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Fans are one of the oldest and most reliable mechanical methods of cooling a home – and they use less energy than air conditioners. However, fans don’t cool rooms in the same way air conditioners do by lowering the temperature. A typical window fan uses 25% (or less) of the energy it takes to run a window-mounted air conditioning unit. Opening the windows and using a fan during very hot and humid weather may not be a cost-effective cooling strategy if you use an air conditioner most of the time. Whole-house fans can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 20°F, depending on the temperature outside. Kitchen exhaust fans mounted above ranges help remove heat and humidity created during cooking. Food odors and oven heat (and bathroom humidity) usually are gone within 15 minutes or less; a slightly opened window in the room can speed up this process.
Ceiling fans are probably the best way to circulate air in rooms, and they’re a great way to supplement your air-conditioning system.

A good ceiling fan should create enough air movement that you feel comfortable at 82°F and 80% relative humidity. Make sure you like DIY Projects on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest to be updated every time we find a fantastic DIY tutorial.
So, you could conceivably run several fans and still use less energy than you would with a single air conditioner.
Your air-conditioning costs actually could increase by as much as 20% because of the extra amount of moisture entering your home.
Installed in a hallway ceiling on the top floor of your home, a whole-house fan works by pulling the air from the entire house up into the attic, where it is vented to the outside. Open the windows on the shady side of your house and position your fan so it blows air out of a window on the hot side of the house.
They have become very popular, with two-thirds of American households utilizing them for light and cooling. The lights often use more energy than the fan motors and, because they tend to be bright, may get used more than other, more energy-efficient lighting.

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The resulting pressure difference causes fresh air to flow into your living areas through open windows. Energy Star models are the best choice; most of the resulting energy savings will come in the lighting portion of the fan. For efficiency, consider a variable-speed controller (to allow operation at different speeds, depending on the outdoor temperature) and a timer (to set the fan to turn off automatically). While this option doesn’t work well on very hot and humid days, you might be surprised at how well it works the rest of the time. Ceiling fans should be installed at least 8 inches from the ceiling and 18 inches from walls.

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