is hot and red is the return leg to the light fixture.
Since you have such a good diagram it would be easy to turn off the breaker and remove the black and white coming from the attic. If you read 110 volts across the black and white it means those are the feed and according to your diagram it is completely miswired. Be careful working with live wires and call a professional if you feel this is something you need help with.
This site answers questions related to home electrical wiring, home wiring, general electrical help,and other electrical questions related to aleternating current (AC). Providing Residential Solar DIY Help in the Greater Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky area! Schematic for 24VDC Battery box vent fan controller One of my backup systems uses a Magnum MS-PAE 4024 inverter, which doesn’t have any built-in fan controller.

If you could not get a 10A rated transformer , don”t worry a 5A one will be just enough. Remember, this circuit is nothing when compared to advanced PWM inverters.This is a low cost circuit meant for low scale applications.
I need a circuit diagram of a 1000Watt inverter of 12v DC-220VAC And also It’s components list with detailed explanation.
Since batteries give off hydrogen during both normal and equalization charging, it’s important to vent the batteries to the outside with a brushless fan. The basic functions of these amazing devices is to convert solar energy or sun light into electricity. This circuit designed using the combination of main components IC CD4047, Transistor TIP122 and 2N3055. One Live Wire from UPS) would be inactive because power supply is not available from UPS and batteries (Because it is Automatic UPS System). Live Wire from Main board to UPS) would be inactive because power supply is not available from power house. The shown solar panel regulator, charger circuit is framed as per the standard mode of the IC 338 configuration. The input is given to the shown input points of the IC and the output for the battery received at the output of the IC.

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The pot or the preset is used to accurately set the voltage level that may be considered as the safe value for the battery.
The circuit also offers a current control feature, which makes sure that the battery always receives a fixed predetermined charging current rate and is never over driven. The switch S1 should be toggled to inverter mode once the battery gets fully charged (as indicated over the meter).
The charging current may be selected by appropriately selecting the value of the resistors R3. But now I have shifted and when i reconnected at new place as before and switch off the main switch to check the attached load doesnot work.

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