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Backed by our rich industrial experience, we have been manufacturing and supplying an extensive array of High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fans. Now you can enjoy cooled summers and a warmer winter even in your smaller room with our High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fans. We export a huge range of Electrical Ceiling Fan that we manufacture from high quality of raw material.
Yes, HVLS fans are those HUGE fans you might see at an airport, in a warehouse, or in a stadium. HVLS fans were invented for large industrial and agricultural settings, as an alternative to LVHS fans.
20' HVLS fans, on average, move 260,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, and draw 1,400 watts.
It goes without saying, and should be fairly obvious from the above paragraphs, that HVLS fans are light years better than LVHS fans.
Based on spec, it would appear that the LVLS industrial ceiling fans are a more economical option than HVLS fans.

One large HVLS fan may be more effective in air mixing than several smaller fans covering the same area.
Several smaller fans allow for individual control for comfort, or should one need be disabled or replaced.
The decision between HVLS ceiling fans and LVLS ceiling fans is subjective and will depend on the specific application, budget, and desired results.
Editor's note: There is much discussion about HVLS fans being significantly better than conventional ceiling fans. MacroAir "MaxAir": These fans are very similar to the Big Ass fans, offering either 6 or 10 blade options. All data published on this page was taken from manufacturers' websites, literature, and representatives. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! These High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fans have full size iron blades to ensure excellent air thrust and high efficiency.

This range of Electrical Ceiling Fans is widely appreciated for optimum performance at low voltages. Our range of Electrical Ceiling Fans is known for its specific features such as long life, durability and low power consumption.
Our customers can purchase these High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fans at very reasonable prices. Inspired by the latest trends in interior design, style and material, our comprehensive collection of High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fans range from classic to progressively modern. Our range of High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fan is equipped with high performance motor, double ball bearings and have excellent and long lasting paint finish.
This High Speed Electrical Ceiling Fan are used in various places for ventilation and are highly appreciated for their long life, smooth functioning and long lasting durability.

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