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5 loosing our religion through a return to a natural ontology: is knowledge from centuries ago transmissable?
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. 7). Ansedonia provides a natural Kirlian lighting sea-cave setting to test Ian Stevenson, MD’s methodology post-mortem forensic identification of Cases of Reincarnation Type (CORT).Why participate in bloody torture that builds up resentment and fails to reveal deep underlying motivational factors when interrogating a subject! If we follow a holistic path we don't need medical insurance, just cash to preventively vacation to pre-emptively protect our health. Why pay a US dentist when a vacation in Crimea pays a UN trained dentist to fix my teeth, or a vacation in India pays for a surgery from a high caste surgeon rather than an American surgeon under Obama care.
Likewise we discover our past life ailments so justice and insurance agencies cannot use our past lives to harm us.
If your past life suffered a decapitation, for example, you'll suffer some related discomfort at the level of shoulder mobility and aches, headaches, etc.
Could the basis of sacred artists like Michelangelo and the ceiling painting of the Last Judgment iconicizing sacred persons, trees and animals which are perpetuated today through cultural museums and religious cults (Stein, 2002) also, as Hockney (2006) suggests, be a result of seeing the Kirlian effect of a living entity’s energy patterns on a cave wall through a natural prehistoric camera obscura? I propose the best is to see the reflection through a skylight cave opening reflected on the underwater rocks in a cave that acts as a prehistoric camera obsura.
The results against the stone surface, and at the level of the water are like that of a special effect in Hollywood blockbuster movies.
Authentic untouched photographs, as in ethical photojournalism, are precise measures and are not subjective measures (Limburg, 1994), although the actual experience at the moment is subjective for the photographer.
In mathematics reincarnation is a subject of fifth dimensional space uniting all known dimensions through a central magnetic force, known in philosophy as Aristotle’s prime mover (Wesson, 2006 & Gaarder, 1991).
A Kirlian emerald green light wave spectrum resulting from a natural skylight opening in a sea cave that acts as a prehistoric camera obscura in Ansedonia, Italy provides a buoyant throne from which we can photograph human aura and vapor documenting the change in mental states by the change in the Kirlian image (Tiller, 1990). Tools measuring quantum phenomena, even if in the early stages of development, have not been fully used to explain human quantum phenomena such as the psychophore. The photographed subject, in Kirlian photographic techniques, can alter the gas discharge and aura according to their mental state (Tiller, 1990).Fifth dimension phenomena such as reincarnation is not easily explained unless we take the Copenhagen quantum approach photographing through Kirlian techniques cases of reincarnation.
Photograph (C) was taken at the same lens setting as the other photographs, yet the camera records the scene as the naked eye sees the scene of human flesh and solid stone cave walls while in the intense light of the sea cave. You see energetic forms, waves of light, or aura with an electrical quality bouncing off and surrounding your flesh and the cave walls as well as through the water surface, and shades, not detail, like a myopic without corrective lenses. Subjective impressions and objective measures agree with each other, verifying what happened.?The light wave quantum energy entity is not viewable with normal vision. For Western cognitive structures this was nearly impossible to understand since our languages are structured so that nouns are unchanging.

If I state a woman is a woman then she cannot have the Habitus (Maritain, xxxx) of a man, and vice versa. Thus concepts of godliness are only ascribed to men and the concept of reincarnation (a woman returning as a man) seem ludicrous unless physically, surgically, altered such as in surgical sex changes. Photography, such as the photograph above (D) of the light spectrum, like a prism rainbow of emerelad green, through the Tirrenian underground sea cave is possible when you swim into the underwater emerald rainbow. When you enter the sea cave amplified light spectrum it is an ethereal experience, of eternity, that you could stay there for days and not notice days passing, if the light was not present in August only from noon to about 13:30.
This immediacy of forever and living all your lives at once relieves your body of all stress, like in an out of body experience. Without even thinking you perceive that all objects, nouns, and light, are pure movement, pure light energy, you begin to think of everything in positive terms as you see the spectral light waves shift underwater (Chinese language citation & communication as generating new material realities citation). It’s like being the experimenter inside the experiment, you are simultaneously experiencing the phenomena objectively and subjectively.
Actual on-site photographic data objectively verifies that which you subjectively felt: you swam into the sea cave’s vortical flow of pure light energy that feels like you are surrounded by a wall of energy as the water current moves around you and the intense light beam is also a wall of energy around you. This vortical flow has its own axis around which it forms its own universe and rotates, forming its own gravitational pull, separate from the rest of the sea, forming a personal and real feeling of timelessness as you let it pull you in. I can describe it as a state of multidimensional existence like you are the waves of light, each a different state of being light, co-existing together (stephen hawking on travel inside a black hole - short history of time citation). The difference between being hit by a car and entering the light rays of the cave are that you do not suffer any injuries in the cave as you let it move you in - yet that first time into it is life changing. I can only describe it as going down an intense water slide as you enter the cave, and instead of crashing with a splash you are splashed by the most incredible rainbow of light waves, which is you, you feel like you are pure light. Use fins, a face mask, and pliable snorkel so you can safely dive deep under and see the schools of local fish and sea urchins. Photograph (E) ?Swimming in practically naked your skin absorbs the energized waters from sea cave walls that have witnessed at least 40,000 years of human sacrifices dropping in (Metzner, 1994). The fish, moray eels, and sea urchins live deep among the rocks, just like the residents of Ansedonia, and are protected. If you wish to visit, stay in one of many local campgrounds or Ansedonia’s only hotel, Hotel Vinicio. If you stay at the Vinicio, with excellent services and restaurant, please make reservations.
I prefer to swim in from the public beach about 200 metres to the south at Torre della Tagliata just under Ansedonia. Otherwise you can navigate a yacht into the natural bay just 200 meters north of Torre della Tagliata and then swim in. Scuba divers fishing with spear guns, surfers with surfboards, canoeists with oars, jet skiers, luxury yacht boat owners and residents will be aware, if they see your buoy, that you are just harmlessly swimming, studying the rocks.  Buoy secured by a tent rope and stake. Use a metal pick or a stake on a rope to secure the buoy to a rock crevice if you must freely swim within a few meters of the buoy. I utilized my camping tent rope and tent stake.?The pick, or stake, anchors the buoy rope between rocks liberating your hands for photographing the sea cave. Do not bring a scuba or any other kind of knife or spear, or the locals will think you are fishing or removing artifacts from the protected coastal rocks without prior permission.Don’t reach into deep underwater rock crevices with your hands or feet.
If morays feel threatened they could snap their teeth. If you do not disturb the moray eels and sea urchins they do not disturb you. The underwater rock surfaces are covered with spiny sea urchins, thus it is unlikely you will want to touch the underwater rocks, just swim through. Like a fish keep your hands and feet to yourself. There are absolutely no sharks, thus free deep sea swimming is safe.
Introducing synthetic lighting could damage the dark underwater environment below disturbing the schools of fish, moray eels, and sea urchins. The overhead high-noon sun allows enough light to swim safely.Local beach front home owners have the right to the area for their morning swim and diving.

