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Here are our CFD links and discussions about aerodynamics, suspension, driver safety and tyres. My speculation at the time:i figured they were doing this,but maybe they were putting this lower down to effect the diffuser.
Pup wrote:Lowe didn't say where the exhaust exited - only that it went into a hollow floor.I am not sure the floor was holow, and others as horse are sure it was not Coul you plase explain a bit why you think it was hollow? The quoted following are Paddy Lowe's words.I think the trouble last year was that we had not got through the very process that I have just described.
So my first thought would be it was something like the Toro Rosso system.I'm not convinced that, even if this system had worked, it would have been nicer than RBs concept.

We didn't actually have a platform that we could work with, because the car was inherently unreliable in terms of exhausts.There was a lot of confusion at the time, even internally. We actually called it a 'Fan tail' internally because it was a fan tail pipe that went into a slot, which blew through the floor. That specific bit did not work and was quite problematic.But the real problem with the car was that the contingency exhaust system – which we had put in place because with our quite radical system we knew we needed some sort of back-up that was more conventional – was even more unreliable. So, something pretty basic and pretty simple would not get the car around past 11 o'clock every morning. And because of that we had no stock, because we had not expected to need to have a lot of stock of something that should be as reliable as normal.

So every day you would see how you could keep going with the shrapnel that you were looking at.We never, throughout the three track tests we had, which was 12 days, reached the point that we have reached here of feeling we had a platform we can work with, because we were fighting the exhaust reliability all the way through.
It was only when we went to Australia, did we suddenly find in P1 and P2 that we had a car that could go around.

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