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Could be the contactor you hear buzzing, It is powered by 24 volts from thermostat and pulls in to send 240 volts to compressor and fan.
The various types of AC system used around the city should all be serviced 2-3 times a year by a qualified AC technician to ensure they are running efficiently and reduce the chance of breakdowns occurring.
Evaporator Air Filters – These should be cleaned to maximise airflow through the unit and disinfected to ensure any bacteria present is killed off. Fan Motors – Noisy fan motors can cause nightmares and in most cases, they are easy to fix.
Evaporator Trays – The tray is there to catch the water produced as a result of the air being cooled and hence tends to get gunky with dirt and grease carried in the air. In-room air vents – After even a couple of months, the air vents in each room can look unsightly and hence should be cleaned during every service.
Don’t even wanna think about how our AC units would look from the inside… think its time for a fix very soon!
Mamavents & MKD the most trusted destination for mums, mums-to-be and their families in the UAE. By far the most cost effective method to cool your tent is by building your own DIY Tent Air Conditioner (evaporative cooler). Cut the first pad 33.5”x13” and glue the ends together with some bathroom sealant (or stitch it if you want). This swamp cooler uses minimal water, adding a litre of water every couple of hours will be fine. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 7 or newer with Display resolution greater than 1024 x 768.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. The next time your gas furnace stops pumping out the heat, before you call in the pros, try to troubleshoot the problem yourself using this handy checklist. If you had trouble with that one, it’s time for a quick lesson on furnace troubleshooting.
Filter-related failures are probably one of the most common furnace problems out there, primarily because homeowners forget about the filters, says Difulgentiz. Furnaces have another switch, simply known as the “furnace switch.” It’s a power switch that often looks like a regular light switch. If you’ve flipped the furnace switch off, then back on, note the sequence of the flashing light. Adds Bonner: “If your furnace is located in a laundry room, I would definitely service it every year, because we have chlorine and phosphates and all sorts of odd chemicals in the laundry room. Check the Room Thermostat Temperature Setting: Set the thermostat to at least 5 degrees below room temperature.
If the thermostat has power, check that when you set the thermostat temperature down at least 5 degrees below room temperature the thermostat calls for cooling. You can easily eliminate possible thermostat problems as a cause of failure of the air conditioner to start by simply eliminating the thermostat from the picture: disconnect the thermostat wires at the blower unit's control board and instead connect the two thermostat terminals directly together with a jumper wire. Electrical power switches and service switches outside by the compressor, inside at the air handler, and fuses or circuit breakers in the electrical panel. A bad or failed starter capacitor could also be leaving your system shut down, failing to start a blower, fan, or compressor motor. Watch out: if you hear a humming noise at an electrical motor that won't start, turn the system off while waiting for repair. See THERMOSTATS for a discussion of how air conditioner thermostats work and how the air conditioner blower fan controls work. See MOTOR OVERLOAD RESET SWITCH just to be sure that the air handler blower fan motor has not shut off on thermal overload.
And if your blower fan is driven by a fan belt and an electric motor, of course check to see that the drive belt is in place and un-damaged. If the air handler or indoor blower assembly does not start in response to a call for cooling the no-start problem is probably at the indoor thermostat or at the blower assembly itself. CONDENSATE PAN SWITCH LOCKOUT - a condensate tray spillage detector switch (water in the overflow tray shuts down the air handler) Below in this article we give more details about condensate drip tray or overflow tray safety switch problems. Electrical problems: air conditioning system won't start: it may sound silly, but is the air conditioner turned on? Has the cooling thermostat been set to "cool" and the temperature set below ambient room temperature? Are the power switches on at these units, are the fuses good, are the circuit breakers in the "on" position, and is the thermostat set correctly? Condensate pan switch lockout: an attic or other air conditioner air handler condensate drip tray or drip pan located under an air handler is installed to catch air handler condensate leaks if the normal condensate drain system fails. Some condensate pans have their own separate overflow drain (a proper installation) or share their drain with the normal condensate drain (an improper installation). But on some air conditioning air handlers the installer may provide a condensate overflow pan switch rather than a separate pan drain line.

