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We had some problems during installation, that had Nothing to do with the product (it was a preexisting issue with our old fan).
I like the fan, the cost, the looks, but does not put out any air due to the fact it is a hugger to the ceiling.
With a rich brushed nickel finish and bowl light featuring swirled white glass and CFL bulbs, the Bennington brings a sophisticated look to rooms with lower ceilings.
In the meantime we did manage to install the Ikea PAX Hemnes doors (painted white) this weekend. Our air conditioning guys have been working in the house and we have been trying to stay one step ahead of them.
The Ikea PAX unit is looming at the moment, but I think once we get doors and install the floor to ceiling curtains on the other side of the room, I think everything will balance out. Things are still a little crazy and stuff is piled up high in almost every room, but 3 walls in our bedroom are painted! The wall color was originally inspired by a picture from a Martha Stewart magazine that I literally had taped to the wall for years. My goal this week is to keep ahead of the AC guys, so we get the ducts in place, without compromising too much of our closet and ceiling spaces.
Our Master Bedroom may still look like a giant mess (fingers crossed we will get some paint on the walls this weekend), but I am making progress on selecting products for the space. Besides the new ceiling fan the other new items that arrived this week were a pair of lamps. Another unexpected change is that the large metal panels for the behind the bed (from the Best Showroom) won’t fit like I thought they would. We had been planning on installing a silver colored fan for our room, but then I started to doubt my choice with the oil rubbed bronze in the hallway.
I think the biggest surprise for us after our contractor finished demolition was how open the space felt after taking the tiny closet out. One of the first steps was emptying out our sorry closet and alcove to make way for the new closets.
Of course this wasn’t an easy job and required my contractor to do some careful surgery (after Mr. My contractor will be back next week to work on these walls and some more of the bathroom doorway. I can’t wait until we are done with the bit of demolition and mechanical stuff so we can actually move onto the fun stuff. I have vaulted ceilings so I wanted something a little grand that would make a statement; this has. So needless to say it turned what would have been a 1 hour installation into a 4hour ordeal.
Even if you put a rod on it to extend further from the ceiling it does not turn fast enough on high speed. Bronze Ceiling Fan 0 answers what is the circumfrince of the base that attaches to the ceiling?
I needed a fan with a light that did not hang down too far-these are great for 8' ceilings. The air conditioning guys are going into their 4th week (and are ALMOST done) and the roofer finally showed up today. We were all set to order custom doors from Barker Doors, but found that Ikea is now selling an all wood door (Hemnes door in gray-brown, $80).
Unfortunately Ikea didn’t have anything that seemed workable, which is strange since they have a lot of other boxes and bins that fit perfectly. These are by Umbra and are called the Horizon Rectangular Crunch Can ($19.99) and are available in 4 striped colors and plain. This meant that we needed to get these closets up so we could empty the kids’ closets to allow for the new ductwork to go in. When I envision my ideal Mother’s Day, I picture sitting around in the backyard sipping mimosas with Mr. Fortunately I really like the custom gray color (which is a modified Classic Silver from Behr Ultra). I have the carpet, ceiling fan, fabric for the curtains and new bedside lamps, not to mention a bunch of Ikea closets in the garage. They have been sitting in the garage for about the last 8 years and I thought I had checked my measurements, but well I didn’t! I also need to make the curtains, which I am not particularly looking forward to, but will hopefully go okay.
I went on a long tangent of searching for the perfect fan (with a light) and in the end I pretty much ended where I started, but not quite. The only difference I can find is that it has 5 blades instead of three and the blade shape looks slightly different. There is still some bits to figure out, like whether I want to install a laundry drawer, but you can get the general idea. I now wish I had done that years ago, since it was generally useless in its old configuration. I find particularly in renovations it almost always comes down those last couple of inches that makes or breaks the project. It features five medium brown faux palm blades and a powerful motor that quietly produces high airflow. I did have to replace the old electrical box in the ceiling first, but that did not create a problem. I have a plant directly underneath it and the leaves have never moved that's how ineffective it is!

You can find Home Depot  indoor ceiling fans, Home Depot ceiling fan lights as well as Home Depot large ceiling fans. A longer post is in order, but we did need to do some hacking with the PAX because it is designed so that a drawer and it track can’t overlap with a hinge, and when there are 4 hinges per door that is a problem.
