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Description:Product DescriptionThe Patton 14" CVT Fan is one of the toughest and sturdiest fans in the market today.
The most versatile air movement system available, the EIPL PF400 can be used as a stand alone fan for high capacity cooling or drying, or in conjunction with a duct to inject fresh air or extract contaminated air. In areas where fumes, dust or unpleasant smells prevail, the build up can be a risk to health and safety.
The EIPL High Volume, High Velocity WRD-5000, is one of the most effective solutions to enhance the performance of dehumidifiers, and significantly reduce overall drying times! Over thirty seven years of development experience has brought the EIPL range of equipment to ita€™s peak of performance. The WRD-5000 dryer has been designed to stand upright when not in use, thereby reducing storage space and aid transportation. The unique downward drying system of the WRD-5000 draws warmer, drier air from above, forcing it down and out across the entire surface of the floor or carpet.
A carefully balanced 5 bladed sickle style blade ensures maximum performance with the highest velocity, while maintaining a low operating noise level.
By joining a series of ducts and fans together, the PF400 can be used to extract or replenish air over considerable distances.

Wherever adverse environmental conditions pose a threat to health, safety and efficiency, the PF400 can be used in one of three ways to improve air quality.
By introducing a constant flow of fresh air, the PF400 unit ensure that even the hottest areas become cool and comfortable.
A EIP PF400 unit has the power to extract huge amounts of contaminated air through ita€™s heavy duty, non-collapsible flexible ducting.
It can be used as a stand alone fan for high capacity comfort cooling or in conjunction with a duct, to inject fresh air or extract contaminated air. High-temperature resettable thermal cutoff and bearings allow operation in high temperatures. Every machine is built for efficiency and built to last a€“ the popularity of the EIPL range of dehumidifiers and fans within the plant hire trade speaks for their reliability, portability and outstanding durability thanks to the heavy duty welded construction.
A sturdy carrying handle and well balanced assembly ensures it can easily be carried from job to job. No special setup, the optimum drying distance from the floor is preset by the castors mounted at each corner. By simply taking advantage of warmer air accumulating at higher levels, drying a entire room in under 15 minutes is possible with the WRD-5000.

By joining a series of ducts and fans together, the PF400 units can be used to extract or replenish air over considerable distances.
The high efficiency Rotary compressor ensures the maximum extraction with the lowest running costs. The WRD-5000 fan draws the warm, dry air normally found at higher levels, down, through the fan and blasting it against the floor, and outwards across the whole room.
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