In this installation the switch is designed to turn off the air conditioning system if it finds condensate water in the overflow pan. In tracking down an air conditioner condensate leak, I found that the the condensate pump drain line, a small-diameter PVC pipe, was clogged with water mold. The past few days I could hear water dripping in the condensate drip pan and new something was up as this never happened before. So if your air conditioning system seems to be normal in all other respects but it simply won't turn on, check for a flooded condensate pan or a defective condensate switch. Continue reading at AIR CONDITIONER WON'T START FAQs (diagnostic questions & answers), or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below.
Timothy Hemm, Yucala, CA, contributed photographs of electrical wiring and equipment installed in California buildings.
Thanks to reader and research scientist Cyril Roberts, Barbados, for technical discussion and investigation of air conditioning system dehumidification problems (April 2009). Thanks to readers Beth & Dennis for asking about how to improve an inadequate air conditioning system supplying cool air through crawl space ducts and floor registers. Thanks to reader Jacob Behrends, FL for discussing how a clogged condensate drain line can overflow condensate into a condensate pan that in turn may contain a safety switch that shuts down the whole air conditioning system. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.
Complete List of Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Design, Inspection, Repair Books at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors. With so many nasty bugs and bacteria lurking in AC units and with residents and tenants never stopping to give it a second thought, Jim Will Fix It is here to give you top tips on how to reduce AC breakdowns and the risk of spreading germs around your home. Hence as part of a thorough service not only should their correct operation be checked but if noisy, the technician should also realign the fan motor, check the fan blowers are not damaged and also tighten the mounts. Duct cleaning is simply a more modern version of chimney sweeping that uses a big mechanised rotating brush to clean the dirt from the duct and an industrial vacuum cleaner to suck the material out. For under  $100 and less than 2 hours of work you will have a great tool to cool your tent. Any submersible pump will do, just make sure it is 12v.You do not need a very strong pump, all it needs to do is feed enough water over the pads to keep it moist. Remember the stronger the fan the more power it will use, if you are going to run it from your car the bigger the fan the better. The cooler will have to be outside the tent for maximum cooling effect so a septic line glued to the top of the lid and then some AC ducting to your tent entrance.
Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Here are nine easy tasks you can perform yourself, before you call in a repairman, to try and get your gas furnace—the nation’s most popular type—to start kicking out the heat again. So the first step in troubleshooting your furnace is to double-check that the thermostat is set correctly. A dirty, clogged filter limits the airflow, eventually causing heat and pressure to build up in the furnace.
If the furnace can’t get enough air through the filter, it pulls air through any opening it can. Here’s the next step in furnace troubleshooting: Go to your home’s breaker panel and look for the circuit that controls the furnace. It can be located either on the unit or—because electricians often work before the furnace is installed—on a wall nearby. That light can not only tell you whether the furnace has power, it can flash a code to help you know what’s going on. Any gas furnace has a “gas cock” that has to be located within six feet of the furnace, Bonner says.
They get into the flame and the flame chemically changes them” and the resulting chemicals can damage the guts of the furnace, like the heat exchanger, he says.
If it doesn't then check for broken or shorted thermostat wires anywhere between the wall thermostat and the control board at the air handler. Don't forget to check that the access covers to the equipment are properly closed and latched. Even if electricity is on, if the supply voltage has fallen too far below the operating voltage range of your air conditioner it's likely that the system will not operate, particlarly, you may note that the compressor motor won't start.
If the blower fan belt is broken the electric motor will run just fine (you may be able to hear it) but the blower fan assembly itself won't be turning. Check all of the safety and interlock switches: For example, condensate spilling into an overflow pan that uses a sensor switch can be enough to shut down your air conditioner. Of course a frozen bearing or burned-up compressor or motor or even low voltage can also mean a motor hums but won't start - we give links to those diagnostics in step 2 above.
The idea is to shut down the air conditioner before there is a more costly leak into the building insulation or ceiling.

Fearing a complete failure (the system is 17 years old) I googled my problem and eventually found this very clear and concise Inspectapedia site. Here's an important tip: most refrigeration problems, in air conditioners, refrigerators, or freezers, are electrical, not mechanical.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. The most advanced systems combine these into one process to ensure no contamination of the property occurs. You can scale the cooler to any size to suit your needs but the basic construction stays the same.
The more holes the better but make sure it does not weaken the structure to the point where it is too unstable. GE Energy works in all areas of the water, oil gas, and energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, and wind solar renewables. Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Payne, York, Goodman, Trane, and other brands of Replacement condenser fan motors.
Newer, more efficient furnaces are sensitive to the problem and will often shut down before a dirty filter causes more trouble.
Don’t try to skimp by cleaning and reusing cheap hardware-store filters, says Mike Bonner, a heating and cooling technician and instructor with 35 years of experience who now offers helpful advice at Gray Furnace Man. They have been sprayed with an oil that catches dirt, and once saturated they are no longer effective. Sometimes those that use batteries will flash a low-battery symbol when they need a replacement, but the signal often goes unnoticed, says Bonner. Checking these simple items, switches and controls, including some you may not know about (overflow pan switch for example) may get your system running without a costly service call.
If the thermostat display is blank then it's not receiving power (for modern digital thermostats). Check all switches and controls, including service switches, including outside by the compressor, inside at the air handler, and fuses or circuit breakers in the electrical panel. In air conditioning school, we used to drive out and collect abandoned refrigerators that people were tossing out during our community's spring cleanup week.
Comprehensive duct cleaning is followed by a process called “fogging”, this involves specialist equipment that creates a haze of anti-bacterial agent which circulates throughout your ducts disinfecting the system as it goes. AC Product Includes: Condenser, Air Handler, Thermostat and Free Shipping to Continental United States. Buy condenser motors for residential and commercial air condioners online at discount prices with our complete electric motor online catalog. For other units, the furnace will continue to run but with less heat output and reduced efficiency, he says. That meaning will be useful information to tell a technician if the furnace still won’t start after you replace the panels.
Check that electrical power is on at the air handler and to the the low-voltage transformer that supplies power to the thermostat.
Taking these appliances back into the shop we found that almost always the problem that had caused the owner to dispose of their air conditioner or freezer was in an electrical connection or electrical control. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order. Make sure that when you close the lid on the bucket it seals the hose against the lid so that no air can be sucked over the top, bypass the pads and hence no cooling. We are the largest online supplier of Electric Motors for your industrial facility, commercial office building and home. He also advises to make sure the set point is at a temperature that will actually turn on the furnace. So it's worth checking out switches and controls on an air conditioner before replacing more costly components.
Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. Written by Richard Sunday, 06 March 2005 11:19 Variable Speed GE ECM Condenser Motors ECM Blower Motors. Appliance Repair in NYC, Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Newark and NEW YORK metropolitan. Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material.
Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order.

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