Nothing like being in your pjs at 6:40 am and realizing that they are ready to get up on their ladder right by your bedroom window! It involved 2×4 being screwed into the studs at the top and bottom of each panel and carefully installing the panels over them and screwing them in.
We actually have all 4 Ikea PAX Closets assembled, in place and fully fitted out (minus the doors). I was the crazy lady with 2 carts trying to get to the checkout.  The goal is to be able to store almost all of our clothes in here, and actually give the kids their closets back. Not exactly how I wanted to start off using our new closet, but it is already proving to be useful.
Some doors should fix that problem, but we are probably looking at a 4-6 weeks before we have those, since I need to double check some measurements before I order them. Our cats are VERY suspicious and Spike won’t even come in the room, which is very unlike him.
The base on the right one is ready to go, but our AC guys are going to be running a duct to the right and I was afraid if I put it in, they wouldn’t be able to get it in, so I am holding off temporarily.
I do actually think it is a pretty good match to the inspiration, although I plan on having a lot more color mixed in.
But the two pieces coming out (which will support the majority of the closet) had to be cut at an angle to work with the sloping floor and then carefully tweaked around uneven floor boards. I ordered them from Joss and Main and they are made by Krush a division of Luminance and called the Elle Table Lamp in satin gray. I am going to order pleat tape, which should hopefully make the pleating part fairly straightforward. The electrician has been working away and hopefully the AC contractor will start in the next week or two. Of course we will be filling that in again, but this time with a much taller unit that I think will feel much better in the space. For our current house project the key dimension was fitting a regular depth closet in our bedroom behind our bedroom door.
We all agreed that we need a way to get electric up the third floor to feed the air handling unit for the new air conditioner.
We had planned on installing the wiring on the hallway side, but hadn’t considered the bedroom side. Please join me in the adventures of renovating old homes while trying to raise our young modern family. I am building a new home, put in special ceiling fan boxes in the ceiling, and this thing still wobbled. The style wasn’t bad and the price was a LOT less than we were going to pay for custom doors. Anyway, most of the plastic baskets in addition to being ugly, are too big for our not so big house. Of course reality is quite different, but I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful family who I adore, temper tantrums and all. Almost all of my clothes are now piled up in the closet, not quite a girl’s dream closet yet, but at least it has potential!
Part way through the priming I was regretting our decision to paint the stained window trim, because well primer looks like crap. This has been a careful balancing act, trying to fit a drawer while not making the closets too high and still leaving enough space for a duct above. It took a bunch of tries with the jigsaw (because for some reason our circular saw has gone missing), but they are finally in.  I also installed the blocking at the back and one piece on the front. I feel like we are finally getting close to the aesthetic that I was going for, even if it has been a couple of years in coming together. I still like the abstract pattern (part of a flower) but now I have 2 more panels to find a home for (maybe outside?). My electrician should be done with the new sub panels for the air conditioning and third floor today (Yeah!) Our bedroom ceiling is also drywalled (No more cracks!) and there is even an electrical box waiting for a ceiling fan. Fortunately Ikea came to the rescue and we picked up 2 of these Rigga clothes racks for $12.99 a piece. It turns out that as long as I could live with a conduit in the back of my closet he could get a straight shot from the basement ceiling all the way up to the third floor. CFL bulbs provide energy efficient full room illumination, and the 3-speed reversible motor is backed by a lifetime motor warranty. I just wish it had one more speed to create more air, but it does the job and I am cool at night. Not sure if it's just mine or what, but it's not enough of an issue for me to disassemble and wait for a new one to ship (not available in my store). My only disappointment was that the edges of the blades were missing some color, easily fixed with a wood marking pen and really can't hardly be seen with the fan up.
I did not like the tuscan sand bowl (a color you get with any bronze fan, it seems), but was able to find a white swirl glass replacement bowl elsewhere. There is a wealth of models on the market, so no matter whether you're looking for contemporary ceiling fans, large ceiling fans, tropical ceiling fans or bathroom ceiling fans, you're sure to find something that fits your taste and your needs. Needless to say there have already been a few tears shed as my little guy starts to grow up.