It's best to start your morning at the Vinicio for a simple breakfast, there is a store there. If they are informed you are going snorkling or scuba diving the word will quickly be spread.Residents will not allow you onto their properties, much less near their houses.
Use of kayaks and other small vessels could damage the prehistoric sea cave walls, floor, and ceiling. The swim is a little over a third of a mile, easy if you are in shape. In European metrics it's only a 300 meter swim from the beach through the sea cave if you enter the eastern entrance across from the house with a 5 meter high rock cliff diving platform. The waters, sea cave and public beach are public access ways.Avoid dwelling areas, even though the first three meters of rock or shoreline are public access areas.
Like the moray eels, residents protect their access areas and enclosures, yet enjoy seeing respectful passers by going through the sea cave from a distance. Only in emergencies are local residents obligated to assist, yet only hesitatingly if they are capable. I trained as a lifeguard and carefully studied the safest swimming plans and the lack of any lifeguards on the crowded public beaches.Where there are lifeguards in Italy they rarely get in the water to save you. Photograph (H)  ?Obviously prior to constructing pyramids the Egyptians did not have mountains like in Ansedonia with a natural shaft three quarters of the way up to bring in light and air.
It is likely that for protection along their navigational routes, Viking and Celtic ships traded with the Etruscan port of Ansedonia. The Etruscans most likely introduced white mariners to air shafts as the Etruscans not only used the sea cave under a pyramid shaped natural mountain for their rituals, the Etruscans preceded the Egyptians in constructing burial temples with underground light and air shafts for their kings and queens.
Like in Egypt, with the Celtic red haired Pharaoh Hatshepsut whites with blonde and fair hair are depicted as part of the ruling class in Etruscan monarchical underground chambers for refuge during Roman tribal seiges such as the chamber of the leopards. The Queen’s Temple of the Artemis, Ara della Regina, constructed by the Etruscans in near-by Tarquinia, across from the Valley of the Dead King and Queen burial chambers, resembles the nearly millennia earlier construction of the Temple for the Egyptian female Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Like the Etruscans, the Egyptian pharaohs were buried with their chariots, family members, and boats into the after-life.
Ara della Regina precedes construction of the Parthenon by about one hundred years.  Both women and men perform shepherding tasks and are reliable for directions to specific archeological sites of interest. Life itself is understood as inseparable from the ways through which beings—living and nonliving—establish relationships among themselves. In summary, ontologies are seen as being fundamentally relational?" as our gaining knowledge transmission from the past must be (Taddei & Gamboggi, 2015, p. 10).We also have to study the opposition in the Mediterranean, particularly in Italy, to Rome’s quest to deny women’s right to property and self-determination over their own bodies by denying the female fresco of Giulia Minor with her flock as “Yehua” or “Jesus” survived in the early Christian catacombs of the historical Jesus, the escape of Mary Magdalene to the south of France, reincarnation, and the rights of homosexuals to same sex unions.
Early cave art and the basis of sacred artists like Michelangelo and the ceiling painting of the Last Judgment iconicizing sacred persons, trees and animals which are perpetuated today through cultural museums and religious cults (Stein, 2002) which are perpetuated today through cultural museums and religious cults obviously could be a result of seeing the Kirlian effect of a living entity’s energy patterns on a cave wall through a natural prehistoric camera obscura (Hockney, 2006). Popular psychology, belief in life after death and reincarnation in the Nordic countries, Western and Eastern Europe.
Exploring sexual feelings through Roman Catholic images [electronic resource]: the lust judgment of gentile religion. 5 Loosing Our Religion through a Return to a Natural Ontology: In-Depth Anthropological Photography in a Natural Setting (2014) Ch. 6 Applying Psychophore Photography to Discovering, Testing & Documenting Survivability of Previous Life Consciousness (2009) Ch. 7 Applying Previous Life Identification to Critical Analysis of Serial Murders (2014) Home Avoiding Corruptive Influences of Negative Media Stereotypes, Cult Thinking & Profiteering 2014  AUTHOR, researcher, funder and photographer IS SILVIA STEIN?  Ch.

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