Granted the custom doors would have been nicer quality, but in this case we decided these doors were a good savings measure.

They are perfect for going up and down our narrow stairs and they look pretty cute in the closet too.
These are actually hung sideways, although the beauty of this is that with the pattern it doesn’t matter. S’s shirts by color and replace most of his hangers with the huggable hangers, which are nice and thin (although they did shed quite a bit making it look like one of our cats had decided to hang out in the closet). I know that fans are often frowned upon in the design and blogger world, but for comfort and energy savings they are hard to beat.
Previously we added plaster ones in the Living Room and Kitchen but decided to give a lightweight urethane one a try this time.
I am going to start the bases for the middle tonight now that the old cabinet is empty and can be brought out to the garage.
They have a very Venturi feel to them, which is fitting sitting in front of the Best Panels.
In the meantime though I needed to pick out a paint color for the hallway and a ceiling fan for the bedroom, and prime and paint the bedroom and hallway. By the weekend we should be able to paint 3 sides of our bedroom and actually start putting a few things back.
This design has been in the works for several years, just waiting for the right time (as I grow ever impatient with our closet situation). The general agreement was that somewhere near the pocket door and this newly exposed wall made the most sense.
I had a Hunter fan previously, and when turned on, it almost immediately noticeably cooled the room. We may even try and use more of these doors on the third floor.  In between birthday parties, swimming and generally trying to avoid being in our unbearably hot house, we managed to buy 7 doors and get them primed and mostly painted. They are made by Krush a division of Luminance and called the Elle Table Lamp in satin gray. I will have to do a more detailed breakdown on how to best layout the PAX units, since it is a bit of mystery until you get into it. Then we should be able to empty out the playroom enough to allow the AC guy to get into the closet in there.
We definitely still need to do another layer of caulk (since there are weird little gaps all over the place thanks to 125 years of use and settling) but the room (at least on one side is starting to take shape). We were planning on using a more industrial looking lamp, but I actually think these will work out really well. I actually need to order all of the stuff that I have been busy pinning on Pinterest for the past year including a couple of ceiling fans and barn door hardware. We have decided to pair this with our air conditioning and electrical work, since we need to coordinate duct and vent placement.
Unfortunately once we opened this wall, we realized it was not as straight as a shot as we hoped, and we didn’t want to hurt the structural integrity of the wall. So here it is, along with the partially removed ceiling trim (to be modified and reused) and some interesting wallpaper from probably the 50s or 60s (there was 70s-80s wallpaper on top of this pattern when we bought the house). I was really particular about maximizing the space to meet our needs, which included setting the shelves to fit the Ikea Skubb boxes perfectly.
I’ve never ordered from them before but the price was right and it shipped the same day I ordered it.
As you can see it is all a giant puzzle, that gets harder and harder to solve as we move along. The ceiling trim and ceiling paint still need to go on (which will be by our contractor after the air conditioning goes in). Now I feel like I am an expert on all things PAX.  I can assemble a drawer in 10 minutes flat! This location is not only next to the main chimney but also sits partially on the fireplace box in the kitchen below.
I am hoping that this is square and level enough that I will be able to make the drawer work.
Now the playroom has become the holder of stuff, it was time to actually get the door moved. Clarington in a Gilded Mahogany finish comes with 5 Reversible Blades in Rosewood and Walnut finish.
So I went on the search for something that would fit in the PAX system, with minimal wasted space, but could be picked up and brought down to the laundry without having to change containers.
We did also do some important brainstorming and thinking through how we are going to finish out the closets and trim.
Anything to help make laundry more appealing!  You can see we haven’t started the bottom shoe drawers or trim yet, but we are getting closer. I think we also have a better handle on what work we are going to do verses the contractor. I am leaning towards making the drawer with the Kreg pocket screw system and routing out for the drawer base. I was going to have our contractor install it, but with the hot weather coming later this week, Mr.
One of the few downsides to my other half being an Art Director is that we spend a lot of time discussing color. The lights in the final space with be halogen and LED so the color should feel more blue and less gray once those are in (currently there is a sad incandescent bulb hanging in the hallway which give a yellow glow).

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